I have a 4 month old pit bull puppy I had his ears cropped and the vet I have always used cut them off entirely too short, (almost no ear left) You can see his inner ear.... I have been crying for a week. Is there ANYTHING I can do about this so his ears look as beautiful as the rest of him?????

Gale's Reply:

I know of nothing you can do about your dog's botched ear job. All I can say is live and learn.

The thing is, ear cropping is major surgery. It involves anesthesia, the risk of infection and blood loss. It is painful for your puppy and the healing process can be slow. And for what? So, your dog will have "the look"?

Some vets refuse to do an ear crop unless there is a valid medical reason--like a tumor. Unfortunately, yours wasn't one of them.

Perhaps you'll get used to the look after awhile. But, you may never like it. No matter how he looks, he's still your baby. Tell him you're sorry and move on. He's probably already forgiven you. That's how pits are.


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Apr 04, 2011
Live and Learn
by: Anonymous

He could grow into them too and if you love him he doesn't look bad, heck that wasn't his choice it was yours. God made them with ears and shouldn't be cropped, would you like your chopped off, I think NOT! I don't understand why people chop them off anyways, to make them look more scary? I don't know but its sad and should be illegal if you ask me!

Apr 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

It's cruel and sadistic to crop your "puppy's" ears.
Pit's are beautiful dogs and should remain unchanged.This really angers me. Now the owner should love his dog no matter what. The Vet is an "ass" too. This should be illegal. The owner should be the best he can be to his loving pit bull. You made this poor decision not your dog.
if you loved your dog, you would not have put your "dog" thru this cruelty. You should have loved your dog as he was: just a beautiful dog looking for a loving owner. I hope the owner can make this up to this poor/mistreated "loving pit bull".
This is only my "strong" opinion.!

Apr 04, 2011
He's not an accessory...
by: Li

While I don't approve of you having your pup's ears cropped, I am at least thankful you had it done at a vet. I work at a shelter, and it's not uncommon to see pitties come in with ear croppings done at home with a pair of scissors.

If you wanted a dog that you could style to be your accessory, you should have gotten a poodle. Pets are not accessories or property, they are family members. It saddens me that nowhere in your post were you sorry for the pain you've caused him. But you cried because he's not pretty anymore?! Four months old is WAY too late to consider ear cropping, tail docking, de-clawing (for cats), or dew claw removal (unless there is a true medical reason).

I normally try to convince people to keep their pets and love them, but in your case... you need to seriously reconsider pet ownership.

Apr 04, 2011
by: Mr.Blunt

So this is "your baby" and you decided he/she wasn't good enough for you, so YOU decided to have this painful cosmetic surgery done that you thought would make them look better? WOW what a idiot. I just hope you never have any human children so they don't have to go through your approval process and maybe have some botched surgery themselves. Way to go moron.

Apr 04, 2011
Shame on YOU
by: SunniM_Copperas Cove

Your pup is and always will be as beautiful on the outside as he is on the inside, despite the fact that you went and had him butchered to please yourself. Now his ears are subject to getting rain and dust and who knows what else inside of them. His ear flap was put there to keep his eardrum safe, and thanks to you, he no longer has that safety. Now it will be up to you to make sure his ears are always clean and healthy. I mean, good Lord, if you have a child and their ears aren't right, or their nose isn't to your liking, are you going to butcher that too? The natural ear is what is best for the breed. Stop trying to MAKE them look mean, the breed has already been branded enough by mankinds stupidity!

Apr 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

It's awful to crop animals ears or tails. It should be made illegal. It is a very barbaric and cruel pratice. I always associate ear and tail cropping with dog fighting so it makes me very angry! Shame on you for cutting off your poor little puppys ears! Now he's hearing will be messed up and prone to ear infections and cold because of you and your ridiculous fashion. How would you like your ears cut off?!

Apr 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

It's owners like you who give Pit bulls a bad reputation! You shouldn't have cropped your dogs ears you retard! What are you going to do now, put the poor dog to sleep? I hope you get a really, really, really bad ear infection, because you deserve it.

