Dog Fighting Bust in Missouri

by Anonymous

I do not understand how people can lead poor animals through such torturous lives as the dogs that were rescued from the dog fighting bust in Missouri. As human beings we are supposed to have a better sense of judgment when it comes to doing the right thing and being there to protect others --be it other people or animals.

Just as people have created stereotypes amongst the human race, they have even gone far enough to create such a vile image of pit bull type dogs. These creatures, which are as appealing as dogs of any other breed, have constantly been targeted to serve as weapons or become pawns in sick games created by people. If these individuals find pleasure in such activities why don't they go ahead and use themselves instead of the dogs?

It is because these people, both heartless and brainless, haven’t experienced the pain for themselves that they shamelessly let the dogs carry on. Every single person who has a hand in destroying the life of an animal should serve time for that in respect to the punishment given had the crime been committed against another human being.

Abuse is surely going to have quite an impact on the life of the animal and even after they have been rescued there is no guarantee that the animal will be safe to be around. Once the dog is trained to become violent it will always be prone to aggression and that leads to all kinds of problems.

For no reason however, should any person think that it is in the nature of the animal to act like that; the blame should be directed towards the environment that the dog was forced to adapt to and the people it was trained under. Shower an animal with love and in return you will get love but, if you treat an animal bitterly and create a dog eat dog world, even you will get bitten in the ass someday and get a taste of your own medicine.

I think more people should be exposed to these videos and made aware of the animal cruelty that goes on in society because only then will people understand that the whole nature versus nurture deal plays a big role in shaping the personality of even an animal. Once they understand this, hopefully the dogs can be given the love and care that they were always deserving of.

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