Dry Cracked Nose

by Eddie Hanson

Please help I have a year old blue nose male with a dry cracked nose that seems to be turning brownish at the top of his nose. Light colored bowel movements. Seems active. Hot weather but he's not dehydrated. I have no money for a vet!!!

Gale's Reply:

Hi Eddie:

Your dog needs to be seen by a vet. While a dry nose by itself doesn't necessarily mean a dog is ill, a dry, cracked nose with discoloration should definitely be examined by a professional.

Then there's the light color of his stools which depending on how pale they are could just be the kind of food he's on. Or could be something relatively serious like a symptom of liver dysfunction.

Many vets will work with you if your dog is already a patient and you ask for consideration to pay the bill over time. Barring that, it's up to you to get creative.

Borrow the money if you can. Sell something you don't need. Create a Facebook page for your dog and ask friends and family to donate thru Paypal. But don't give up and don't put it off.

Your dog can't take himself to the vet. He needs you to make it happen.

Comments for Dry Cracked Nose

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Sep 27, 2011
dry cracked nose
by: Helena

i do have to agree that your dog really needs to be seen by a vet, a dry cracking nose that is showing discoloration is something to be concerned about, and left untreated...who knows. I understand that the cost is an issue but for your four legged family member I'm sure you can find a way. Good luck

Sep 28, 2011
by: Melanie Allen

Dry Nose and Discoloration

A dry nose for your dog can be absolutely nothing or something more serious. It depends to what extent your dog's nose is crusting or showing other signs like severe cracking or discoloration. Rule out:
•Blistering of the nose may occur in some dogs. Crusty dermatitis of the nose usually happens when a dog has had too much sun exposure. Solar dermatosis causes mild to severe scaling on the dog's nose.
•Snow nose: the dog's nose fades brown in winter.
•Problems from eating out of plastic dishes: Some materials in the plastic products like dyes cause allergies and sensitivities in some dogs. Switch to stainless steel, glass or ceramic bowls.
•Nasal Infections in Canines
•Your dog's nasal passages may become infected due to a fungus, virus or bacteria. A cold or upper respiratory infection can cause an infection. This happens when the lining of the sinuses become inflamed and filled with fluid.

Observe your pet's breathing and his energy and appetite levels to see if he may be sick. To determine if he has a nasal infection, a vet may want to x-ray the dog's sinus cavities.

Here are some sings of a dog nasal infection:
•Eye or nose discharge
•Some cases, nosebleeds
•Thick, yellow discharge

What to do for a nasal infection:
•Keep your dog dry, cozy and well hydrated.
•Hydrate him with a steady supply of clean, fresh water.
•Feed him some warm chicken broth.
•Limit his time outside during colder weather.
•Set up vaporizer to help treat a dog's sinus infection.
•Apply saline nasal drops to his nostrils.

Sep 28, 2011
dry nose
by: Anonymous

Does your dog have a severly undershot jaw? Dogs like this tend to lick their noses far too much leading to the dry cracked look. It's very common in english bulldogs, but pibbles shouldn't be undershot.

Sep 28, 2011
Nose problem
by: Lisa

My Simba had the same problem (along with a rash on his stomach, constant biting of his tail and toes, and really red, scabby ears on the inside). We took him to the vet and for his nose, they had us rub udder cream and vitamin E cream on it. Couldn't find vitamin E cream for animals, so we used vitamin E gel capsules and broke them open to rub it on his nose. It worked great, he's all back to normal. However, he was also on prednisone tablets for about a month for what they thought was probably allergies, so I'm not sure if that helped the nose also or not. But try the udder cream and vitamin E oil. Good luck.

Mar 09, 2012
dry cracked nose
by: MTRS mum

Hi you have probably had this condition with the dry nose seen to by now but i had my red nose at the vet yesterday & my dog had the same thing now my dogs nose was darker & cracked at across the start of the nose the vet says to put moisturiser or vasalene, which i use on the nose & put sun cream on the top of nose when sunny as my pit has small pink piece of skin showing at top of nose, as for the dogs stools you could look it up on internet but best to see the vet on that one i hope your dogs been seen to and i hope all is well, all the best. but always remember if any of your dogs skin is showing in the sun put sun cream protector on & if your dog is white its a must.

Mar 05, 2015
my dog hair NEW
by: Rodney,

My pit is a year old and has hair missing hair under his legs why

Jan 10, 2018
Please Help! NEW
by: a concerned neighbor

My neighbor has a really sweet and shy female pitbull named Luna. She has a dry, scaly nose and brown crusting at the top. my neighbor is almost never home, and he yells at Luna. his only interaction with her is when he sprays her feces off of the concrete floor. she spends most of her time hiding under the truck tires that lay around her enclosure. I'm not sure how often he takes her on walks.

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