by Marie
(Clifton, Maine)

My whole world changed on January 20, 2008 when I decided to get Cali'Mo, an 8 week old pitbull/bullmastiff mix.

I saw her in an ad: pitbull/bullmastiff mix. They said she would be large and I decided 'No' and shut it off.

Later on that day I was still thinking of her and took another look. There she was again. I then took a ride.

The whole way my kids were excited to go look at her. I told them we were just looking... We got there and sitting there in the middle of the puppy box sat this very calm brindle little girl.

All of her brothers and sisters were spoken for and they said that she and one other little light brindle were left. She looked so calm, and cute.

At that moment I blurted out "her" and money exchanged hands and I was leaving with her.. We decided on Cali'Mo and Cali for short. She has changed us forever...

The past 3 years there have been a lot of ups and downs from potty training, to chewing the furniture, to getting on the counters and even stealing shoes and hiding them...LOL!! But my family could not be complete without her. She is the most amazing dog with my children. She is so protective with them and yet so loving..

She is the funniest dog because she will let the kids dress her up and she'll wear it all day!! When
we go riding down the road she will put her sunglasses on and sit in the passenger seat looking out the window! We've had people point and kids laugh.

This winter she surprised us all and while the kids were sledding down the hill, she got on one and went down the hill too!!!! The kids were screaming and laughing and she jumped on their sleds and took turns with them. Like I said she is amazing!!

Every night she walks the halls and checks on the kids at bedtime, and then sleeps in the hall between their rooms. I hope and God willing she will live happily with us forever...

Once when we went to the country store down the street I left the kids with Cali in the car while I grabbed the paper. I came out to a man standing there gazing at my car. Cali was at the window growling at him--'doing her job'.

The man said I was crazy for having my children around a pit bull!!! I told him I couldn't imagine not having her with them for reasons like this. You're near my car and I know you can't go near them.

I told him she is the most loving, gentle dog with us. It's not the breed it's the owner. He looked at me and said I was crazy again and walked away...

I am so lucky to have been blessed to get her..I love you Cali'Mo!!!

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May 15, 2011
and they say pitbulls are killers!!!
by: marie

one thing i forgot to mention about cali'mo is we found a kitten last year , it only had to be around 3 or 4 weeks.. cali adopted it and actually produced milk and feed it until the kitten was about 12 or so weeks i'll have to post some of those pitures soon !!!i called her vet and she said that cali had such a motherly instinct, she played mom to our cat lovey until we had to seperate them so cali could dry her milk out.. lol!! and still to this day she thinks lovey is her baby!!! i love cali'mo my amazing pit..

May 15, 2011
cali and the frog!!
by: marie

today cali'mo had me laughing so hard... she was freaking out because their was a frog out in the rain today. lol!! everytime it jumped, she would jump too and then bark. she did this until it jumped in the frog pond.. then she started slaping her paw in the water looking for it. she always makes me smile. i love you so much cali, you are my amazing pit!!!!

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