Dog Behavior Training

Are your dogs behaving badly? Dog behavior training focuses on solving behavior problems that interfere with the canine-human relationship. Things like jumping up, chewing the wrong things or using the bathroom in the wrong place--just to name a few.

If you're wondering whether something your dog does is normal pitbull behavior or you'd like to teach your dog not to jump on guests or chew the furniture, check out the list of articles below.

This list is a compilation of dog behavior training questions that have been asked by visitors to this site. Chances are someone else has asked a question about the same problem that you're having. But, if you don't see your problems addressed here, feel free to ask your own question at our Pit Bull Community Q & A page.

You may also find solutions to your dog behavior problems by using our custom site search feature:

Dog Behavior Training Questions Other Visitors Have Asked

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Introducing Your Pitbull to Concerned Family Members

My Pit Bull is Afraid of People

My Pit Bull is Afraid of Storms

Readjusting After a Fight

Pit Bull Hates Cats and Other Dogs

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My Pit Bull Hates My Neighbor's Dog

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Our Pit Bull is Afraid of the Clicker

Recommended Dog Behavior Training Resources and Tools

For Obedience Training: While obedience training doesn't target problem behaviors, it often does solve a number of them. Obedience trained dogs are, on the whole, more confident and "in tune" with their owners. And, certain obedience commands are like "sit" and "down" are incompatible with common mis-behaviors like jumping on people.

  • Check out our pit bull training page for suggested books and articles to get you started with beginning obedience skills.
  • Canis Clicker Training offers a download-able home study course that will take you from beginning commands thru advanced "tricks".
  • Got cable? Watch Victoria Stillwell's It's Me or the Dog on Animal Planet.

Creating a Stronger Bond: Here are two books I regularly recommend.

Help with Fear-Based Behaviors:

Books on Counter-Conditioning

Other Tools for Anxiety and Phobic Responses

  • Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment This is a vest made of soft stretchy material that wraps snugly around your dog's body to help him feel more secure and relaxed. I've used this on one of my own dogs and although it's not a cure, it made a real difference in her comfort level during thunder storms.
  • Through a Dog's Ear, Music to Calm Your Canine Companion Vol. 1 An audio CD that has been clinically proven to "soothe the savage beast". It has impressive consumer reviews too.
  • D.A.P Dog Appeasing Pheromone - This plug-in diffuser reproduces the scent that a mother dog releases while nursing. One vial lasts about a month with refills available. Lots of positive consumer reviews.
  • K9Calm Herbal Calming Formula An organic, herbal supplement with a 30 day money back guarantee. Their product page also contains detailed behavioral strategies for helping your dog with separation anxiety--good advice!

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