Apr 05, 2011
For Pitty's sake
by: Anonymous

Really, you did this to your baby. I think that is barbaric you should never mess with natural perfection. But, that being said, your pitbull will love you anyway and I hope you do the same for him. The previous comments have been rather tough and hard to read. I hope you take them to heart and learn from this mistake. Love your dog,train him to be a great companion,and in the future, really think before you act. These dogs have a rough time as it is, we don't need to make them look mean too. Please remember, your dog will be able to sense it, if you look at him with disappointment. Get to know him for the wonderful dog is was born to be and teach him in a postive loving way, as you would your very own child.

Apr 05, 2011
Cropped Ears
by: Norma Jean

I have never in this world understood why owners have their pit bull's ear clipped !! My pit's ears are long, silky and he loves to have them massaged. What is done is done. Still LOVE your pit UNCONDITIONALLY. He will love you....cropped ears or not.
I would NEVER go to this vet again !!!

Apr 05, 2011
Always check references!
by: Deb A

There is nothing wrong with a well done crop by a professional. Yes, it is only for a "look" however we as owners get to choose what look we want for our dogs.

That said, ALWAYS get references and pictures of crops any vet has done before you take your dog to them. Bring pictures of what you want and make sure they understand because, sorry to say, you're stuck with what you have now.

Just like a plastic surgeon, vets that do cosmetic surgery need to be checked out as they are all different. I'm sorry that you are not happy with your pup's crop - the best you can do now is learn to like it.

Apr 07, 2011
Just because we can do something doesn't mean we should!
by: Anonymous

I don't think owners who do this kind of thing are "choosing the look for their dog". They're choosing it for themselves. The dog doesn't care! It's selfish and thoughtless to make a pet suffer for the sake of personal vanity.

Apr 09, 2011
Why Would You Crop...!!?
by: Jason

I don't understand why people insist on intentionally cropping their pit bulls' ears (and tails). I believe that it's cruel and demeaning.

Dogs are born with ears for a reason, just the same as you and I. How would YOU like it to be restrained and to have your ears lopped off without your consent, or any other body part for that matter.

My heart goes out to the poor puppy... Is this just the beginning of things to come that you have planned for the dog?

By the way, you posted a question out of concern (at least for yourself, and not for the sake of the the pit bull pup), and received answers and responses,.. so, you can at least respond back with a "thank you" or a "screw you" gratitude to express your appreciation for your loving pit bull that you care soo much for.

Apr 11, 2011
Research before you do
by: Michele W

First of all if you were a informed dog owner like you should be, you would never of tortured your dog with doing that. In some states it is illegal to do that , even at a vet. Why?? Because it is torture, it is abuse!! I am a volunteer with local humane officers and it is sick what you people do. From now on before risking your dogs life for your pleasure, think about what you are doing and research it. You want to do something, risk your own life not an animal that looks to you for care and love.

May 01, 2011
What sadness...
by: Karen Moore Josephson

It's all been said above - cropping ears is mutiliation. It's another selfish human process to make a dog into something other than it is naturally. It's unhealthy and risky - and now
you don't like your dog because his ears don't look "wicked." What's wrong with this picture?
It's a warped human in control here...this poor poor dog has a tough life ahead of it. This person doens't love this dog - it loves what the image she wanted is. Any surgery like this is major surgery and the dog could've died - for what? Clipped ears? It's a sickness - just so very sad.

Feb 10, 2012
throwing stones.
by: Rachel M

Wow! there are some really hateful comments on here!
So this person should not be a pet owner because they felt cropping there dogs ears would make there dog look better!? PLEASE! that is what our whole society is about now days! what about piercing babies ears! implants! if you call this person selfish then most everyone is! other wise we would not have the abortion issue! and EVERYONE on birth control so they do not have to bother with an unwanted baby! get off your high horses people and look in the mirror!

Feb 11, 2013
quit judging
by: Anonymous

and how about men being circumcised?? I guess thats barbaric and cruel to.right?? people should stop judging what others do with their own pet

Feb 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

and how about men being circumcised?? I guess thats barbaric and cruel to.right?? people should stop judging what others do with their own pet

You need to read up on why circumcisions are done. It was a religous practice and one of hygiene. So untill your animal can tell you what religion they are or they have some weird problem with there ears that they need to be cropped, this is a form of abuse. You can not honestly belive that(or maybe you can cause you sound ignorant) that the dog chooses to have this done. The owners choose to do this to there "babies" for a "look". Get real whom ever you are.

