~ Pits name is Boss, but my lil Chihuahua Kayto rules the House~

by Michelle Lussier

Boss is a two year old brindle pit... I feel as if he is part cat at times because he has already almost died three times in his short life...

While his mother was giving birth she had difficulties delivering and had to be rushed to the vet for assistance (surgery). Out of nine pups total he was one of three that survived.

I got him just short of 6 weeks old and he has been with my family ever since. At around the age of three months he almost died again, he got really weak, skinny and had bad case of the runs. I knew it wasnt parvo cuz it was winter time, all we had for him was human antibiotics to give him, but once again he pulled thru.

Then just last Summer while we were having a bon-fire because my grandson had passed from SIDS and in the Native tradition there needs to be fire for four days until they are buried in the ground.

The cops came over because they said someone reported gunshots( I live on a rez) and was searching our yard. While my lil Chihuahua Kayto is the one to bite n bark went running after the cops to see what was up, Boss went with him to the nearby woods that they were looking thru.

All of a sudden my sister n I heard gunshots and we went running to see what happened. The cops shot my dog! The cop said he was trying to attack
him. What a liar!

Right away we brought Boss into the house n laid him on his side to see that there was two bullet holes, one was located on his left front shoulder, the other right out of his chest.

I thought for sure he was dying. My sister laid with him all nite long to help take care of him. Thru the night he started to have a seizure like attack. So she flipped him over on his wounded side hoping it would help ease the pain that he was suffering.

When we woke up in the morning i went to work n called an on-call vet (it was sunday). I asked him about the bullet wounds cuz I was unfamiliar about them, was wondering if holes were bigger going in or if it was that way because the bullet had exited the chest.

Just as I thought holes are smaller going in then when the exit! So that cop shot my dog while he was running away from him not trying to attack HIM! I was pissed! Well low n behold Boss survived yet again all because when my sister flipped him to his injured side she had help create a bloodclot that stopped the bleeding!

Two days later Boss was running around jumping up and down like nothing ever happened! I truly feel he was meant to be with Our Family! I don't know what I'd do without him in ourlives! I will post pics when I get up dated ones soooon.....

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