Attack on Command

Hello I was just wanting to know how to train my one year old pit to watch things when I tell him to and attack on command.

Gale's Reply:

Seriously? You were just casually wondering how to go about turning your dog into a weapon to hurt another person? You really need to think about this.

Owning a dog that has been trained to attack is a HUGE responsibility and a HUGE liability. You can't just 'sort of' train a dog to attack.

Either a dog is formally attack trained or it isn't. If it is, you'd better load up on liability insurance. If it isn't and you try to use it as an attack dog, you are putting yourself, your dog and everyone who innocently crosses your path in jeopardy.

It's not reasonable to expect a dog to wag his tail when the UPS guy shows up and bare his teeth when it's someone you don't like. Do you really want a dog that no one but you can pet? If someone in your household needed an ambulance, would you want a dog that felt the need to protect your family against the medics?

If you are concerned about break-ins where you live, get an alarm system. If you are worried about your personal safety, take a self-defense class. But, don't expect a pet dog to defend you on command. It's not their job.

When you read about a heroic dog that subdued an intruder or sacrificed its life for its owner's, that wasn't a trained attack dog. That was a pet dog acting on its instincts. But whether or not your dog would lay down his life for you isn't something you get to decide. It's your dog's decision. And that's why we humans marvel at it whenever it happens.

By the way, if I really wanted an guard dog, I wouldn't get a pit bull. On the whole, pits are too people-friendly. I would get one of the guardian breeds. Let your pit bull be a pet. That means you take care of him, not the other way around.

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Sep 27, 2011
Responsible Owner Needed!
by: Anonymous

This man's dog needs to go to a responsible owner. Why would you ever want to train your sweet puppy to attack on command?

Do you want your dog to attack an innocent child/bystander when you go for walks?

Do you want to have to put your dog down after he hurts/kills someone?!

It's people like this that ruin the reputation of the breed I have grown to love. We have 2 rescues & I couldn't imagine training them to attack! Well, they do kinda attack...but that will only leave you with a wet face! lol

Sep 27, 2011
Tragedy waiting to happen!
by: Anonymous

Pit bulls are NOT good guard dogs. They just weren't bred for it. They are more likely to lick an intruder than attack him and a trained attack dog is nothing but trouble in a residential setting. I knew an attack trained rottie who (during play) was given the command to attack and misunderstood his owner and got out of the back gate and pulled a toddler of her tricycle. The attack training process is very intense and can be cruel and overwhelming for a lot of dogs who just don't have it in them to be agressive to people. I urge you to NOT try to attack train your dog, and I seriously think you should consider NOT owning dogs.

Sep 27, 2011

I can't belief that someone is asking this kind of question, period.
To make things worse,he is asking this question on the Proper Pit Bull site.
In case you moron have not figured it out yet, people on this site are first of all very responsible pit bull owners, animal lovers and advocates for a breed of dogs with the worst reputation.
My pit bull is right now in the process of getting certified as a therapy dog, because this breed loves people and wants nothing more than being loved and cared for.

Oct 02, 2011

its people like you that help give these dogs a BAD rep ! you honestly shouldnt be allowed to own any type of dog, you obviously arent well educated on why to have a dog because it sure as hell isnt to be treated like an attack dog or taught to be an attack dog.. im sorry that you even asked this question.

Oct 22, 2011
These responses are insane!
by: Pitbull lover.

I am a pitbull owner and have had a total of six dogs in my life. ALL have been used as guard dogs as well as family pets. Although a pitbull is not necessarily bread to be a guard dog, it can make a pretty intimidating ally, and will not lick an intruder like a previous person had suggested. American pitbull terriers, along with Staffordshire terriers were bred to be aggressive. Period. You won't have to give that dog any special training. They are protective of families and children instinctually. Make sure you are firm with the puppy and teach it to obey on command. They are very smart as far as dogs go, and also loyal. They are not lap dogs, and should only be owned by someone who has experience with dogs. They tend to be bossy and headstrong, and most certainly have AGRESSIVE TENDENCIES as this is what they were bread specifically for - to fight in a pit. It's distant ancestor was bread to take down a bull in the sport of bull baiting. It is not vicious or savage for you to want your dog to protect yourself, or your property, this has been a job dogs have been doing since the beginning of time. Treat the dog good, be firm with it, and make sure you teach it to obey on command; or you will have a dog that is not controllable.

