I love my pitties

by Pitbullsrock

I own three pits and love them to death. Everyone sees them as vicious beasts that will tear strangers apart, but that's not the truth.

If someone were to break in to my house, the pits would more likely lick them to death then they would ever bite them. I've always said that instead of being the fierce protector, my dogs would be the ones holding the flashlight for the burglar!

They always love to snuggle with me and think they're lapdogs, even though they range in weight from 50 to 70 pounds. I was nervous when I got my first one as a pup, but ever since I named her Sadie, I knew that I would never own anything but pits for pets for the rest of my life. Soon after I got my two other girls, Princess and Bambi.

Bambi is my youngest pitbull and got her name from a long and somewhat hilarious story.... Soon after I got her I went ice fishing and had intended to leave her with my husband on the shoreline in a nearby dog-friendly park. (My other two were with a relative.)

I was setting up the ice shack when I heard an insistent whining from somewhere nearby. Looking around, I see Bambi in the front seat of my car. She had snuck in when I wasn't looking just to be with her mommy! I laughed and let her out, momentarily forgetting I was in the middle of a frozen lake. She instantly began scrambling helplessly and giving me a sad puppy-eyed look that made me laugh even harder. The fact that she was stressed wasn't what was funny, don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not that kind of person. It was just that she was the perfect picture of Bambi when he first discovered ice, legs splayed and all.

I lifted her into the car again and drove her back to my distressed husband. He had been frantically searching for her for a good ten minutes, and had been just about to call when I rolled up.

We had been recently trying to find a name for her, too. We hadn't been able to find a name that exactly matched her personality, and Bambi fit her perfectly. I don't know what I would do without my pits.

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Apr 04, 2012
thank god for you
by: carrie

i love to see people talk about how great there pitbull are the people that talk crap on this breed probley never owned one and if they did and it wasnt pleasant i bet anything it was the owner and not the pup i bought our pit for my husband i had a pomerian so when i bought the pit she was to be my husband pride and joy like my jack (pom)about 3 months after owning bella we were outside with the pit and pom when my nieghbors pitbull scoop down and attacked my pom so i bet people figure we'd get scared and get rid of her pit nope we got educated I dont blame the neighbor dog i blame them if your dog has animal aggresion why would you let him off leash unchained and no muzzle. beleave it or not bella helped us get threw the death of jack whom she got along with great honestly if bella wouldnt have healed my heart a bit i still wouldnt be able to tell the story of jack the responses that i get when people see i own the breed that attack my jack they cant beleave it i think they think im crazy then i make sure they meet bella and shortly after seeing how behaved and loving this dog is well they seem to understand why we kept her bella is now a year and two months not one sign of aggresion in fact bella wont go potty till she has a few kisses and a hug bella has made our family closer and i dont think id ever own another breed. My dad freak when he found out i bought a pit now bella owns his heart I wont ever give up on making people undertand no matter what breed it's always the owner who need to know there dog and give there pup proper training to make thereselves a happy pup so thanks for letting people know you have great pits to i hope more people stop judging this breed and start loving them god bless you and your pitties

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