eating amounts

by steve ricci
(Fort worth, texas)

I just adopted a pitbull (beautiful dog with a boxer personality).He is a little over a year old and I brought him home yesterday. He is lean and muscular , maybe a little too lean. He wants to eat a lot.

I feed him One dog food like my other dogs. He weighs about 65lbs and can easily eat about 8-10 cups of food without reserve. I have been splitting it up to 3 times a day. Is this OK?

Will he know when he does not need to eat as much or do I need to control that. He is very energetic and in great spirit and seems very relaxed and happy.

Gale's Reply:

Hi Steve:

Thanks for your question. It's a good one. When you say you are feeding One, I assume you are referring to Purina One. Most commercial dog food that you can get at the supermarket uses corn and/or wheat as filler to keep their costs down. Some form of grain is often the first ingredient. Problem is, dogs don't get their energy from carbs--they get it from protein.

Eight to ten cups is a lot of food--probably about twice as much as would normally be recommended for his weight. I suspect he is eating as much as he is because he's not getting the nutrients he needs.

It IS good that you are breaking up his feeding times because this reduces the chance of bloat which is a condition in which the stomach becomes distended and twists around on itself. If it happens it is an emergency that has to be dealt with immediately. It is fatal in 1 out of 3 dogs.

So while it's good that you have spaced out the feedings so that he doesn't eat too much at once, I would encourage you to upgrade his food. He won't need to eat as much (though he still might want to try at first since he's used to having a full stomach). You will be able to feed smaller amounts. Two times per day is usually considered optimal.

I've heard quite a few people mention Diamond Naturals as a premium dog food that is reasonably priced. We had a discussion on this issue of dog food quality awhile back on this page. There are a lot of visitor comments about the kind of food they are feeding and the approximate cost that you may find helpful.

Good luck and congratulations on adopting the best dog on the planet!

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Feb 20, 2011
Eating Amounts
by: Yvonne Stull

Well i have a 90 lb pitbull male and i feed him twice a day. Once in the morning and then when i get home he gets food again. My vet told me that was perfect for taz. i give him a cup of food so he will all together have 2 cups of food a day. If you want to see what my pitties look like you can find me on face book at Yvonne Stull. they are my profile picture.

Feb 20, 2011
Feeding your pibble
by: Karen B

Our guy is at a good weight (65lbs) and we feed about 1.5 cups of good kibble (4health - no corn or wheat, mid-range price) twice a day plus several treats. He is not at all discriminating and will chow down raw vegggies and fruit with gusto. Good luck with your teenager!

Feb 20, 2011
additional comments
by: Gale

Hi Steve

Go to our Facebook page to see more comments regarding your question.

Feb 20, 2011
hungry bully
by: Denise Cool

My 3 year old eats about a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening. But like the other post, Tebow will eat just about anything except lima beans (the only thing Winnie the Pooh would not eat). While he will eat fruits and vegetables, the eating clock in his head never goes off, so I have to watch the treats and other things like the veggies that I used to think could only be good for him. DID SOMEONE SAY TREATS????
Thanks for rescuing a will be amazed at how smart they are. There is nothing I cannot teach Tebow to do, of course for a treat he will learn anything!

Feb 20, 2011
What we feed
by: Jane

We feed our 14 month old, 65lb nuetered male pit 2 cups twice a day of Diamond. (No wheat, soy or corn in it.) However he does live on a farm and is probably more active than a typical house dog.

Feb 20, 2011
Fit & Trim
by: Kristin

Our 50 lb. pit-mix eats about 3 cups total food a day. She is fit & trim! Perfect for their body type. When we first got her (rescue) she ate so fast & furious. We got her a bowl w/those 'pegs' to slow her down a bit and now 1-1/2 cups in the a.m. and p.m she is just fine.

Best to feed high quality food like the others recommend no fillers-high $ up front but you will see worth it for your dog's health. Any PetSmart/type place will help you find the no-filler stuff we use Nature's Choice. Use the guide on the back of bag or just check w/your vet.

