by Heather
(Hartfordcity IN)

what is merle? why is it unacceptable?

My vet referred to my dog as merle then i keep reading how it is unacceptable. However i see a lot of red nose apbt that look like mine in magazines and on websites.

Gale's Reply:

Hi Heather:

Merle is a pigmentation pattern that would cause your dog's coat to have a dappled appearance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the merle color pattern of itself. It's considered desirable in a number of breeds. But, as far as American Pit Bull Terriers are concerned, it's not a recognized color. When people say it's unacceptable, they are talking about show dogs, not companion or pet dogs.

For a more thorough explanation of merle coloration, you may find this Wikipedia article helpful. As to why it's not accepted in the show ring, I really can't say. But, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. Just enjoy your beautiful dog.

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Feb 24, 2013
by: penny

I have had my Pit Bull Since she was 5 weeks old she is now 6 yrs old. A friend came over to pick up his daughter when my dog was running through the house she got her choker caught on a small bucket. when we tried to get it loose she became scared. she also has 7 puppies. My friend tried to help but the dog bit him in the face.Now my dog is acting funny.My friend had to get stitches.He said not to worry hes been in this situation before.My dog has never bitten anyone before.Will the taste of blood make her change into a vicous dog?

Jan 30, 2014
Pit Bull Owner (mom)
by: Kathy

Your pit will not become aggressive because she tasted blood. She was frighetened because of the bucket and she also has puppies. Maybe your anxiety because of what she did is making her behavior seem different. Dogs pick up on how you feel. Someone who doesn't live in the house should not have tried to catch her anyway. My dog is socialized and very friendly but there are certain things that only I take care of with her.

Oct 16, 2015
Merle NEW
by: Melita Sotomayor

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