I think my pit bull is nuts.

by daryll
(philadelphia, usa)

So here is the story. my 1 year old pit bull ( luda ) seems to have a problem with anyone in the family trying to rest. when we sit on the sofa to watch tv, he feels the need to zoom around jumping from 1 sofa to the other, then upstairs, back across the sofa, downstairs, upstairs, well you get the point.

We take him for a walk for about 1 hour in the am. and about the same after dinner. he does get to run for part of that time with some of the other dogs. he has plenty of toys to play with at home as well. this routine happens when its time for bed. he's fine when we are all just going about our business. he's great with other dogs and loves the attention he gets when were out for a walk. we don't know what to do. if someone could help i would be thankful. i need rest......

Gale's Reply:

Yeah. I know exactly what you're talking about with the zooming around. I call it the "puppy crazies". I think a lot of pits go thru this to a greater or lesser extent when they are young. But, since you've covered the bases of exercise and entertainment, yours does sound like an extreme case. The good news is you can expect him to grow out of it.

Meanwhile, I would take a look at your routine with him. Since this happens around bed time, changing up when you feed him, walk him or let him have play time with the other dogs might make a difference in when these bursts of energy come over him.

I would also take him out whenever he starts zooming around to let him know that that kind of behavior is ok outside, not indoors.

I hope this helps some. I'll also post this to the Facebook community. Perhaps someone there has come up with a really good solution.

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Comments for I think my pit bull is nuts.

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Dec 05, 2010
Its not just a pit thing
by: Jill OHIO

I got a pit bull rescue girl "August" 2 years ago she was a bait dog. She was so thrilled to have he own family and be off the chain that she was very much like your dog. She drove my other 2 dogs,a german shepard and an anatolian shepard, nuts. They just looked at me with the why mom faces. Lots of exercise, obedience classes and a mountain of patience and she came out of it. Obedience classes are key she wanted and needed a job. But what goes around comes around I rescued a Mastiff/ Great dane this summer she is also 1 year old. Now its august who has the why Mom face but they are the best of buddies. The new girl Lola keeps August moving she was growing a little fat roll, Gone now,LOL!! But for us school is the best cure for behavior issues it makes them focous and you know how much a pitbull wants to please,give them the opportunity to do it. :) Best of luck and dont give up they are worth all the work !

Dec 05, 2010
Crazy Pitties
by: DeeMJAY

Sounds very familiar! I had to implement a "No Toys in the House" policy because of this. I have taught mine "Take your toy outside!" and "Go outside!" for when he starts acting up. However, at bedtime we have a routine that we follow every single night. We go outside to go potty before bed, he gets a treat in the kitchen for a handshake, and then (because we've done it so many times in the last 3 years)he runs up the stairs, gets in his crate all by himself, and waits patiently for the rest of his treats. It's just a matter of actually teaching them what is and what isn't acceptable. If you're telling him something isn't okay to do, make sure you follow through with it every single time. Don't let it be okay sometimes, and others not; and eventually they'll get the message. Good luck!

Dec 05, 2010
My Pit Bull Got It
by: Karen Davis

Mine was as simply as taking Powder's collar off and saying it is night time, let's go to sleep. She got it right off. Collar back on, GAME ON!

Dec 05, 2010
Wow what craziness.
by: Leslie Marz

Ya my Pit goes crazy also, at first we thought this was hilarious, until the furniture he was shoving up against the walls was knocking holes into the drywall. Wow then we had to stop him from jumping on the furniture. So we get up and head him off so he stays on the floors only. This spirt lasts a few min., until he has no more energy left. Then he lays down for the night. Man I wish I had energy to burn like that.

Dec 05, 2010
puppy bedtime
by: Anonymous

We have a half pit/half german short haired pointer. He is a blessing. I believe dogs need a bedtime routing just like children (my husband and I raised two beautiful daughters). About an hour before bedtime, make sure he is brought slowly down from awake to asleep (i.e.)turn the TV off, lights down, etc. Give him a nice belly rub, and talk softly to him. He will slowly learn to recognize this down time means bedtime. Remember he is a puppy and needs to fall into a bedtime routine. Good luck!!!

Dec 06, 2010
More Comments
by: Gale

Just wanted to let you know that in addition to the great responses you've received here, your question has also received some comments on our Facebook page.

Dec 06, 2010
pit fits
by: karen

I have 2 rescued pits and I love them to death. But something happens from about 1 to 2 years old they turn into nutballs. Best advice be patient they do grow out of this but until then be very consistant no matter what. 5 minutes out in the backyard with a toy seemed to help. I never scream or yell, I just calmly take him outside. If I can't take him out (weather) I just have him sit with me alone until he calms down. The teenage years with a pitbull are almost as bad as the teenage years with your children minus the whole driving thing. Get her through this and you will have a first class family pet. Stick with it.

Dec 10, 2010
This may help...
by: Patricia

I have a 1 year old pit and he'll go through bursts of energy like this. Same situation where he gets walks and plenty of attention.

What we did that seems to help a lot is teach him games that involve self control. We taught our dog Bowser to "sit" and "stay" only to "go get it!!" This worked out wonderfully because he learns that he can still play without turning into a bulldoser. ;)

After playing with him we'll sit on the couch and have him sit with us. He'll know that now that we've been crazy it's time to relax. It seems to work well.

Best of luck! Let us know what works out for you. :)

Jan 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Pits do it a lot. It's what is called the Zoomies or sometimes the "tuck butt run". its a way to get out some pent up energy. More regular exercise will help but its nothing to worry. about

Sep 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

My Bandogge Mastiff American Bull, Cane Corso mix, is just plain nutzy. She had elbow displacia surgery at 9 months, which was a month ago. I was to keep Made'n quiet with 5 minute walks, 6 times a day. No way in H--- did that work out, but I did my best, which means I was almost totally unsuccessful. Anyhow, long story short.....I am a 77 year old, 100 lb. female with a 70 pound dog who has just found out that she is (much) stronger then I. Last time I was walking her she just went nuts, pulling on her leash as well as her prong collar and running in tight circles, with a look on her face that told me to "drop dead". She actually frightened me. She really behaves on the leash, but since her surgery has gotten away from me 3 times. With her circleing me as she did today, I'm scared to death that she will pull me down. I know that she needs more exercise then she is getting now, but will ever be able to trust that she will settle down, stop pulling, and stop circleing me as she did today. Please help.

Feb 02, 2013
What works for me
by: Anonymous

Prong coller and domination sessions once you have established your roll as pack leader you will have much better luck controlling your dog , then a simple shuss type noise with authority will get her attention, to establish this simply take her to the ground gently then once you have her down hold her there till she spots fighting and gives you some mouth movement which is a sign of submission a big sigh is also a sign you can also do done massage while you have her there do this daily our even several times a day as it will not hurt her for a big girl you may need help the first couple times but she will come to love and accept it and will go down on her own because dogs need to know their place in the pack to feel secure otherwise they are competing for level which causes all kinds of problems also have a bed next to your couch for chill time have a special toy she can only have when she is calm and behaving in her bed. Hope this helps.

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