Unfortunately anyone who mentions agressive pitbulls goes under attack. There are many politicians, specifically democrats, who are trying to pass breed specific laws (meaning only pitbulls), in order to genocide an entire race of animals because they can be used as a form of self defense. They are the same people who want to confiscate guns. Pay no attention to these people. They are a cancer in our society. It would be doing a great service to our community to remove them, and leave our pitbulls alone.

Oct 26, 2011
Are you for real?
by: Mandie Dilligaf

This is insane, I live in Canada in Ontario where pitbulls or any dog that may look just a little bit like a pittbull are against the law. You are not allowed to own one under the age of 6. I find this to outrageous, but it is because of dunb f*cks like you, that make them attack people. Your dog while under normal training will protect their family on there own when threatened. They can tell when something isn't right. I know I can walk my 2.5 year old red nose pitbull, I have had sense she was 6 weeks old, will not attack anyone ..... maybe kiss you to death, but if some one where to come up to me or my child with bad intentions she would react to defend her owner/family. So to the guy who asked that question, please don't own a dog maybe a attack cat is more your type of animal

Nov 25, 2011
I think ALL of you people need to do research
by: Anonymous

Training a dog to attack and stop on command is safer for the dog and the owner. Attack dogs are trained to stop on command immediately and to do just what the owner says. If a dog "instinctively" attacked a person, it would be a lot harder for anyone to get this dog to release their bite. Also, there's a huge chance that this dog read the wrong "cues" and just 'thought' that there owner was in danger and reacted with instincts which is a lot more dangerous.

Dec 04, 2011
by: Mr t's mum

listen dont ever test your pitbull by setting it on animals or people, and really just do not go thete with your pit, you are really wanting a loaded gun by your side withought being jailed, remember if that is the case your dog will be a target for enemys who will kill do you get it kill your dog 1st and do you really know when a pit is in fighting mode what damage it dan do do you really know or do you think you know? wow we pit ownwers are always having to get out there to people that pits are like any other dog but thats with any normal owner, i hope before yor dog hurts some1 or another animal or gets hurt that you see sense, and be a man learn to fight yourself, dont use your loving pit as it just one day turn on you,& god help you, but god, saint francess of assisi hear and protect your pit from you and others be a man dnt use your dog if in need go to boxing or & martial arts you should be protecting your dog, thats what i do he is my responsibility, i am not his go research what you want to turn your wonderfull pit into,& change your mind, i walk the streets too, i know how things work but your pit is a pet let it live like one.

Feb 29, 2012
pits attacking
by: Anonymous

Its a ggood idea and I'm learning mine to attack on command I am a female and I won't to kno for sure that my pit would atttack if he needed ...... not just sit and be dumb if I'm getting attacked by some stranger!!!!!! If we want to train a pit then so be it its the same as training a f***ing german shepard to attack

Jul 01, 2012
u need 2 learn more about pits
by: mrts mum

i want to say to anonymous who also wants to train her pit to attack as she doesnt know if it would defend her if needed, please believe me when i say to you NEVER under estimate your pit never, your pit could be the biggest pet you have ever known, playing with your kids just as most pits who are pets do but when it comes to getting attacked by another dog or protecting their loving family, they will turn into a warrior like youve never known your dog to be like, but if you start to learn the dog to bite they will learn its okay to bite a human and when have they to know the diffrence between you playing around, and being attacked as it wont come from gut instinct, it will come from learned behaviour & the pit being told its okay to bite humans who are near my owner and that is a line sadly for the dog he will cross one day. Love,and trust your pit dont understimate him leave him as he is you wont always be a single person and your future partner could be at the bad end of a pit, if u r both playing around your pit will be there for you u defo dont want to go down the road of testing it i do hope you listen to me & the other comments who know attack training a pit is bad news the thing is a german shepard will let go on command a pit wont! and they cant as pits can bite through skin, muscle and bone.just luv ur pit & if needed it'll be there 4 u.

Jul 10, 2012
plz keep pits as pets not protection!
by: mrts mum

hi me again, just had to comment on the person who thinks we the ones who are against pitbulls attacking on command are daft and that the pitbulls wont lick you to death, pits are intimidating if they are behind a fence gaurding your property & they are barking when people approche this is whole world away frm attacking on command did you know when pitbulls became fighting dogs, the men who where the owners of the pits bread out the human aggression as the dogs were attaking the owners or any1 who came near them?, thats why pits do luv ppl the human aggression was bread out of them like the no pain barrier, ect was bread into them guard dog behind a fence gr8, but 2 let a pit attack some1 then thnk you can get the pit off these ppl must really b in trouble u unleash a human attacking pit you are senticing the person to near death or death pits r luvn luv ur pit & keep them as pets i wud protect my pit like a mother wud her child.

