Missy - Mommy & Daddy's baby gurl

by Karyn Harper

I am on Mommy & Daddy's bed ha ha

I am on Mommy & Daddy's bed ha ha

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Missy is a 2 yr old full blooded zima (I think thats how u spell it) pitbull. Her birthday is febuary 28th.

I got Missy when she was 9 weeks old from a co-worker I worked with at the time. How I got her was that my friend Jen called me & asked if I could watch 2 pitbull puppies for her on the weekend bc she couldnt have them where she lived. The guy who was getting them wasnt getting them until monday so she asked if I could watch them during the weekend.

One was 8 months old named Napolean & the other was Missy who was 9 weeks old. It was funny bc my friend Jen said that I would fall in love with the female named Missy who was 9 weeks. I told her no I highly doubt it bc a yr before this I was attacked by a pitbull & I told myslef that i will never get a pitbull.

But, she was right as soon as I saw her & had her for the weekend I did love her we slept 2gether & everything. I realized that I had 2 have her. I thought 2 myself that she is so young & a puppy that I can train her how I want her && she wont be mean.

So I called Jen a few hours before she was picking them up & said that I wanted Missy & that I would do anything 2 have her. So she called the other guy & he said thats fine I could have her. I was so excited & so happy that the guy said yes & I got 2 keep her.

When I got Missy she was pretty thin for a puppy so I had 2 go through a lot 2 fatten her up so she didnt look so thin. Then about 6 months later Missy was really sick so I had 2 take her 2 the vet 2 find out that she got parvo.

I was so sad bc I know what happens 2 dogs with parvo--they dont make it. I was also pissed bc Jen
told me she got all of her puppy shots. If I would have known that she didnt I would have gotten her shots.

But thank god the vet told me that we caught it so early that she will be fine they just have 2 keep her for a few days 2 get rid of the virus & give me some time 2 clean my house before i brought her back home. 3 days later she came home all better && still the a pain in the butt.

There's a few things that make her really funny. When she was a puppy I was trying 2 teach her to play fetch, couldnt get her 2 fetch nothing. Then one day I was outside with her & some friends of mine. One of my friends said a smart comment & I threw my mountain dew bottle at him. Then all of a sudden i realized missy wasnt sitting next 2 me. She got my bottle & brought it back. To this day that is the only thing she will really fetcg. She will fetch other stuff but that is her favorite thing 2 get.

Besides that Missy is a funny dog in general she chases her shadow sometimes, runs in my house 90 miles an hour in a circle. When she goes for car rides she barks at buses & semi's that we drive past.

The most endearing quality is how sweet of a dog she can be she plays so good with my kitten Izzy & takes good care of her. They are best friends. She loves my niece & nephew so much. She loves playing with them, sometimes that dog listens 2 them better then she does me.

Everybody who knows my dog can tell you she is the prettiest dog & sweetest dog they have ever met & listens so good.

What we like 2 do is go for walks, go swimming on our lake, play with the kids, sleep 2gether, go for car rides, & in general just being together. I will have 2 say her && my fiancee have a really good bond 2gether. She is a daddy's girl but will always have Mommy's back.

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