Alexis – the Sweetest Pit Bull in Texas

by Jennifer
(Richmond, VA)

I’ve always been a bit hesitant around pit bulls. Not that I thought they were inherently bad. But, I was always somewhat guarded upon encountering one. Even though I know deep down that the difference is in how a dog is raised, perhaps I let the media discolor my opinion.

Then I met Lexie. She was a rescue that lived on a ranch in the Hill Country of Texas. Lexie had her own fenced in yard. Not because she was aggressive, but to keep the other ranch dogs from harassing her and stealing her food. I honestly don’t think Lexie knew she was a pit bull.

When I would enter her yard, she would race over, stopping just in front of me. Then she would politely sit, smiling (I swear!), and beg to be petted. She loved meeting people and adored having her belly rubbed.

Lexie was the only dog on the ranch that was cat friendly. The cats just loved her. I got a kick out of watching the cats arch their backs as they walked underneath her to scratch her belly. She’d lick the cats and looked after them as if they were her own.

I always enjoyed my visits with Lexie. She was a sweet girl who just loved being alive.

This pit bull single-handedly changed my misinterpreted belief about the breed. They are great dogs if you just give them a chance, and a bit of love and appreciation.

I admit, there are still times when I have to stop myself from holding my breath when a pit bull greets my German Shepherd. But, because of Lexie, I know that if any problem results, it’s not the fault of the breed, it is the owner.

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Dec 17, 2009
Mostly true, but...
by: Anonymous

American Pit Bull Terriers in general don't get along with other animals as well as some other breeds.

Mine has a very high prey drive, which usually manifests as *extreme* excitement around other dogs and cats. He's been raised to behave well despite the excitement (and resulting leash frustration), but encounters with other excitable dogs can go sour quickly as he's very intolerant of other dog's displays of aggression/dominance. He tends to just overwhelm and intimidate cats with his intensity. Still, he gets along splendidly with the two cats he knows best - my g/f's family's fat old cat, which he's learned to give a very wide berth (he's not declawed!), and my friends cat who he's known since he was a kitten (and was the poor cat's only play pal growing up!).

Raccoons/squirrels/possums are another story. He will bolt after them without a bit of hesitation, and it takes quite a bit of persuasion to get him to call off the pursuit.

Some people are lucky enough to have an animal-friendly pit bull with a low prey-drive. It's definitely not a common characteristic of the breed, though. That's not to say gameness and a high prey drive automatically translate into agressiveness (my dog isn't aggressive at all with any animals, though he can be pushy and overly intense - and he's a totally lovebug around people), but it is something you have to recognize and be cognizant of when you own one of these marvelous animals.

Sometimes we wish he wasn't such a pain in the arse all the time, but we wouldn't trade him for anything now! He's far and away the best dog either of us has ever owned, and it would be hard to settle for another breed after owning one.

Nov 04, 2012
Recalled to Headquarters
by: Jennifer

I've often thought about Lexie, since I left the TX ranch where I met her a few short years ago.

I am still in contact with the ranch owners and have often wanted to ask how she was doing. But I hesitated, for fear of learning the news I did not want to hear.

I finally inquired, and got the dreaded news. Just four months ago, after she had been fed in the house, the owners went to check on her, and she appeared to be "sleeping." When they realized she was gone, they were so distraught, they couldn't deal with it and called their son for help.

This beautiful, rescued soul was lovingly laid to rest on the ranch where she received so much love.

To the pitbull who stole my heart and redefined my view of the breed:

I miss you Lexie! You are a true ambassador to the breed. I hope
you're making friends on the Rainbow Bridge.

Love always,

Nov 05, 2012
by: Gale

Jennifer - I'm so glad you thought to share your story about Alexis with us. It's not every day that a human encounters an animal that touches them the way Alexis touched you.

Rest in peace sweet Alexis.

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