Oct 24, 2012
not a good idea
by: shanna

please! pitts are NOT attack dogs! they are friendly funloving dogs.i agree,get an alarm system.its irresposible things like this that making owning breeds like this hard for other people.dont wan people n ur yard ,get a great dane.they dont have to be mean tere already big

Nov 29, 2012
Really people?
by: Anonymous

Having a pitbull becoming an attack dog on command isn't that bad or that big of a deal, it's self protection for you and your dog. Say if your in a situation like this; you and your dog r walking down the street and this guy comes out of no where and is manhandling you and u don't hav the strength to stop him hav your dog attack (on command of course). That's how I think of it.

Nov 30, 2012
why with all the stu-pits
by: un_soldado

All of you morons are ideots im not sure you know shit about pit bulls on another note you probably dont know as much as you think you do about your dogs let me enliten you a little bit about the conversation that ive come to understan is undergoing alot of scrutiny first off having an attack dog is fine if its a getman shrpard or doberman but when some one thinks of having there pit bull as an attack dog its a problem get the f#*k outa here pit=fight pen bull is what they were originaly baited for these dogs are bread to be agressive they are bread to be loyal and they are bread to please the owner anlong with being extreemly safe with children as far as taking the dog to attack some one that is a bad idea in general its like takeing a loaded wepon and shooting some one in the face when they answer the door my dog is a razors edge ukc registerd pit bull he is the most friendly dog you have ever met unless i give the comand i do not fight my dog infact he plays well with every dog he has met at the dog park do i find him a hazard since his aggression can be turned on by a simple word no i have children ages 9,6 and 4 and id trust him with my children over most humans i can give the comand with the children around and not have to worry for their safety because he can target discriminate and yhe children are never the target infact he has never shown aggression to a child and he is permited to walk around the school when i pick my kids up at the end of the day so as far as im concerned all of you people munus old boy who actualy had some actual feesable facts know noyhong about what you decided to put your two cents in i dislike useing the word hate but i do haye people who want to talk negatively about a question asked, there are no stupid questions just stupid people who answer those questions eith non sense and thats pretty much all i read non sense so here is some information if you before you decide to teach your dog to turn on that basic instinct i suggest you look at all possibilities are you a strong owner or does your dog tend to get away with things do you have children around and has he ever nipped or growled ant any one in the home if he has then nix the idea because hecould endanger you being a strong owner is what matters most you need to be yhat before anything after you look at the whole picture if you still wana go threw with it then there are classes you can enroll in for traiming hope this helped a lil bit ....... Oh yea to the genious who said do you want a dog trying to keep perimedics out im not sure you understand that, attack dogs go off on comand they are well behaved dogs and before training begins the dogs attitudes ant temperment are evaluated as to not allow a dysfunctional dog or owner to take part in such training my dog has never bitten anyone he shouldnt have and il bet money he never will,,,,good luck

Proud pit bull owner of over 26 years
Specialist martinez, united states army

Nov 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

The previous comment hurt my brain to read. Use some punctuation man. That was the longest run on sentence I've ever seen.

Nov 30, 2012
ooohhh a wise guy erk erk erk
by: un_soldado

Yea my bad i tend to forget punctuation when im aggitated an im postin comments from my phone because you cant take laptops out to field problems, sorry ur head hurts from reading, not my intention i tried to dumb it down alot for the simpletons but i guess i didnt do a good enough job lol jk, in reality if you can read corectly punctuation shouldnt matter unless its an official document friend.

