A Lil' "Moxie" Will Go A Long Way!

by Mare

Our Family Drea, Moxie & Mare

Our Family Drea, Moxie & Mare

We met Moxie when she was 6 weeks old while we were on a vacation in Indiana to visit family. My cousin's 2 pit bulls had puppies.

For the record, we were not planning to adopt a puppy. This was a spur of the moment vacation, the litter was an accidental litter and we just happened to visit after the birth.

I don't think it was a coincidence, I just think it was meant to be. My fiancée and I tried not to fall in love with Moxie, but the more we tried to ignore her, the more she took a hold of our hearts.

After days of trying not to get our hopes up, my fiancée told me she came up with a name for the runt.

At first I did not want to hear it, because once she had a name we needed to take her home. I was so excited and nervous because I did not know if our landlord back home would allow us to have a dog. Finally I gave in because she was our dog no one else could have her. I had to have this dog.

She came up with "Moxie." Moxie means courage and spunk. Which is the perfect name for her because; Moxie was half the size of her 7 brothers and sisters when we met her. When it was feeding time, my cousin fed the 8 puppies with two bowls of food. Moxie would get pushed out, but
she pushed her way back in. Crawling between her brother/sisters legs and carrying them on her back while she ate. This is just one way she showed her Moxie.

We left Indiana we left without Moxie, because we needed to talk to our landlord. Leaving Moxie was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I knew we would be back so I gave my cousin the money for Moxie.

For three days we waited for our landlords answer. We could not eat, sleep or breathe. We were the grumpiest people you ever met. I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. We were even looking for a different apartment just in case.

Finally our landlord said yes and in three days we jumped in our car and drove all the way to Indiana to bring our baby home. We have had her for 1 year today. She is the best addition to our lives. She is still a little girl (44 pounds) with a lot of “Moxie.”

I always wanted a dog and I always wanted a pit bull. I never knew what I was missing until Moxie walked into my life. I cannot imagine not having her in my life. I cannot ever own another breed. Moxie is my running partner, my best friend and a constant reminder how a little “Moxie” will go a long way.

Beware of those vicious Pit bulls, they will steal your heart and they will never let go.

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