My Pit Bull Is Being Over Protective and Aggressive

by anonymous

I have 3 pit bulls 2 female and 1 male, all fixed. Here is my question my male has gotten very over protective of me and when i moved into my house he got very fence and people aggressive.

I have been trying to retrain him but having problems please help. He runs to the fence and growls and barks at everyone including other dogs and if my boyfriend tries to sleep with me he growls at him and stands over me.

He never used to do this please help I don't want to have to put him down. In part of this does it maybe have to do with never being fenced and could go back and forth to my neighbors house with their dogs? And also because i have been very ill recently with blackouts and seizures due to my diabetes. When this has happened when i come to he is standing over me and licking my face and nudging me. My girls are fine and no behavior issues.

Gale's Reply:

You have a complex situation. While your pit may not like the fence or may be feeling insecure in his new surroundings, I think your illness may be the most concerning factor in all this.

Dogs can be very sensitive to changes in the body chemistry of their human. That's how some dogs become seizure alert service dogs. It's a phenomenon that's not entirely understood, but it definitely exists.

Whether this is what is happening with your male pit, I can't say. But I would encourage you to have him evaluated by a qualified behaviorist in your area. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers maintains a list of certified professionals. You may also want to contact some groups like Canine Partners for Life to find out more about whether your dog's behavior fits the profile of a seizure alert dog.

Until you get this sorted out, you'll want to keep everyone safe. So take whatever steps are necessary to confine your pit to avoid a bite incident. While I do believe you will need professional assistance to resolve this, you may also find the guidance in Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog (Karen Pryor Clicker Book) helpful in dealing with your pit's aggressive behaviors.

All the best to you and your dogs. Please post back here if you have further questions.

For more information on obedience training, visit our Pit Bull Training page.

For help with behavioral problems, check out our Dog Behavior Training page.

Comments for My Pit Bull Is Being Over Protective and Aggressive

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Sep 13, 2010

Your move and illness may be catalysts for his getting overly protective. Remember he's a NANNY-Dog and he sees that YOU need to be protected.
Keep training and positively reinforcing the bounds. That's all that I can tell you.

I have Flash Gordon, the former fighting pit bull, took over my house and became a very aggressive alpha. I have Type 2 Diabetes and my Pittie was Johnny of the spot even before I was diagnosed, he wouldn't let my wife or kids near me unless they consoled him first. After I came home and was on bed rest, he knew instinctively to stand and let me used him as a brace when I had to move.

I worked at his aggression with Love, intense obedience classes and he calmed down. If your BF is a keeper (I consider carefully my dogs' reaction to people), both of you spend time and make sure that his behavior is not appreciated in a positive manner.

Fence aggression; that is being there in the yard with them, calling to the dog and distracting them with a toy or ball as they start to notice the 'threat'.

Positive reinforcement - at all times. I don't know about your mobility but exercise them.
A Tired pup is a happy pup!

Good Luck.

Scott L
Wickenburg, AZ

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