My Bubba

by Eli

            Prince Bubba

Prince Bubba

Well my the worlds coolest pitbull is my Bubba. He is all black and eight months old. Unfortunately I did not raise him. Me and my family went to Kentucky to stay with other relatives for a while and that is how I met him.

My relatives were taking care of him for the owner. When I heard it was a basicly full grown pitbull I was freaking out. When we just got near the door we heard him going crazy. In fact as soon as we walked he ran all around smelling us. He almost knocked me down to the ground. Since as you can figure out is very strong.

He became my best friend super fast. The reason being I had the most time to throw him his yellow tennis ball. Bubba is a fetch fanatic he won't ever get tired of it. That first night I kept throwing it till my arm couldn't take it. I imagined he would stop playing eventually but he wouldn't. So I had to stop and the he finally went for a drink of water. Which shocked me because who know's maybe he had been thirsty for a while but waited till I stopped playing to go.

I tell you no other dog has ever worked as hard to please me. Nor has any other dog liked me as much. After that first night having to hear him cry probably the whole night because I wouldn't let him in my room I knew he was going to be mine. I ended up convincing the owner that Bubba loved me more. Although I think the money we gave the owner also had to do with the convincing.

I don't think I can pick one cute or funny thing he does. But one would be how he gets so anxious when where playing fetch with his yellow ball. Bubba starts going nuts I can even make him do any trick as long as I hold the ball.

One time my sister's boyfriend (annoying guy) came over to visit. He wasn't aware we had Bubba so he didn't even come inside he was way too scared. Bubba must of figuered I didn't like the guy. He wouldn't stop barking at him even when we tried to show he was a 'Friend'. Bubba loves playing rough with me too, we do this little "skit" were it seems me and him are boxing. As soon as I tell him stop he just jumps on me and licks me. I just love Bubba so much.

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