Yours truly
The mad hatter

Mar 07, 2013
RE: soldado
by: MRTS mum

hi sorry ive not gotton your whole name correct but you know who im talking about, i have written in on this subject a couple times, and as you say in simple terms :-)also we have plenty of space frm gale (angel) to write our comments, but we cannot go into all detail if what you have written is all you know about pits oops uve droped the ball i come frm a military family 1 side dad british 30yr service, other side american marine 20yr service, stepdad so i respect your calling & im pit owner of 20yrs of rescue pits, so i do know what im talking about, i suggest you go read up on the amazing breed that is the pit, i however have seen the best they can do & unfortunally the worst i had to see it all to have some understanding of this loving wonderful breed who only want to be pets, loved & cared for but i would never say i know everything there is to know about pits,i dont know any1 who would say that now as there are new things being found out thru the years & debates still go on about miths/truth,pits in the right hands are amazing funny soo loving and thats why i would say never ever teach your pit to bite on command, you may think your in control when u say your release word but really??? if you are ever in danger your beloved pit will defend you & as a pit owner you should know how to release a pit frm a bite in a dog fight or importantly a human bite i do i have never had to use it but like i know how to save someones life if their heart stopped i havent had to do that yet, but i know that if i had to i could & release my pit,i would like to know why my answer is hated although gales page isnt for us its for the pits and yes my letter is long with bad grammar but i am writing with such heart like you were you protect your pit & your pit will protect you ;-)oh say hi to my half bro in the marine core :). Thank u gale for this site & all u do for pits ive says b4 you are an angel whom walks amoung us! #truth.

Mar 11, 2013
love you spineless un educated people
by: un_soldado

I have been raised around pit fighting most of my life i dont do it because i have no interest in it, you who say that pits wont let their bite go, pits wont be aggressive on command and my fave that they are dangerous that way are real stupid , you who think these things should be the ones who dont own dogs because you apparently dont understand what yyouou have, somethin i learned growin up around the fight pit is weak minded people yield weak minded dogs all my dogs have been tought to be aggressive on command an none of them step out of line im alpha male an my dogs know where they stand i do not understand where you get off saying its irresponsible to teach a dog a command and learn him or herher when to use it, untrained dogs attack not traind ones this whole issue with dog bans is due to legitimately irresponsible owners like the ones who are so opposed to the idea of attack training an the ones who usualy attack are owned by ideots who didnt ask questions in reguard to the issue, i suggest you educate yourselves on the matter because wat i have read was just ludicrous an just so you know people who think their dog is to sweet an will lick intruders are the dumbest of all, so sad thatinstead of helpful advise you morons want to bash a good owner for asking questions oh yea one more thing dogs who are aware of when to attack dont mistake play for actual situations

Mar 18, 2013
by: MRTs mum

i am writing again on the subject of pits attacking on command, and the guy that i wrote an answer to & has just written a new email, listen i really really dont get you i honestly dont, and you say you were around pit fighting because you liked it discracful!, and by the feeling i get frm your words you have already sent your pit to attack someone, so bad so so bad! there will always be debates about pits in genral, but you seem to argue, shout your point across and not debate,i just wonder why you want pits that attack on command, german shepperd or a dobberman, yes i get that,& they actually have a stronger bite than a pit, but its not the pits bite its the shaking, the sheer power that a pit puts behind an attack is deadly, as i says before a pit can bite through skin,muscle & bone, which other breeds cant, i lovvvvee pits my fav dogs animal even hands down, but you are going away off point i never in any of my comments on this page have ever said that a pit will lick you to death, no now thats someone who is at one end of the pit spectrum and your away away at the other end, just please dont think you know everything about pits because if thats what you are saying & i dont think your actually saying it, but deep down you think it, i wish you and your pits frm now on a life were you never have to send a pit to attack a human & dnt get hung up on the answers to the question the guy asked go to the question & see what he wrote and how he asked the question & his reason for wanting his pit to attack. I think you are a bit of a i can control my pits to attack look at me kinda guy & hey fine, but dont come on here saying i know nothing about pits, because we could debate back & forward i dont know it all not anywere near but there is not one person who knows 100% about this amazing wonderful breed.

Jul 01, 2013
my dog is TOO friendly...
by: Anonymous

While i don't want my dog to be aggressive (its dangerous for her, myself, and others) i'm not particularly enjoying the fact that my 1 year old female pit mix is TOO submissive.

When she meets a new dog, it doesnt matter the size or breed, she'll immediately get down real low in a submissive position. When she meets a new person, she'll automatically roll over onto her back...

While i love the fact that my pit is still so gently and friendly, at what point is she going to grow up and be more confident? My friends AmStaff was a sweet heart once you got to know him, but at first he was really intimidating. Thats always how i wanted my dog to be, but shes just a big baby. Will she ever grow up?

The other day a very large but friendly doberman got loose and charged at us, he just wanted to smell her, but she started squealing and crying... it was embarassing.

Unlike the original poster, i dont want my dog to be aggressive, but shes the complete opposite of that at the moment.

