by Jay

Angel looking very regal & beautiful!

Angel looking very regal & beautiful!

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I'd been looking for a lab/mix for about 5 months when I came across this picture of a 'supposed' lab mix. Well, I drove 65 miles one way, & there's this girl who looked not much like a lab!

The lady I got her from specializes in rescuing 'bully' breeds. Well, she was just so adorable & sweet & playful & goofy, & i wasn't going home w/o her. They said they see no pit in her, my vet said it right off w/o me telling him that's what she was, at least partly! The more i look at pics of pits, i do believe she has a lot of it in her. So i think the people lied, thinking i wouldn't take her.

I'm in Wisconsin, Angel originally came from N. Carolina, born in a shelter. Not sure how she ended up here in Wisconsin, but the previous owners surrendered her in January due to not knowing she'd get so big. She's a whole whopping 42 lbs. now! Small compared to my 13 yr. old lab/mix who's over 70 lbs.!

She's 1 yr. old, loving, gives kisses, sleeps on the bed with me & is just generally a really sweet dog! Her downfall? She wants to play with every dog she meets & they don't all want to!

She's very adaptable, i think being in a shelter most of her life stunted her, as in the respect, she couldn't be a puppy & burn off that energy properly. I feed her a good quality food & vitamins, because i'm sure she didn't
have a proper diet during her growing up year. Altho i know she will fill out now.

One weird thing: she is missing a toenail on her one back foot, not sure if she was born w/o it or something happened to her along the way. First dog in all my 51 years that i've ever seen this.

She is super smart, minds like she's been with me a long time (2 months exactly from Aug. 9). I love this dog so much, i can't imagine why no one kept her, other than she does tend to be a bit of a troublemaker if left home alone (she found out cat boxes had tasty morsels in them....YUK! She rolled in my other dog's #2 once....)yeh, some gross things are emerging, but i think once she realizes she's in her forever home, she'll adjust.

I just feel so bad for her, knowing that my old gal will not be with us for a long time. I love my old girl immensely, & she has been good accepting Angel for the most part. I just have to keep Angel from knocking Spunky down due to arthritic hips, she falls down pretty easily.

One really cute thing she does: she loves to chase & eat grasshoppers! She also plays well by herself, throws her toys in the air & amuses herself! Which is good, as i have severe pain from fibromyalgia & can't throw & right now am going thru some serious pain from spasms.

She has won my heart & no amount of money could be given to me to give her up!

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