Grip and Chopper--my sweet baby boys

by Tabatha
(whitney tx, USA)

Grip and Chopper Playin'

Grip and Chopper Playin'

My baby boys Grip and Chopper are so super awesome to me. My neighbor down the road has their dad. His name is Grunt and i have been in love with Grunt since they brought him home and got the pleasure of taking care of him when my neighbors got to work on the road.

So when i heard they bred Grunt with another white pit name Diamond who is my son's best friend's dog i was so super excited--couldn't wait to see them. I really wanted one but knew that I couldn't afford to pay 2to300 bucks just for a puppy alone.

My husband came home from work one day and said how would you like a baby Grunt? My eyes lit up i was so excited couldn't wait to go over and pick one out.

Well there's a lil' gloom in this story. Their momma had gotten out of their yard and was hit and killed by a car :( and they were still nursing. My heart broke for them. So becuz we were willing to raise them on our own the man gave us Grip.

Well I just loved him soooo much, however I didn't get to pick him. My husband went over and got him. The next day my husband calls me in the morning and says go over and get another puppy for my pastor's son.

So i went over and there were only 2 left--the runt which was so tiny and the big ole boy which is the one my pastors son wanted. So because I'm a giant squishy I took both home. I kept the runt along with Grip and his name is Chopper.

They are the sweetest little boys ever. What a joy it is to watch them play with my 2 yr old weenie dog Franky. It's hilarious to watch them tug of war with their four way rope toy and pull poor Franky all over the house. Ha ha. I don't think they know they are pit bulls they think they are weenie dogs. And of course they sleep with mommy and daddy every night.

I think the best part about them is they are just the most loving dogs. They will sit in your lap forever. And yes when they are bout 80lbs they will still be mommy's babies. I just cant wait for them to be big boys and watch them play and chase thru the house with the kids.

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Jan 23, 2011
Blessed to have 2 Pit Bulls
by: Norma Jean

I so enjoyed reading about Grip and Chopper. What sweeties. If this ignorant world only knew what they were missing out by not knowing and having a pit bull. I often wish that Peanut had a companion to run and play with BUT he and our cat Rowdy get along swell. You should hear Rowdy "meowing" talking to Peanut and he just towers over Rowdy, smells Rowdy's butt (which Rowdy cannot stand) and they get along wonderfully. Yes....Peanut is still a big, huge lap dog. I often nap in my recliner just to wake up and Peanut be there with me. ( I must have been sleeping soundly to miss a 80 lb. dog jumping up onto my lap.. haha ) So sad to hear about their mother BUT keep loving your handsome boys and enjoy them for what time God allows them to be a part of our lives.

Jan 25, 2011
Thanks Norma
by: Tabatha

i know the feeling when ur sleepin so soundly u dont even realize u have a big ole dog in ur lap

Jun 25, 2011
by: Olivia

I would of done the same thing if i were you. I am a pure animal lover and i would never be able to leave a dog alone.

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