Aug 21, 2013
If you are afraid get a tazer
by: Bea G

Hello all,

obviously everybody has their own opinion and I do respect this. First of all I believe that a person trying to attack a person who is walking a pitbull, German Shepherd or any dog of a larger breed is not very smart. Most robbers, etc. carry guns and they would use it against you and your dog, or a knife.
No dog is born aggressive unless they have a mental issue.
Its mainly the owners who need the puppy training, not the dog,
Steven Segal ownes 2 German Shepherds who will attack on command. He wants them to protect his family when he is gone working as a cop. They attack and release on command.
I believe that a pitbull is not a dog breed for trained attack classes. Mainly German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Rottweiler.
Especially German Shepherds are on the Police Force, Border Patroles, and used by the Military.
Maybe you should get a Tazer, because a tazer can't be shot and it will bring someone down.
Please re-think your decision. No matter what breed you get, every dog is unpredictable, no matter the breed or size. Usually, if you treat your dog with love and respect, he will instinctly protect his home.
And please remember, more than likely it will have negative consequences for this breed, especially when aggressive. Too many Pitts have been utenized because of the ignorance of the owners.
But, the decision is yours to make. What dog experience do you have?
I own a 7 year old Rottweiler and just purchased a blue nose eight weeks old pitbull puppy, bully breed.
I do socialize all my dogs to a certain extend. I do not let strangers walk up and pet my dogs though.
I do have experienced also that, people who are known as close family members and try to become too friendly and acquainted to the dogs are usually are the people to steal the dogs out your yard or rob your house, so in order to eliminate that, get an alarm system. And dogs will alert you, but they have no chance against people with guns and these days too many people own one. Thank you for reading

Jun 12, 2014
I can't believe the ignorance on display here NEW
by: Anonymous

Not the ignorance of the person asking the question but the people making comments.

They are commenting about attack trained dogs (not sure what exactly that is) but for sure don't know anything about protection training or protection trained dogs.

I guess we are all brilliant in our own minds.

Jun 12, 2014
I can't believe the ignorance on display here NEW
by: Anonymous

Not the ignorance of the person asking the question but the people making comments.

They are commenting about attack trained dogs (not sure what exactly that is) but for sure they don't know anything about protection training or protection trained dogs.

I guess we are all brilliant in our own minds.

Jun 28, 2014
If you can't answer the question than keep your self righteous bullshit to yourself. NEW
by: Anonymous

The man asked a simple question. If you people can't give an answere than shut the fuck up. Having a trained dog is better than having a dog that attacks when it wants. It's bad enough pit bulls have a bad rep for attacking on its own; it's better to have this dog trained when to attack ,than to viciously attack an inesent by standard when it feels like it.

Jul 16, 2014
Gale Fail NEW
by: Anonymous

It's nice that seeing there are still giant pussies like Gale who assume off the way the question is worded that the owner doesn't intend to take responsibility for their dog and then he had to give us his shit legal advice when it's not his problem. Train the dog to not chase shit off it's leash and then to not chase shit until you command it to chase shit. It's almost rocket science.

Jul 16, 2014
obvious sarcasm NEW
by: Anonymous

Yea b/c if you don't train a PB when to attack, they just attack whenever..that makes sense.

Jul 16, 2014
obvious sarcasm NEW
by: Anonymous

Yea b/c if you don't train a PB when to attack, they just attack whenever..that makes sense.

Jul 27, 2014
my dog is trained to attack NEW
by: Anonymous

Dogs should be their as a friend D to protect you and your stuff. Just because we want to train our dogs to do it when we ask were wrong no. Just a bunch of panzi asses

Jan 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

Where and what kind of fairy tale lives are you people living in? You mean to tell me that you've never been scared or wished you had someone or something to protect you when your all alone??? Or maybe when your walking them at night to their favorite spot. Not everybody lives in fairyland like those who posted all those crappy remarks...I know I don't!!! I live in a beautiful house in a great part of town, but somebody is always getting broke into or something. Tweakers roaming around at all hours of the night. So with that said. I'm pretty sure most people if they could. Would jump at the chance to own something that one word could make them protect you to the death. Then afterwards you rub their belly and praise them. Wake up people!!! There are terrible terrible people all around us... Around our children. Check out the Megan's law web site. See how far away the child molesters are!!! You'll want a lovable Hound of Doom too!!! And your mistaken also about the dog comment. Our dog Bear my kids can say " Bear get'em!" And you better be running! We didn't teach him to do that. I didn't have to. He just does it! But we could of . Patrick SoCal

