My 13 week old male pit bull puppy is now showing signs of food aggression

by Debbie Spence
(Covingtonn KY)

How can I stop him from trying to attack my 2 cats and my other dog? Tyson also likes to bite my younger cat really hard when they play. I want to start him in puppy class soon. I just need a little help on getting a handle on him. No matter what I won't give up on him. Please help me.

Gale's Reply:

Hi Debbie:

Maybe it's just the angle of the camera, but this puppy looks thin to me. If you are sure he's getting enough to eat, take him to the vet and have him checked out. If his body isn't absorbing enough nutrients, that could tie back to the food aggression.

You don't say whether your puppy's food aggression is directed at you, your other pets or both. If he only growls at the other pets over his food, I would simply separate everyone at meal time.

If he is growling at you, that's another matter. You may find this article helpful.

As far as your pup being rough with your cats and the other dog, you need to only allow them together when you can supervise and intervene if necessary.

This article from Bully for You!, as well as the links near the bottom of it may help you re-train your puppy around cats. Don't hold off on the puppy class. Puppy classes are primarily about socialization which is exactly what I think your puppy needs more of right now.

Your patience and consistency will pay off in the long run. Good luck to you Debbie.

For more information on obedience training, visit our Pit Bull Training page.

For help with behavioral problems, check out our Dog Behavior Training page.

Comments for My 13 week old male pit bull puppy is now showing signs of food aggression

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Oct 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

Its the cam. He is now 15 weeks old and 35 pounds. My vet said he is ok for his size and age. When the pic was taken he just woke up.

Dec 07, 2010
puppy food aggression
by: Anonymous

Honestly, I would stop feeding him from a bowl for a while before it gets bad. When my dog was a puppy I hand fed him everything- teaching him my hand near his food was a good thing. I also, still make him do things for MY food. It's not his food, I just let him eat it. We make a game out of it. Sit, stay, wait, and he gets to eat when I give the command "okay"- somtimes I will make him do handshakes or speak etc. Also, while he's little, and after you give him back a bowl, practice taking it away from him, praise, and give it back. I wouldn't try it when he gets bigger without consulting a professional. The best advice I can give you is to take care of the problem NOW. You don't want to have any other issues arise, like toy aggression, or anything else- and I would hate to be staring down ANY dog that was agressive, let alone one over 5 lbs.

May 20, 2014
Aggression NEW
by: Anonymous

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Mar 24, 2018
My 6 mo old APBT refuses to eat puppy food NEW
by: Anonymous

I was blessed to get a female puppy pit bull after we lost our other female put due to her stomach flipped (she showed no signs.) 😔. But our lil Helen puppy refuses to eat puppy dry dog food. She only wants my 8 year old put’s food. I gave her some and she demolished it. So they both have treats in the morning as well as 1 cup of food each. She will eat her puppy food in the morning, but not in the evening. Help please!! I heard adult food is bad for puppies (not because grain free,) but because adult dog food has more protein. Please someone help me. She’s very healthy and always plays. She had her blood and stool already checked. She’s eating. Just not her puppy food.

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