10 Month Old Pit Bull Puppy Doesn't Sniff Other Dogs to Greet

We are interested in adopting a 10 month old blue female pit. She has been raised in a shelter/kennel so far and doesn't have any "manners". She needs to be trained. We've been told that she gets along with other dogs but doesn't sniff when she greets them. She just wants to jump on them and play right away.

Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this and if training will help her learn how to greet another dog. Or is this part of potentially a bigger issue?

Gale's Reply:

I'm wondering if this puppy was taken away from her mom and litter mates too soon. That's where puppies begin to learn doggie etiquette and it sounds like she "wasn't in class that day". Or she may be one of those rare, totally trusting souls who doesn't need to gather a lot of information before deciding if another dog is safe.

Either way, it sounds like the biggest concern will be how other dogs react to her. If she hasn't already, she will eventually encounter a dog that doesn't appreciate her exuberance and will feel the need to put her in her place.

Since you know she needs training and are planning on working with her if you do adopt her, I think that teaching her to "wait" and not rush upon another dog would be doable. She may or may not get the hang of doggie greeting rituals. In the meantime, I think teaching her some manners would go a long way in managing her lack of poise around other dogs.

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Jan 25, 2011
I had the same issue.
by: Anonymous

Teach her to wait and sit while the other dog sniffs her then allow her to meet once the other dog is comfortable.
I have a year old blue female pit who has the same problem. She would get excited and jump when another dog is around. I had to have help teaching her to wait then meet. I got her from a breeder at 10 weeks who wanted to keep her for her color, but couldnt handle her energy. She got attacked by a lab on one of our walks and thats when i sought help cause she got hurt and cowered under the lab.

Jan 25, 2011
Sniffing problem
by: Ashley

There are a couple of other things you can try too. Practice with a friend a lot. Have your friend walk their dog and you follow with yours. As long as your dog remains calm decrease the distance between you and your friend. Allow and encourage your dog to sniff the rear of the other dog once you are close. Then reverse the process. The more you can practice the the better (obviously with different doggy friends is best!) Hopefully over time your new pup will learn that she is getting some really good info by sniffing the rear end AND that she must remain calm in order to get close to the dog. I would also make sure that when you know you are going to encounter another dog or you are practicing that you exercise your dog beforehand. That way all that pent up puppy energy doesn't get in the way and hopefully she will be able to control herself better. Good luck!

Jan 25, 2011
More Comments
by: Gale

There are some additional comments on The Proper Pit Bull Facebook page.

Jan 25, 2011
Timely Question!
by: SunnySouthTexas

We just adopted a shelter Pit, too, and she has the exact same issue!

What wonderful advice - thanks to everyone for their input!

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