A Rescued Bully Named Quill

by Quill's Mommy

My baby is the biggest chicken until it becomes time to work. Quill was a rescued bully and has turned out to be an excellent buddy.

The most endearing thing about my baby is his sensitivity to people with handicaps. My niece was born 3 months prematurely and is a small little thing and isn't always the most stable on her feet.

Last year she came over to my house and was playing in the back yard. Our yard is hilly to say the least and every once in a while my big ole boy would get right in front of my niece. At first I thought he was just being a pain but after watching him, I realized that he was actually catching my niece when she tripped.

My sister and I were amazed. After playing in the yard, we all went trooping into the house and it was nap time for 2-legged and 4-legged alike. My pittie sat right outside of the room that my niece was "attempting" to take a nap in (she really wasn't having any of that and was making sure the whole block knew it too..lol).

I finally went in to tell her to hush and as soon as the door opened, my boy was in the room and on the bed right beside my niece and there was nothing I could do to convince him that he was going to leave her side.

About 10 mins later, my niece was sound asleep with her faithful friend at her side who didn't move until my niece woke up. It was the first time that my niece every slept anywhere besides her own house.

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Apr 24, 2011
Nanny dogs
by: Danae Ayusso

There is a reason why they were originally called the Nanny Dogs, and it just goes to show that they haven't forgotten it.
Keygain was the same way with me. I have Erythropoietic Porphyria, meaning allergic to the sun, and when I'd have an episode or get sick Keygain would never leave my side, would laid on the floor next to me while I puked my guts out, woke me up if the sun came through the window in our room while I was sleeping.

Pits are the only dog I'd ever have, and the only ones allowed around my kids.

**BLS is Bullshit. Blame the Deed not the Breed.**

Apr 24, 2011
What a wonderful story you tell! <3
by: Traci in Texas

I love your boy; he is beautiful! I cannot imagine that someone threw him out... but I am glad they did so you could rescue him! :)

Your life will be enriched by mingling it with his...

I have four dogs, three are Pibbles or Pibble-mixes, and then we have one Boxer-thingie... The oldest is now 15, and when my kids were very young - she would play in different "modes" which each of us. With me she was rough & tumble; with the older child, my son, she would lightly shoulder bump him when they were running across the yard or something similarly lightly playful; and with my younger child, my daughter, she would carefully and slowly gallop beside her while my daughter clutched fistfuls of skin or ear or whatever has handy...

I was always amazed at how she could intuitively "switch gears" depending on who she was romping with!!

My children have always had a Pibble in the house during their lifetimes; and that is exactly how a kid's life SHOULD be!! <3

Enjoy many happy years with Quill - he is a beauty, and a wonderful example of why our breed is so valuable!

Apr 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Lovely story, and such a sweet dog. Good for him. He sounds like a wonderful, and responsible dog.

Apr 25, 2011
by: Sharon Serenck

Your Quill is absolutely beautiful. Oops, handsome I mean. I can only imagine the wonderment and love he has brought into your life. My Izzy is a miracle herself. My children are grown but I have the children/youth from our church in and out often. Every single person that comes in contact with Izzy falls in love with her. I have a 7 yr. old, Hannah, who spends the night with us when she can and if she is here Izzy is glued to her. I love to see them in the mornings fast asleep and Hannah has Izzy wrapped in her arms and Izzy has her paws so protectively around Hannah. It is so sad people do not give the breed the respect it deserves. Pits only want love and family as any pet does. I have told my husband I will have no other breed but a Pit. Izzy won my heart on that one!!!

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