Dont' be afraid to educate or speak your peace to the news reporters!

by Danie

One great thing I learned from a Bully blog was how to write an educational, yet very effective letter to an organization that may have played with the pit bull 'hype.'

By simply writing something like, the real statistics, (citations here) show they are actually not the top biting breed, etc etc and if you are going to report this dog bite, be accurate and report all dog bites. Anything else at all is unfair and biased.

For example, I work with several ACOs. The number of dog bites in relation to the number of them being reported is so ghastly big its ridiculous. There's no notary of every bite, and it's not required unless police are involved in my area.

So when the neighbor's golden mauls the other neighbor's setter, and end up in the emergency room for 1000s of dollars in law suit, never is in the paper. The second a dog that looks like a bully makes a funny look, its in the paper.

If we all made a point to write letters or contact organizations like this then we've done something, and maybe this small part can actually help some day!

Trying to be an ambassador!

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Oct 30, 2012
im going to find answers now
by: Anonymous

I agree with what your saying about talking out to the news reporters to help the great pit bull breed, I was thinking about what I could do here in U.K. I thought I'd start by goig to dog bite/attack statistics on humans and since pits have been banned here years I went back to look at the 1980s-90s to see how high pit bites/attacks were that they had to ban the breed & compare them to attacks/bites statistics since pits were banned & guess what there is no true statistics for dog bites, as hospitals don't keep breed types probably unless its a pit attack, and not all bites/attacks are told to police which is unthinkable that to research why the pit was banned in U.K there is no true statistics, but now I think in the new year I start by understanding why pits are banned and question anything that doesn't sound right or there is no answer to so thank you I am determened to get the answer and when I have it I will let the proper pitbull community know.

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