Deaf Pit Bull

by Ashley

Can anything be done for a deaf pit bull? My blue pit is deaf. We started noticing he doesn't respond or doesn't wake up when we come in the house. What can I do for him? Is there a hearing aid or something?

Gale's Reply:

Hi Ashley:

While a few investigators have experimented with hearing aids for dogs, they are not widely used. This is because hearing aids can only amplify sound. If your dog is totally deaf, there's no sound to amplify so it won't help your dog.

The other reason, as you might imagine, is that for dogs with partial hearing loss many don't tolerate having a device in or around their ears. It's a case of the 'cure' being worse than the problem.

The good news is that with proper care and some accommodations on your part, you and your dog can live a happy life together even if he is totally deaf.

First, you should get your suspicions confirmed by a vet and make sure that there's nothing that's treatable, like a blockage of some kind, that is interfering with his ability to hear.

The biggest concern for owners of deaf dogs is safety. Since your dog can't hear vehicles or other noises that might warn him of danger, you'll need to arrange your environment and routines with him to compensate for his handicap.

You'll also need to be sensitive to the possibility that your dog may have a pronounced startle response if someone tries to pet him or touch him without first getting his attention.

You can find lots of great training tips and resources at the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund website.

You'll probably also want to pick up a couple of good books on the subject: Living with a Deaf Dog - A Book of Advice, Facts and Experiences About Canine Deafness and Hear Hear! - A Guide to Training a Deaf Dog come highly recommended. If your pit is still a puppy, the author of "Hear, Hear!" has also written a training guide for deaf puppies.

Good luck. Please feel to write back and let us know how things are going.

Comments for Deaf Pit Bull

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Nov 28, 2011
Deaf Pit Bull
by: Mary

I live with a deaf pit bull and other than having to be more visual to get her attention at times she is really no different than my other dogs. We believe her deafness came from an injury as a puppy but really don't know. She has some odd neurological traits such as running in circles when she is excited but it just makes her more special. The deafness actually has some advantages at times. She has very good dog skills and isn't upset if she meets a barky dog so we have used her quite a bit with smaller dogs who tend to be yappy and her ignoring them seems to give off a calming type of I do think because she doesn't hear she if more visual so moving objects seem to perk her interest and cause barking more so than the other dogs. Interestingly the other dogs seem to have learned that if she is barking at something, there is probably nothing there. Best of luck with your deaf furkid! I wouldn't trade mine for the world.

Nov 28, 2011
My deaf pittbull is amazing!
by: Andrea

My deaf pit bull is just perfect! We have developed our own sign language! Words canNOT express how special the bond between your deaf furry baby & you can be! Our Boo-Boo has come to know our hand commands. Yes we need to get her attention more than her brother & sisters but she actually pays attention better! She was our first Pitbull, and had tons of one on one attention & training by us, thats why we have our own sign language, but she has made our life complete! We also have a deaf puppy, he's a little harder to train at the moment because we have 3 other dogs in the house so he doesn't have the exclusive one on one that Boo-boo did but he is also a joy! I love my deaf babies & they can also have perfectly fulfilling , happy lives with parents that will go that extra mile to be their ears! Love, love, love my deaf babies!

Jan 18, 2012
Taught deaf pit sign language
by: Anonymous

My son has a 3 year old blue nose pit(named Jaxon) that was born totally deaf. He lived with us at the time and believe it or not I taught Jaxon to understand sign language. I started teaching him when he was just a pup and today he understands the commands we give him. We just have to get his attention.

Jan 20, 2012
by: kate

we have a pitbull as well, he was born deaf and he knows tons of sign language!!! only problem we have is he randomly will attack our german shepard, or even bit my foot like once every 4 months, and i as well notice like if someones always aroud him, and then they arent for a few days, then they come back around and he turns like this..he gets a certain toy for ex: raw one can go in the room he's in, no one can walk by! so we stopped givng it to him...idk if this has to do with him being deaf or what! but he never ever was like this before until just this last year, any ideas to help?!

Jun 26, 2012
My deaf pit
by: Nicole

To kate: did u ever put him in a kenel because dogs can be perfect before a kenel and then they are vicous afterwards. Also when he was a puppy did u socialize him with people ands dogs? Or ur dog just might have a bad temperament. I have a deaf pitbull also and when she was a puppy i realized this. I traibed her with sign language and she is very well behaved better than most dogs i meet. She does bark at things that arent there but i just let her do her own thing. But i knew since there is such a terrible name for pitbulls that i had to make sure she would NEVER bite anyone r anydog. I gt her at 5 weeks so the day she started nipping which was really her chewing stage i smacked her mouth or closed it shut. It only took her 2 weeks to learn and now u can stik ur hand in jer mouth at any time: eating, playing, sleeping whenever andshe just stands there and etither trys to push it out with her tongue or waits for u to take it out. I woukd say the best thing to do if ur starting to get scared of ur dog is make sure ur dog doesnt feel it and abytime the dog goes to bite the feet smak it everytime. You dont have to beat ur dog just hard enough to let ur dog know ur in control. U cant mess around with pitbulls because of their bad name they will be the first dog put to sleep no matter what. Ps she does have a problem witv other dogs and treats. If a dog eats their treat and goes for her she will nip or growl at them until they go away so i dobt give her one we other dogs are around. But she wont go after their treat. She never feels entitled to anything unless u actually gove it to her.