May 05, 2015
i swear people NEW
by: Anonymous

It's always nice to feel safe and for the most part if you are in fact home alone most pits are very protective of their owners !!! And if you feel threatened they would know it but people like that are the reason pits have such a bad name they are wonderful dogs I have 2 and they are great family pets and for the most part love everyooeven the meter reader guy but if it's just me and my kids and my husband is away they are always on guard raise a good dog not an attack dog and don't use a pit as an attack it just adds to the stigma that they r vicsious animals and they ARENT PLAIN AND SIMPLE

Jul 13, 2015
anonymous NEW
by: Anonymous

I own 16 pit bull and have trained over a 700, I am a registered breeder and traveled the world to learn of every breed of pit bulls and bull terriers and other breeds. Pit bull are sweet amazing dogs, most people think they are all aggression but there is more gentleness then there is aggression. People may want them to be gentle because they live in a calm society and live at threat less environment, but some of them live in dangerous neighborhoods and need a dog as protection, but not deliberately put there dog in danger. So training your dog can be risky or a benefit but as the dogs owner you know your dogs personality and if he has calm aggression train him, if he has high aggression, try to reduce it before training but he does not have aggression, let him be, and he will protect you out of instinct. like humans dog can become depressed, so don't force him to do something he was not meant for, yet boost the personality he has and you will be rewarded. love and respect between pit bull and human can last a life time, control and demand, last only when it is needed.

Aug 23, 2015
Not good idea NEW
by: Tess

The pit bulls already have bad reputation. So it is not good idea to train ur pit to attack on command because official would prejudice no matter how good owner you are. I also don't believe in training types like pit bull Rottweiler and those types of dogs to attack on command . They are very friendly type dogs if trained right. But because of people who want to train it to attack is why they have bad reputation

Sep 23, 2015
Yeaaaa NEW
by: Anonymous

Well I understand what he saying my dog is train but he very nice unless I give the command to attack I also have guns for anyone who try to break in so that would be stuip to do

Oct 20, 2015
for the simple minded NEW
by: Anonymous

As long as you train your dog the right way there's gonna be no issue, if your dog listens to you well and you train them the basic commands then you may work with them to attack. That's important because you don't want your dog to attack a random person and not listen to you when you try to get it off. You have to make sure the dog listens and when he follows your commands you'll have nothing to worry about, you simple minded people saying it's not a good idea it's a very good idea in a situation where you need back up you give them the word and they handle their business you give them the word to stop and they stop. They are a part of your family you protect them with your life as they would yours. It's all about obedience if your dog doesn't obey your commands I wouldn't recommend training it to attack until it does. It's common sense people. A dog who is trained to attack and listens to its owner and is raised the right way isn't going to go attack anyone it feels like that's why you TRAIN it. Dogs are smart they're highly capable of learning almost anything.

Mar 30, 2016
Pit bull NEW
by: Anonymous

To me pitbull or easily trained cause i got me traind in a residential home and hes great show YALL GER OUT AND LIVE MOREπŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ‘ŠβœŒβœŠ

Sep 07, 2016
You are all idiots NEW
by: Anonymous

Training your dog to attack won't make him viscous just as much as teaching them to sit won't make them walk.. growing up all we had were Rottweilers and they all knew how to attack on command or on a situational scenario. If you're dog is properly socialized and trained to attack there will not be a problem

May 16, 2017
really NEW
by: Anonymous

People are getting way to into this the person just wanted some help training his dog nothing wrong with that yall talking as if pit bulls are weak and shouldn't be trained to attack but other dogs should because pits have a bad rep when honestly there is no problem with training them to attack on command trying to train my 7 month blue pit to do it now and I'm pretty sure nothing will go wrong sense he loves people and the attention plus my dad had lots of dogs and he trained them to perfection they never not listened to his command and loved him and for the people who are against it don't look stupid when you or your kid getting attacked and yo dog sitting on the side lines whimpering even though pits are protective if you let him be a lazy wimp he might not help

Oct 15, 2017
You should never own a dog NEW
by: Anonymous

I can't believe what I am reading. I was attacked by a dog and ended up in the hospital with stiches all over my face, concussion and infection. They had to euthanized the dog. I think they should punished the owners like you not dogs. That is sick.

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