BORED, Unmanaged Dogs are the MOST Dangerous!

by Sandy
(West Michigan)

Dogs are dangerous, big dogs are more dangerous and BORED, Unmanaged Dogs are the MOST dangerous

I love dogs, I love my pitbull, I also LOVE MY 4 BEAGLES! I think the biggest issue isn't that every person who owns a PB is trying to be 'macho', or is 'dog fighting', is 'abusive'...unfortunately the ones that are HURT everyone and any breeds used in conjunction w/ those activities.

A bored dog is a DANGEROUS one, MULTIPLE dogs unattended (paired or packed) are more dangerous than 1 dog. Dogs in general should be well looked after, not fenced or chained and then left unattended to spend 8 hours DIGGING and breaking down a fence to finally get out and then get into trouble.

While I understand a TERRIER breed is bred for killing small game and that PB's were used for killing dogs in dog fights, THEY also were bred NOT to bite people. Most dogs (not all) but many can get excited by a person, dog, cat, squirrel running by---and if they had the chance most HOUND (SCENT dogs) types would go after those and kill them, just as some Terriers, etc.

Sure, a neglected dog, abused dog can be a dangerous dog on the loose for sure (or chained or cornered) but A BORED dog left unattended and also untrained and not well secured within the home can also do some crazy naughty and dangerous things.

Most dogs = HIGH CHASE RESPONSE. Many people don't know how to handle meeting a strange dog either which fuels the problem---fix/keep your dog in your line of sight so you can train out behavior before a person or pet is hurt or killed.

Even semi-good owners tend to get a little ignorant and lazy about keeping their dogs in their yards/homes and under control (whether your dog is vicious isn't the point---it's the law).

Little dogs are dangerous because routinely they PICK fights, race up to dogs on leashes and start stuff. And those owners just wag their finger and act like it's ok for small breeds to not meet other dogs well, be unleashed, poop in the neighbors yard etc.

GET REAL, keep your dog large or small trained, healthy, and social with the appropriate audience. (Your dog doesn't have to love every other dog, BUT you can't let your dog maul another one either.)

Watch out for dog packs...I've got a pack of beagles (in the house) when those jerks get mad at each other they pack against 1 and if they redirected that focus on a person my 35lb beagles could be "DANGEROUS".

Common Sense. Get a dog you can handle whatever breed. They all want love.

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