Let's cut the BS about pitbulls

by Bart
(Yukon Ok USA)

Pitbulls have the POTENTIAL to be far more dangerous than other breeds. There are a number of reasons for this. Regardless of what our wishful thinking may be, the breed has a bloodline that some believe goes as far back as the ancient Egyptians, and during most of that time, the dog was bred for fighting and hunting.

In the old days, the dogs that survived the brutal fighting pits were truly genetically gifted for fighting, not only in physical ability, but mostly in their "gameness" or mental attitude. While not applying to every individual, most pitbulls find that fighting comes very natural; they are very dominant and territorial; they have a "never quit" attitude and will often fight to the death; and they are fearless. Most will not tolerate other dogs, and while other breeds will practice what's referred to as "slashing" (moving in, taking a number of quick bites, then retreating) pitbulls will bite, and "shake the bite out," only letting go to establish a more secure bite.

As far as physical attributes are concerned, they are heavily muscled, extremely strong, agile, and have a keen sense of kinesthetic awareness, a superior immune system, and tremendous bite power and very powerful, muscular necks. They have tremendous stamina.

The pitbull's reputation in the fighting pits was legendary, and attempts to "blueprint" breed other dogs, like the Akita, failed to create a formidable foe for the pitbull.

If pitbulls bite people, there is far more potential for broken bones and nerve damage, or worse. It will likely become necessary to incapacitate the dog to end the attack- bad stuff.

The good news is that back in the old days, breeders and those who fought pitbulls simply couldn't afford to have a dog that was aggressive to people around, due to their ability to inflict such damage, so those dogs were removed from the gene pool. As a result, pitbulls typically exhibit an amiable disposition toward people, even if they are intolerant toward other dogs.
Unfortunately, (Depending upon how you look at it) the breeding of today is muddying up those waters.

As others have stated, the problem becomes exacerbated by irresponsible owners, those who fight the dogs, and those who abuse them in attempt to "make them mean."

Before you condemn or attempt to discredit my opinion, let me be clear: I've owned pitbulls for most of my life, and love these dogs, and dogs in general. I have NOT ever fought my dogs intentionally, nor have I ever attended a single dog fight. I HAVE been attacked by a pitbull, an attack that took nearly a year to fully recover from. I still love the dogs, and will have another when my children are grown.

The fact remains, they were bred to fight, and fight to the death will they, most of the time.

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Sep 15, 2010
Man vs Canine - who is the victim?
by: Anonymous

Speaking for each individual dog is best, not breed. It is never correct to generalize about anything. Especially the pit bull. Most dogs in the media and by individuals being labeled pit bulls, are not pit bulls.

Regarding immune system, I have discovered first hand that many of the dogs that fall under "pit bull" category, have low immune systems. Speak to a vet, they treat many breeds, pit bull categorized dogs do have many allergies and the like.

Do some homework by starting with a survey of veternarians, people who make a living and have spent many days and years around animals. Ask the vet "How many times have you been bit? What type of animals have bit you? Have you been bit by a dog? If by a dog what breed was it? How many dogs that bit you fell under the pit bull category?"

Man has bred many canine breeds to assist him in hunting and killing. Some of these breeds are just as strong or stronger than the pit bull categorized dog. Some people should not own animals, dogs, horses, etc... In my opinion, some people should not be allowed to have children. All animals can be dangerous, especially an animal in the hands of an idiot. There is no BS about this.

It is good to look outside the box, and go from statistics, not just your own personal experience.

Most people don't even know what a real pit bull looks like! Especially the viral media.

Man made the problem, man can and will fix it.

Sep 15, 2010
by: Bart

As a matter of fact, I have discussed these issues with vets. My first pitbull developed congestive heart failure around the age of 13. He was a rescue dog, and the best dog I've ever had. Poor guy would collapse when he started running, look confused, and flop around on the ground, trying to get back up to his feet, close to the end. The first time I brought him in with symptoms, the vet immediately told me he had heart problems and he would need to keep him over night. We began to discuss the breed. I still remember his exact words: "If it had been any other breed, he probably wouldn't still be with us right now." He went on to say that they had superior immune systems, and were very hearty. He next said that "fighting comes very natural" to pitbulls.
Yes, there are other breeds as strong. (Usually twice the size) but they never have fared well in the pits against pitbulls. With pitbulls, its the total package, but the main factor is their natural gift for fighting, and their mental tenacity.
What I've said isn't simply based on my personal experience, though I'll address that shortly. Most of what I've posted here is based on research and reading material about the breed.
My personal experience in owning these dogs has confirmed what I've read. My experience as a police officer for 21 years and my contacts and observations of numerous incidents involving the breed also have confirmed these facts.
My professional experience has also corroborated what you've written: Some people shouldn't even have children (A much sadder situation than dogs) let alone pets. The pitbull is perhaps the most oft abused breed out there, in my opinion, and a favorite of gang members. (Who shouldn't be allowed to perpetuate their own gene pool, let alone own dogs)

Dec 17, 2010
sorry...not true
by: Anonymous

not true. pit bulls were bred to kill OTHER DOGS not people. human aggression and dog and dog aggression are two 100% different traits. human aggression was NOT tolerated in fighting dogs. a dog that showed any aggression towards people was put down. human aggression was bred out of pit bulls, not in them. they didnt want the fighting dogs to turn around and kill its handler. pit bulls were chosen as fighting dogs because of how gentile the were with people and how great they were with kids. pit bulls were nicknamed 'nanny dogs'.

Dec 19, 2010
@ "not true"
by: Anonymous

Did you even read my post? I discussed this very issue.

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