Any breed can be aggressive

by Tiffiny

Any breed can be aggressive. I could go on about this forever, but I will try not to. I have to say first off, that in my experience, you are more likely to get bitten by a little dog(yorkies, chihuahua, etc.) It all has to do with the owners, not the breed.

I have met a lot of pit bulls, none of which have ever been aggressive. The difference (and why people have the fear of pit bulls) is the severity of the bite. A chihuahua will bite, and may even take a little chunk of flesh, if it gets a good bite. A pit bull that bites, can take a finger, an, an ear, etc.

Most of the stories you hear in the news about pit bull attacks, never tell you what the human was doing to the dog. Any breed of dog, if not treated, trained or socialized properly will bite. I have a pit bull, like most of the people reading this I assume, and she has never bitten anyone. My 1 year old daughter climbs all over her, pulls her ears, and tail. She pokes at her, and smacks her, and yes, I am trying to teach her to be nice to the dog, but the only reaction she ever gets is kisses. That being said, my dog is VERY protective of my children, though short of someone hurting them, I don't believe she would bite.

She has been attacked by little dogs, and just sat there and looked at them. My biggest pet peeve, is people who own little dogs who don't feel the need to train them like any other dog. Or the people who think it's funny or ok, that their little dog gets aggressive with my pit bull.

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Aug 31, 2010
the owners are the problem, not the dog
by: richard hughes

i just have to say that it does not matter what breed the dog is, one day a german shepard came up to my dog(lucky) and attacked him, it took ages for my dog (part A pit bull)to realize that he wasn't playing and it ended up with me pulling my dog off of the german shepard,and the owner was nowhere to be seen,but mine was on the lead. Anyway my point is that my dog only started to fight back to stop himself from being maimed, it is down to the owner not the dog

Sep 01, 2010
Which breed will he be scared of?
by: George

Recently took my two Pitty Rescues for a walk on the community hike & bike path. As we were meeting a woman with a young boy on a bike with training wheels, I could see she was getting concerned. The girls and I moved off the path, they sat down on command, and as the boy passed, he said "look mommie the doggies are smiling at me." I offered an ignored greeting, and we moved on. No more than 30 seconds later, I heard women screaming, the boy crying and growling and barking. I turned just in time to see him being lunged at by a "cute" little poodle.

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