Apr 24, 2013
Why so judgemental
by: Anonymous

I have 2 pitbulls. I have a 10 month old female with natural ears and a 13 week old male with cropped ears. If cropping is done right and by an experienced vet it is safe and recovery is fairly quick. I didn't have my little mans done his were done prior to me purchasing him from a very reputable breeder. His were done around 6 and a half weeks old and I got him a week later. By the time I had got him his ears were 95% healed he had no scabbing and was not sensitive to touch. People will always judge people for choices they make that's just how it is. But instead of judging a person for having a dogs ears cropped just pray they are good owners and will help their dog to be an ambassador for the breed. Being a vet tech I have seen some botched up back yard jobs were people have taken a pair of garden shears and cropped their dogs ears from puppies up to a few years old. This to me is cruel and in no way should be condoned. But at least this person had enough sense to have it done by a vet although this vet apparently wasn't the most experienced and by the sounds of it gave the dog a battle crop(my pup has a short crop) I give them my props for being more intelligent then most. I am not against cropping if done right but I also believe that it should no longer be done once a puppy is over the age of 8 weeks. Keep in mind there are a variety of ways to do the job of cropping and that some are barbaric while others are done properly and with little discomfort to the puppy.

May 29, 2014
A PIT is not a BULL. With floppy ears ear cropping loverr NEW
by: Anonymous

Pitbulls are ugly dogs when the have floppy ears. A PIT is not a BULL without their ears cropped!!! There is nothing cute about a pitbulls, boxer, and/or Great Dane with floppy ears... And to all that oppose, would you circumcise your sons? That's for looks! Would you get a boob job? Again that only for looks! Or let's take it back to the animals would you spay or neuter your dogs? That's done because you got want to deal with what comes next ie...periods and the possibility of your female dog ruining your carpet, or making babies...but wait God made us in the likes of him and to populate and reproduce so why do you feel it's your right to take that away from them? Don't worry I'll wait?!?!?! Better yet I'll answer for you you feel it's your right to do so because it's your animal. You are the master and one in control, making the decisions and housing, feeding, bathing, coming out pocket for vet visit etc...btw spaying and neutering is a surgery where they are put under an antiseptic and wake up to a "painful slow recovery" you people kill me how about you take of your animals and I'll do the same for mine because mine is well taken care of and doing great while looking BEAUTIFUL with her CROPPED ears!!!

Jan 08, 2017
Food For Thought NEW
by: Anonymous

Humans who exploit animals are the same as sociopathic criminals. Most compassionate people would probably agree that a sociopathic criminal should be locked up and prevented from hurting others. However,because there are so few animal liberators, and the cruelty is socially accepted and encouraged, liberators cannot lock these criminals up. So the use of any and every tactic necessary to win the freedom of exploited animals is necessary.If people engage in the torture and destruction of innocent creatures they must be stopped, even if that requires physical intervention. To stop the acts we must stop the people. And the way we stop people is by using the motivations of pain and fear. Militant interventionism is an approach that capitalizes on the motivation of pain and fear in making people act in certain ways.The more difficult and painful we make abusers’ acts of brutality, the more it helps our cause. And discourages their brutality.So long as you are saving animals, you are winning wars !

Feb 23, 2020
Rachel M . You are a complete uneducated and infinitely stupid person.
by: Candace A.

How can you compare this to someone on birth control. You sound like a complete moron for bashing people on birth control...would it be better for them to get pregnant and not be able to feed them . Or to abandon them....birth control does not kill babies it peñrevents them by not allowing eggs to be made idiot! And piercing an ear is a far cry from chopping the ear off! SMFH! WOW....YOU SHOULD REALLY GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN THE PROPER WAYD TO DEBATE A SUBJECT AND WHAT THE WORD COMPARISON MEANS!!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY SMARTIE PANTS!

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