Oct 28, 2012
my deaf all white pit
by: Ms Mason

I have a deaf all white pit! she's a very beautiful dog and can be very hyper at times but we love her, were working on sign! she knows when we point to go to her kennel,when I bend down and pat my lower leg that means come here! it takes time and work but if you love your pet and willing to put in the work, it's cool! the only thing I worry about is her getting hurt if she ever gets out (she can not hear us call or other things coming toward her).

Dec 29, 2012
My deaf pit bull terrier
by: Anonymous

I have a 4 year old pit that has been deaf from birth. He is white brindle with one blue eye and one gold eye. He is a beautiful dog with a great temperament. We also have a large black lab who is several years older and they get along great. Einstein, the pit, is good with the few other dogs we have had him around, though he is very big on pecking order. He relies heavily on the labs hearing, staying nearby at all times and getting pretty stressed when they are separated. He is very good with people, though very excited upon greeting someone the first couple of times.

My limited research found that Einstein, just on appearance, has a couple of precursors for deafness; the white coat is one and the different colored eyes is the other. I have also learned that sometimes a blue eye indicates deafness in that ear, but my guy is definitely deaf in both ears. We rescued him as a puppy from the humane society and had no idea until we took him to obedience classes. The second week the teacher asked me if I thought he could hear and I was shocked.

Apr 08, 2013
Deaf Genes??
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know anything about the genetics of a deaf pitbull?? I'm curious because my amstaff female is pregnant and the father is a deaf pitbull.
-Is the deaf gene dominant or recessive??
-And is it passed on through the male or female??

Not that it matters (I'll love my bastard puppies just the same!) I am just trying to prepare/educate myself more on the topic.... Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

Jan 21, 2014
looking for puppy/blind/deaf/oaky
by: Ron

I am looking for a pit puppy or younger dog. Blind or deaf does not matter to us. If you know anyone that has one please let us know. Prefer to have male but open to all options. My email is Thanks Ron Ca

Sep 15, 2014
deaf pitbull NEW
by: carlalee

I have a 7 month old blue pitt mix. noticed that he was not responding to normal things , he is so loving. but hyper.

Sep 15, 2014
deaf pitbull NEW
by: carlalee

I have a 7 month old blue pitt mix. noticed that he was not responding to normal things , he is so loving. but hyper.

Jan 23, 2015
Deaf pitbull NEW
by: April

My 15 year old daughter got a solid white blue nose pitbull for christmas. He is a beautiful guy but after having him for only a few day we learned he couldnt hear. I am looking for advice and ways to help train him. I have to say he is very smart potty training him has been very easy. He does have a accident ever once in awhile but what puppy dont right. What are some suggestion on hand signales that you all recomend. ones that will be easy for the kids to always remember so Tucker doesnt get confused. Thanks in advance for all your help in helping us.

Dec 30, 2015
found white young pit NEW
by: Anonymous

I found a white pit young dog during winter storm on sunday. I could not leave him, so we put him in our shop w/food,water & warm blankets. I have two large breed dogs and cannot keep him. He is so sweet, shows love and I believe he is deaf. I am hoping to find a wonderful home for him. Anyone looking for a sweet sweet pit or know of someone? I live in Mustang, OK. I would love to keep him but our dogs would not accept him.

May 01, 2017
Seems my 9 1/2 year old Amstaff is going geaf NEW
by: Lacy

This problem started a whole back as we just thought she is spoiled and just stubborn, but now i realize that she could very well be losing her hearing. I got this dog when she was a year old after she had been starved and beaten pretty much the last 6 months the guy had her before I was able to get her away from him and never gave her back. She was at deaths doorstep when she came to me, just ready to give up and die. She was covered in yeast and severely emaciated. I have never been able to totally get the yeast under control and when the weather gets warm she starts her itching. Her ears also have to have ear droops to keep them from being infected as well. I use Coconut oil on her body to ease it some and then Benedryl to calm it down. No amount of antibiotics help. A soon as we are done with a script. a couple of days later it comes back. I have tried everything I can as she is allergic to just about everything and can't even live outside because of it. The vet only expected her to live to maybe 2 years old when I got her, so she has beaten those odds. My dog is the liver and white variety and very sweet. I have beem trying to train her hand signals since I have had her as I do all the dogs I have owned. She had a reaaly rough start in life and I am wondering if that could be why that now she seems to be going deaf. Otr is it normal for some Amstaffs to lose their hearing before 10 years old? Will be taking her to the vet next week. Thanks

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