Chico Miko

by Sonya

Awww mom,  this is not a good look for me

Awww mom, this is not a good look for me

Chico was a very abused neglected pit bull that was finally taken from a terrible person to a rescue place. He was in very bad shape and had to have different treatments for his skin, nutrition, etc.

My husband who worked at this rescue place saw him one day when he came into work. He smelled horrible, looked horrible, and he looked mean. My husband the animal lover he is took a chance and walked right into his kennel and knelt down with a snack. This abused pit wouldn't take the snack but instead walked over to my husband and pushed his head under his arm.

We asked since no one else would take him if we could bring him home. My husband did....we were a little worried because we had already two other dogs, some chickens and lots of cats. My husband brought him home and he was fine with all of our animals.

Chico had every right to not like humans and we both are very surprised he is such a sweetheart. I love this dog with my life. He is sooo smart, sweet, and just an amazing dog. He knows he is very powerful and strong but he dosen't see a need to use it. As the rescue place said he is 'politically correct'.

I can't say enough about Chico. He survived all of that horrible experience and still is able to love which is amazing to me. We had never had a pit bull before Chico and we both realize something.....pit bulls are truly the best dogs in the world.

We love all of our animals and our other dogs are wonderful but there is something very amazing about Chico that I can't even put into words. Now in his life he is happy and does this special little thing that I call shake your booty and he does it.

I would die for my dogs if need be but and I know they would do the same for me.

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Feb 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

I read your story and started to cry. I have two rescued pitbulls also. I love them very much and they have given me more joy than I can ever imagine. Contrary to public belief, these dogs have a huge compacity to love and forgive. It is to bad that some humans cannot find it in their hearts to do the same for a pitbull. Blessings to you, your husband and all your little furkids. I wish there were more people in the world that could see beyond the name Pitbull and into the hearts of these gentle loving dogs that want nothing more than to be part of a loving family.

I hope all goes well for all of you and hopefully Chico won't be your last pitbull. They are kinda like potato chips, one just isn't enough.

Karen Ramsey

Feb 06, 2012
shake your booty
by: Louise

I have also recently adopted (actually she adopted me) a beautiful pitbull named Shylo. I can't wait to get up in the morning to say goodmorning to her and she shakes her booty for me!! Her whole body shakes from top to bottom and I just love it. What incredible animals they are and also gets on so well with my other dog Duke,(Jack Russel x)
Well done to your family on adopting an amazing, loyal, intelligent friend.
Have fun

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