Dog Mounting

by Kim

Dominance and dog mounting--can these two males live together?

Hello, I have a wonderful 4 year old APBT/Rottie mix currently. Thor lives happily with our entire family, 3 kids, two cats and various other critters. He is well socialized, loves people and to romp and play with our friends' dogs when given the chance.

He is one of the best and most well mannered dogs ( with the exception being his barking lol) so we thought maybe we could add another dog to the mix. Needless to say we were contacted about a 9 month old bloodhound needing placement.

Thor met Hank (the hound) and all seemed awesome. He was as happy to play as ever with another dog! So we decided to give ol Hank a "trial run" and see how he would do with the family for a week or so before making the final decision.

After about the second day with Hank here Thor decided this was no longer fun and has become very aggressive and dominate. Unfortunately the puppy does not take the hint and is always pawing at or mounting Thor. I am starting to worry as Thor gets crankier and surlier if he will ever accept this pup.....any advice for me would be so very much appreciated! -Kim

Gale's Reply:

Hi Kim

Perhaps from Thor's point of view it's one thing to play nicely with a visiting dog. And, it's quite another to accept a full time housemate.

But, because you've described him
as being so congenial across the board, it may just be that they've hit a rough spot in their relationship.

When Thor becomes 'aggressive and dominant' towards the pup, he is basically saying "Enough already! Back off!" Hank either mistakenly thinks this is an invitation to play a little rougher or he may actually think he can win this battle and establish himself as the top dog.

Either way, I wouldn't expect a mature dog to put up with a 9 month old puppy to the point of irritation. While they are playing nicely together, praise and reward them. When you see that Thor has had enough of the pup, it's time to separate them and give Thor some peace.

The pup's mounting behavior could be a dominance display. It could also be his way of playing or relieving stress or anxiety. Make sure he's getting plenty of exercise.

And, see to it that Thor is still getting his fair share of individual attention from you and other family members. And, if you haven't already done so, see to it that they are both neutered.

Good luck with this. I realize I'm behind on replies. So, if you found a way to work this out and would like to share, or would just like to let us know how things are going be sure to post back here.

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Comments for Dog Mounting

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Jul 23, 2011
Thor & Hank...
by: Traci in Texas

It will take some time for Thor to accept that Hank is turning into a full-time resident. It will take time for Hank to understand that Thor is the boss and most likely always will be...

I would suggest, in addition to the above suggestions, that you make sure to crate-train Hank so poor Thor can have some peace and quiet occasionally, and if Thor is already crate trained that you make ABSOLUTELY sure that Hank is not sneaking in Thor's hidey-hole to continually harass him.

This January, my 15-year old dog had to accommodate a new, young dog that we rescued. And while they never will be chummy or best-buds, I do require that they be civil to each other. I give our old dog special rights and privileges, like she can go out front with me and sit in the garage with me. Younger dog is crated occasionally so old dog can "do her thing" without being shouldered aside, etc.
Younger dog takes walks with me for her individual attention and when old gal is out back, we run through some basic obedience training in the house - which puts her as The Star Of The Show.

It takes some juggling, but they both seem to be content with the arrangements... (It has been six months, and they have come to terms with each others' roles.)

Apr 29, 2012
by: debb

this is a very good place to go for information on pitbulls! thank you! i am a 1st time pitbull owner and i have to tell you, i will NEVER own another breed! my pit is a 5 year old male and by far the BEST dog i have EVER shared my life with. yes, i got him as a puppy{a rescue}and it was ALOT of HARD work and VERY time consuming. HOWEVER, was the BEST hard work i have EVER done and the BEST time consuming job i have EVER had!! my pitbull is the most loving,sweet angel of a dog EVER! there are thousands of unloved pitbulls in shelters, so if you are considering a pet,PLEASE,.. RESCUE a PITBULL!! you WON't be sorry!!

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