A Sheep In Wolfs Clothing

by Sharon
(Great Britian)

Hi, I live in britain & rescued my 1st pit at 20 years old. I also had a rescued staffie then too, but when I rescued this dog he was on his way to be shot, my friend overheard this in his taxI & knowing we had already rescued & loved pits my friend says wait I know 2 people who will take him.

We said yes of course, the man who had him says now don't take him to a vet. I was like right okay. Straight away I made an appointment for the vet. This dog had to be checked out it was in a bit of a state & anyway living in britain I wanted him to be registered with a vet.

My other pit was & at that time the vet says to me we will not inform the authorities about your pit as we will not see a healthy dog put to sleep. Just be aware of your surroundings and know were your dog is at all times. So I knew I could take this pit too. Anyway he badly needed neutered as all he would do was mount you, & he could get aggressive geting him off you.

He was 6 months old if he was any older he could have been harder to control. We went to the vet got him micro-chipped & neutered. This was a few years after my other pit had died, & the vet says I am more than happy to hand this pit back to you as by coming in with a muzzle in hand as we really did not know how he would react in a vet.

And getting him neutered I know you know what you have in your possession and know that he can be dangerous & the vet had already read our records & knew we had a pit before & never had any dog fights or human biting, now britain to me has made the worst mistake ever by banning pit bulls as now they are still out there being fought, so they have no interest in the breed's welfare.

No one is out stopping the under ground fighting & the life or non life these pits have is disgraceful & young men getting them as status symbols and have no clue what the dog is capable of. When I got my pit I was already interested in them I had read up on them and when I got my 1st 1 I read some more--the good and the bad. So I had an all round view of what the good & bad are.

Now we all know that if pits go red zone they are so dangerous. Now if they were legal we would be able to take our pits to dog trainers, now cars are in the
hands of young to old and before we can drive we take lessons as their are more deaths or injury by people driving cars. Do they ban cars? No because they are not seen as something only rough people use. And was it the cars fault that it killed someone? No it is the person who is in control of the car.

Y'know its the small dogs in the park that are aggressive towards our pit. He never even looks in their direction. Now in this park all dogs must be on a leash. The only dog you will see on a leash is mine. Where are the people to police that? Nowhere as they're only dogs they are not dangerous says our politicians.

Lift the ban let us be responsible owners & take obedience classes. My dog didn't ask to be here. But here he is & for no reason they can come take my loving pit and kill him not put him to sleep--kill him.

He already had a rough life which I don't think he would have if they were not banned, if there is 1 man telling me not to take him to the vet how many more are out there suffering? Now that's cruelty which is against the law. From young to old when they say what a beautiful dog and ask what breed & I tell them, they all say its a shame. For them as its not the dog its the owner. I am told this by all ages as I think oh maybe older people will have the pit bull? Dangerous dog but no the public don't think like the politicians do. They believe its the breed yet the people know its the owner.

I believe we should know everything about our pits the good & bad they are capable of and just be mindful of their power. So are pits dangerous? They have the potential. But as the owner we should take lessons on how to avoid our proud pits of causing harm. Just like you can't get into a car & drive. You will without a doubt have an accident, deathly possibly but someone will be harmed.

We owners of pits are not silly we know what we have on the end of our leash. Maybe that's where britain should start. Let us study the breed before we get 1. Then take the breed to training to give us the knowledge to control our dogs. I know it sounds a lot but I would be willing to do these things in order to bring back the amazing breed that pit bulls are.

Even man can be dangerous, kill another human the fact is all dogs can be dangerous to humans its just that pits are more powerful. As the owner we are responsible for our dogs actions

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