It's the Owners/Breeders...

by Gina H.
(Prince William county VA)

Pitbulls are no more vicious/aggressive or dangerous than any other dog! It's all in how they are treated or handled by their owners or those that breed them! If you treat ANY animal badly it will act out or react to the mistreatment & usually in a negative manner!!

The media also does a great disservice to pits by their negative articles on pits & never printing the good they do!! When it's another type dog that has attacked, do you ever see see an article at all about it cuz there are plenty of other dogs that attack/bite according to ER & CDC's stats!! Have you ever read: Lab or chihuahua, or schnauzer or minpin attacks??? No because it's not newsworthy or as eye catching a headliner as PITBULL....

I own 2 pitbulls & my daughter has 2 also & we've NEVER been bitten or even had a nip EVER from these dogs but in my 54 yrs on earth I've been bitten by: a shepherd, a shihtzu, a schnauzer mix, poodle, a chihuahua & a mutt but never a pitbull!!

I believe these dogs have been bred & mistreated by bad evil people that MAKE them into bad dogs!! Go after them, punish them w/HARSH sentences if they are found fighting or breeding them for fighting!!

Quit criticizing, writing negative & half the time FALSE damaging articles about pitbulls!! Stop the BS & show the good these dogs are used for!! Stop going after & punishing the people that own these wonderfully loyal dogs as companions & loving pet dogs!!

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Sep 17, 2012
I agree `100%
by: Norma Jean

I have had Peanut for over 4 years now. He is a darling, sweet shelter pit bull I rescued at 3 months old. I would give my life for him ANY DAY !!!

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