How Old is My Dog?

by ChesterMom
(Hollywood, CA)

How to tell: How old is my dog?

My dog is finally aging. When I got him, they thought he was "about two," but when the vet looked at his teeth, she said, "He's just a baby!" and guessed about one.

He still didn't have any eyelashes(!) Does anyone know what age a pit's eyelashes fully grow in?


Gale's Reply:

I've never heard of anyone using eyelash growth to determine a dog's age. I suspect that how and when eyelashes appear on a dog has more to do with individual genetics than anything else. And if so, eyelashes would be a less accurate marker than the condition of the teeth--which is still just a guess.

At 7 months of age a puppy should have a full set of permanent teeth. You may start seeing some tartar build-up on the back teeth between 1 - 2 years of age.

Unless an owner takes steps to preserve their dog's dental health, you would expect to see progressive degradation of the teeth as the dog ages. That would include more tartar build-up, gum problems and eventually worn down or missing teeth.

In middle-aged and older dogs there is usually some graying around the muzzle. And, some dogs develop a milky look to their eyes which may be cataracts.

I realize it's not a very satisfying answer to your question. But, beyond the 7 month marker, everything else is a matter of guessing.

Dogs that have good dental care and are fed a diet of raw dog food or high quality kibble can appear much younger than their actual age. In fact, one of the best things you can do to preserve your dog's overall health is to keep his teeth clean.

Tartar build-up that is left unchecked can develop into peridontal disease which can cause infections of the heart, liver and kidneys. Products like DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray make it much easier and less expensive to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy than it used to be. I know some owners who have actually been able to forgo annual dental cleanings (with their vet's blessing) and daily brushings by using an oral spray.

Thanks for your question. Feel free to post back here if you have more to share on this topic.

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May 29, 2011
by: pack leader :)

Tropiclean makes a line of fresh breath/dental care products. I have used the gel with incredible results. My pit is only 2 1/2 so she doesn't have alot of build up, but my Italian greyhound is almost 10 and his teeth were terrible, but the gel really has done an amazing job of breaking down the plaque and tartar.

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