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Bully for You!: Celebrating Senior Pit Bull Health
January 06, 2011

January 2011           Volume 10

In This Issue: Celebrating Seniors!

Paws-i-tive Press

What's New at The Proper Pit Bull

This Month's Featured Article:
From Puppyhood thru the Golden Years: Ten Tips for Optimal Health
by Janie Knetzer

Quote of the Month

Paws-i-tive Press

Proving that beauty knows no age, Carla Lou, a 12 year old pit bull diva is considered the "four legged founder" of Pinups for Pitbulls and has been regularly featured in the calendar since its inception in 2007.

Since being rescued from a dogfighting operation at the age of 14, Sarge, now 16, has packed a lifetime of achievements into two short years. He is a certified therapy dog, an award-winning humane educator and a beauty pageant winner. And, oh yeah, he has a blog too. Check out Elderbulls Blog to follow his adventures.

We know the world can be a seemingly indifferent place at times, especially when it comes to homeless dogs--even more so when that homeless dog is a pit bull. And, more so again if that homeless pit bull happens to be an older dog. But, take heart! There ARE people who care about these precious souls and they are making good things happen for our friends in need:

The Grey Muzzle Foundation awards grants to fund programs that address the needs of senior shelter dogs of all breeds. And, Just a Dog Pit Bull Rescue in San Diego runs an innovative hospice program that allows elderly and terminally ill pit bulls to live out their final days in the comfort of a home environment (instead of a shelter) surrounded by loving caretakers.

What's New at The Proper Pit Bull

Rocco is a handsome, well mannered boy who needs a forever home!

Check out our latest video montage of beautiful pit bulls and their equally beautiful owners!

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Reader's Share Their Stories...
The Dog that Nobody Wanted
Roper--The Agility Bully
Danny Boy Sanspree

From Puppyhood Thru the Golden Years:
Ten Tips for Optimal Health

by Janie Knetzer

For most dog owners, their dog is truly part of the family. With that in mind, I want to share with you the most critical dog care tips for old dogs and young. The following tips are vital to your dog's health and well being from puppy-hood through the golden years.

There are many things that pet owners can do to optimize health and prevent future problems as their best friend ages. It's important to act upon your dog's health right away and stick with it. Don't wait until your dog becomes sick to take notice of his health and nutritional needs. Whether you get your dog as a pup or you adopt an old dog from the shelter; whatever the age, immediately start your dog on a routine to good health using the following dog care tips:

1. Food/Nutrition: The most important thing that you will ever do for your dog, no matter what the age, is to provide a healthy wholesome diet. Feed your dog the best dog food that you can afford. Never skimp with the quality of his food to save a few dollars. A lack of quality food and nutrition leads to problems as your dog ages. Choose an all natural dog food and vary your dog's meat sources by providing different formulas such as chicken, beef and turkey. Rotation is good.

2. Practice The Same Routine: Dogs prefer and do best with a steady routine. While life occasionally gets in the way, it's important to maintain a regular routine for your dog. As much as possible, feed, walk, play and let your dog out at the same time every day.

3. Physical Exercise: Essential for both yound and old dogs; physical exercise releases excess energy in young dogs while keeping older dogs strong.

4. Play Time: Spend time and bond with your dog. Throw his favorite ball or toy. Interactive dog toys are another great way to engage dogs and keep them busy. Our motto, "an active dog is a young dog".

5. Grooming: A clean is a happy dog. This is one way to minimize your dog's allergies, so keep him and his bedding clean as well. Clean his ears weekly and use an oral spray or brush his teeth daily when possible.

6. Supplements: Maintain and restore good health in dogs with a nutritional supplement such as Vim and Vigor which includes a money back guarantee. An over-the-counter probiotic is another excellent way to regulate digestive issues in the gut for both young and old dogs. However, if you choose to use Vim and Vigor, you shouldn't need the probiotic. For dogs with joint issues, provide a LIQUID glucosamine and chondroitin.

7. Weight Control: This particular dog care tip is vital. If you care about your dog's health and well being, then maintain his weight at all times by not over feeding and including exercise as part of his daily routine. Overweight dogs often develop health problems including heart and joint issues.

8. Vaccinations: The only vaccinations currently required by law in the United States are rabies. Next time your dog is due for his rabies vaccination, insist that your Vet use a vaccination with a "three year label" for rabies. Keep in mind that a sick pet should NEVER be vaccinated. Many holistic vets use a titer test to determine what vaccines a dog actually needs. It's easy and inexpensive, unfortunately most vets don't use it. Vaccinations are linked to cancer, thyroid and autoimmune diseases in our family pets. Holistic vets recommend vaccinating less!

9. Controlling Parasites: Unfortunately, the traditional flea and tick medicines are POISON. These too are linked to many health problems in both young and old dogs. The product that I use and recommend for flea and tick control is TripleSure Natural Flea & Tick Spray

10. Heartworm Treatment: Currently, other than the traditional treatments such as Heartgard, there are no other alternatives for preventing heartworm. This is one of the most vital dog care tips and dog owners should consider this a monthly priority.

Optimize your dog's health by signing up for Janie's free monthly newsletter The Family Dog and receive even more essential dog care tips.

Quote of the Month

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
~Sydney Jeanne Seward~

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