Diesel, Our road dog.

by Alan
(Fremont, NE, USA)

Diesel has been with us since he was 6 weeks old. He is now almost 4 years old. He has been going over the road in a 18 wheeler since he was about 3 months old. He loves the life style and he loves our friends. We don't have any children.

Diesel has 2 feline friends at home which are declawed and he enjoys their company as much as they do his. We get home every other week. Diesel enjoys the dog park. He is going on his second tubing experience down the Niobrara River this next weekend. We just bought a boat so I'm sure he will be experiencing that also. We consider Diesel to be our four legged child.

There are good dogs and bad dogs. Diesel is the good dog. Since he does not get home all the time, he still gets excited when friends come to visit. Have we had any issues that would cause us to think he's a vicious animal, I don't think so. Our closest friends have three children varying in ages and they don't have problems with him either.

A dog is what people make them. Be it good or bad, the choice is the owners and society. I am from a state that has a few cities that have breed specific laws. Put your dog, oh excuse me, your monster, on a leash, put a cage around his face, chip him, neuter/spay , don't let them be with anyone under the age of 18 without adult supervision, and oh yeah the insurance thing.

I went to
a petsmart in a major city a few months ago and the lady helping me was quite nice. When she noticed I was buying dog items for a larger dog, she asked what kind of dog I had. I was utterly amazed when she told me to bring him in. Diesel although very excited with the new environment was very well mannered.

As for the Chris Rock statement on Jay Leno, Dogs no matter what breed, are taught their behavior, ask why most pit bulls act out against African Americans, especially men, it's because the man of the house teaches them to behave in that manner especially if the man of the house is gone quite often.

Our loving dog Diesel has only behaved in a ill manner one time, and yes it toward an African American man, at a truck stop in Dallas, TX. A vagrant that was asking for hand outs, and when I refused because he wasn't sober and appeared to be drunk and stoned started raising his voice at me because I wouldn't help support his habit. My dog woke up from his nap and came to observe the happenings. Promptly, he jumped up on my lap, started growling and showed his teeth. The man promptly backed away and left and didn't return.

Do I teach my dog to behave in this manner? No. Am I glad he did? Yes. Will I teach him to be any different? No? I don't care what race a person is, animals have a sixth sense and they will show it when they feel the need.

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