Our girl loves treats of baby carrots after dinner. We give treats when we leave for the day too like milkbones and stuff.

Happy feeding! PS if is your first pit take heed to the stomach-twisting thing, thank goodness our vet told us about that. We wait 20-30 mins b4 play or walk once she eats b/c of this issue which can be fatal.

Feb 20, 2011
King - a 2 and a half year old pitbull
by: Bj Rickard

King weighs about 80 lbs give of take. I feed him one cup of dog food in the morning when we get up 4:30am with plenty water on the side and one cup in the afternoon around 5pm. In between he loves dog biscuts of all types (used for training) If I let him he could eat 24/7 burt I keep a curb on that with the biscuts (for training). He love's apple's so there is always that option for inbetween meals snacks.

Mar 09, 2011
hungry bully = tape worm?
by: Anonymous

Hey there,
I just got to thinking that your pup might have a tapeworm that is interfering with his/her ability to absorb food. You can easily (and cheaply) get this checked out by taking a poo sample to your vet. That is ALOT of food!

Dec 09, 2014
Am I feeding correctly? NEW
by: Jessy

We have 2 pits both are 2 years old, a female and a male, both are altered. River (my female) Seems to be fine with eating 2 cups a day only really eating at dinner, I offer it to her in the morning and she wont eat it, Brute (my male) on the other hand screams if he waits till dinner time 6 PM. They get 2 cups a day, River is 35ish pounds and Brute is 40ish. I am thinking about just keeping them on a twice a day schedule but I am concerned that Brute will still continue to scream, and River wont eat till dinner. They are both healthy weights and I don't want to cause them to get fat. Please help us. We also have a pug that eats 1 1/12 cups a day (the vet put him on the diet since he is a chunky monkey)

Jul 22, 2015
how much to feed NEW
by: Zarina

Our male pittie is now 8 years old and we feed him 4 cups of food per day. My son thinks this is fine, but I worry that he might be starving. He is healthy and sometimes leaves some food in his bowl. Gets plenty of exercise! I am worrying for nothing?
Any advice!

Jul 22, 2015
how much to feed NEW
by: Zarina

Our male pittie is now 8 years old and we feed him 4 cups of food per day. My son thinks this is fine, but I worry that he might be starving. He is healthy and sometimes leaves some food in his bowl. Gets plenty of exercise! I am worrying for nothing?
Any advice!

Jan 12, 2016
90lb Male Pitty NEW
by: Max

I feed C-Zar, my beautiful 90 pound gotti blue pit male, about 1 to 1.5 cups in the morning before I leave for work. I feed him 2.5-3 Cups in the evening. So, he gets anywhere from 4-5.5 Cups a day. I know that's not good to be inconsistent but I think it also depends on his activity level that day. We also give him baby carrots, Apples, and Bananas frequently - he LOVES them! I have been using Rachel Ray's food which actually is pretty good, some grain free, and decent priced. I wish I could spend less but don't trust grocery brands such as Purina or Pedigree.

Apr 09, 2016
cottage cheese and yogurt NEW
by: pamela

I have a 7 week old pit bull it alright to give him either cottage cheese or yogurt mixed into his food??

Jun 15, 2016
5 month old Pitt Bull NEW
by: Rokmon

I semi-rescued an American Blue Nose Pit Bull Terrier 3 months ago, he was three months at that time. I brought him to my vet because he ate and drank ravenously. If I placed 2 quarts of water in his bowl, he'd drink the entire amount and then, because he was housebroken when I got him, he'd run to the door and urinate for 50-65 seconds, yes, I timed him. My vet told me that that's puppy behavior. Told her my Chow Chow mix NEVER did that but I took her advice and rationed water and food. He's fed 3 X/day, raw diet. I love that he'll eat everything, fruit, vegies, and of course meat. He was 45 pounds at 4 months and a solid ball of muscle and energy. My vet told me I could likely double that weight for his approximate adult weight, she said he would be a monster. Well, he's a lover, wants my attention and truly enjoys people. EXCELLENT pup.

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