Blue Boy

by Ashley Beaver
(Anthony FL)

Blue and my nephew.

Blue and my nephew.

One day this beautiful Pit Bull showed up at a local bar with a rope tied tight around his neck and under weight. The owner of the bar fell completely in love with him, he named him Blue and wanted nothing more but to keep him. But having already four other dogs and not knowing how the dogs would get along, he called the dog pound.

They told him that if they took the dog the would have to put him down JUST because he is a pit. He didn't want that to happen so he decided to find a good home for him while he looked for the owner of the dog.

My grandmother is really good friends with the owners of the bar and she also knows that my mother and I will take in strays until we can find them a good home for them, so she immediately called my mom and I.

I, like the owner of the bar, fell in love with this dog as soon as I saw him. My mother, on the other hand was a little shy to taking this dog home because she didn't like Pit Bulls.

We already had a dog and was told by the vet to keep the two dogs apart for a couple of days because Blue had kennel cough. When it became night time my mother went crazy and told me to lock the dog up in my room. She had also boarded up my door way, the kitchen door way and her door way with Brownie (our dog) in her room.

After a couple of days had passed, I started out just letting the two dogs sniff each other, but my mom was having a really hard time with this. She was really scared that Blue was going to eat our dog Brownie up. So I decided that I was just going to let the dogs get to know each other without my mom. To my mothers surprise the dogs became best friend! Blue was as gentle as ever with her.

She also had the same problem with letting Blue around my two year old nephew. Though, after seeing the way he acted around Brownie, she was a lot more understanding. It also turns out that Blue is GREAT with kids. My nephew can do anything he wants to Blue and Blue will just lay there or just walk off.

As time went on the owners of Blue never showed up and with seeing the way he acts with my baby nephew, he was the PERFECT addition to our family! He is sooo spoiled and is very loved by every member of my family (even my mother, who now sleeps with my dog every night and also wants to own her very own Pit Bull!)

I got Blue in August of 2011 and he just turned two years old in January. He is truly the best dog i have ever owned and I couldn't imagine my life without my fury son!

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Feb 15, 2012
by: Kathy

I love stories with happy endings :)

Feb 18, 2012
Bless You!
by: Dana Davidson

What a beautiful story!! You are a wonderful person!!

Feb 18, 2012
by: Mike

My dog china looks a lot like Blue. China is a lot smaller tho, she weighs 40 lbs, and she's great around my 3 month old son. These pibbles are amazing dogs that just need responsible parents. Love the story

Feb 18, 2012
Changed heart
by: Kim

That story made me cry. I love when peoples' hearts are changed. Thank you for giving this precious boy a chance at love!

Feb 18, 2012
Wonderful story!!
by: Jeanne

I too was very skeptical when my son brought home a beautiful 2 month old pittie 12 years ago, and needless to say I immediately fell head over heels in love with this dog, to the point that when my son moved out I wouldn't relinquish the dog to him. Long story short, I adopted another pittie mix several months later and still have both of them. Just recently, a female pittie showed up wandering, very thin and unfortunately HW positive. I didn't have the heart to take her to the shelter so she too is part of our family and she will start her heartwarm treatments in about another month. She is such a sweet and loving dog and doesn't let me out of her sight. She fits well into the pack and her my cocker spaniel love playing together as well. Love your story and that you were able to change your moms opinion of the breed. Enjoy your beautiful new addition!!GERMAN

Feb 18, 2012
by: Anonymous


Feb 18, 2012
by: kelly and Axel Foley, my pit.

Great story! Not only did you fall in love with him you also turned your mom into being a little more relaxed around pitbulls.
If only we could do this to so everone who understands. This site is used by Pitbull lovers and would'ent be great if was the Los Angeles Times or any widely circulated papers.
Lots of love,

Feb 18, 2012
blue boys antie
by: mariah

its true when i first saw him i was like where did you get that then after we had him for a while i started to like him and then he became a famliy dog to where we started arugueing about who he was gonna with at nite but im glad we have him hes a really good dog im supirsed that he turned out to be a good dog after we found him on the side of the road for a pitbull.

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