Dog Deterrent

by Olivia

What kind of dog deterrent would you use on a dog that comes on to your property and attacks your dog?

Hey guys its me again... Okay so our neighbor has a 11 year old german shepard. and he is allowed to "roam" around the town or mountain--whatever you want to call it. So when we got Remmi we knew that Ratchet,the neighbor's dog, didnt like him...

They just recently moved down the road a ways. but Ratchet is still coming up to our house. When he does, he attacks Remmi has left bruises and everything on him...

Remmi will just let this happen since Ratchet is 2x the size he is. Is it something Remmington's doing or what?

Gale's Reply:

It really doesn't matter whether or not Remmington is doing anything to provoke Ratchet. The bottom line is that Ratchet is trespassing into Remmi's territory and attacking him. And, it needs to stop--more specifically--you need to put a stop to it.

In an ideal world, your neighbors would have both the good sense and the common courtesy to prevent their dog from roaming the area putting himself and other pets at risk. But, since they are apparently lacking in this regard, it's going to be up to you to be pro-active.

First, Remmi should only be outside when you or another adult in your household can be right there with him. As "pack leader" Remmi should be able to look to you to protect him from this kind of thing. It's what pack leaders do. But, you can't protect him if you're not there when Ratchet appears. So be there.

Hopefully, Ratchet is the kind of dog that heeds human warnings and can be driven off by
a loud angry voice and threatening gestures in his direction. But, if that's not the case, you may need to ramp things up and use a dog deterrent.

You want to use something sufficiently unpleasant that it will send Ratchet packing without causing him injury. There are ultra-sonic devices you can purchase that give off a sound that humans can't hear, but dogs don't like. There is also a diluted form of pepper spray now on the market that has been approved for canine use.

Both the ultra-sonic device and the pepper spray have advantages and disadvantages. Both have mixed reviews as far as effectiveness. There may be other products out there too. And, perhaps some of our community members can comment on their own experiences.

Whatever you decide to do to keep Ratchet off your property and away from Remmington, I think you should talk to your neighbors. They may not even realize there's a problem. (Or they may not care.)

But either way, they should know that their dog has come on to your property and attacked your dog. And they should know what you intend to do to protect your dog the next time it happens. At least you will have given them the opportunity to handle things on their end and spare Ratchet any unpleasantness.

Attacks of this nature can escalate over time. Remmi could get seriously hurt if this is allowed to continue. And, attacks can be traumatic for a dog psychologically as well. So, I would urge you to stand up for your dog. If you don't, no one else will.

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Comments for Dog Deterrent

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Aug 16, 2011
Dog deterrent: fence
by: Anonymous

By allowing your dog to be attacked over and over, you are causing a problem in your dog to be fearful or eventually have aggression towards other dogs.

My advice is to put up a fence. Protect your dog and keep the other dog out.

Aug 16, 2011
Do we have the same neighbor?
by: Anonymous

My neighbor let her dog roam the streets. This dog is not at all friendly to dogs or human. It bit a little kid, bit me in the ankle, chased my partner on his bike, attacked my pitbulls (good thing my dogs aren't reactive, they ignored this crazy dog), and numerous other incidents involving people in the neighborhood. So many times I had to scream and yell to make it go away and stop harassing me and my dogs. Whenever we went outside, I had to make sure that dog was not out. The main problem was the owner. She was in denial and she never takes the dog on a walk. I honestly feel sorry for the dog. We tried talking to the owner numerous times and she just brushed us off and walked away. We had to report her to animal control. I think they came and talked to her, because all of the sudden we don't have a problem anymore. But we also don't see the dog outside ever. WE can hear him in the house barking, etc, but never outside. Poor dog. When it comes down to it, some people just don't deserve to have a dog.

Aug 16, 2011
by: Mike

Another resource available to you is your local police department. Talk to the owners of the hooligan dog and let them know that if this continues to happen you will file a police report. Once you file a report you have started a paper trail with evidence on your side should things continue and/or escalate to the point where your or their dog becomes seriously injury or God forbid be killed. I'm not saying you should go after their dog to be taken away and put down, but sometimes people don't get the picture until drastic measures are taken.

This being said be sure you are being pro-active and being the pack leader and doing your part to help prevent further issues. Should you lack to do your part to try to prevent this from continuing you become just as guilty as the other owners. Also, if you don't actively attempt to take measures yourself it looks unfavorable upon you should things be taken to court even if you have a police report backing you up. Dogs are the responsibility of the owners and their actions can have consequences upon the owner which could leave a dog without a home and an owner in jail.

Aug 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

I would call the proper authorities to find out if there is a leash law, and handle it that way.

Aug 17, 2011
Contacting Authorities
by: Gale

Several people here and on our Facebook page have mentioned contacting the authorities. It's a good step to take and one I neglected to mention.

I would just caution you, however, not to rely on the authorities or anyone else to solve this problem for you. Remmi's welfare is your responsibility--not anyone else's. If other parties cooperate, so much the better. But, I believe you still need a plan to keep Ratchet away from Remmi if they don't.

Aug 20, 2011
unwanted dog
by: Anonymous

Hi there i would withought a doubt follow gales answer, you have to protect your dog another dog coming onto your property and attacking your dog is unbelievable, don't stand for it, approch your neighbours, polietly but let them know as gale says you will be protecting your dog from theirs, if it happens again, its your duty & i hope the neighbours are approachable and you get this sorted for your dogs benefit, & although you should be able to let your dog out on your own land unfortunally this situation is making it impossible, sit outside with your dog untill you are confident the other dog is no longer coming onto your land the best of luck to you.

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