My Pit Bulls NOT other dog friendly.

by Sharon Letson
(Willard, MO, USA)

Bruno and Brandy happy, running and safe.

Bruno and Brandy happy, running and safe.

I would love to have mine be more friendly with other dogs, but they have already shown that they are not. I rescued one of them off the country road and the second one out of the local holding for county dogs that have been dumped. They were already about 3 years old.

I don't know their history, have had them for a few years now and even though they are the sweetest dogs to humans, they don't like any animals in their yard.

Once they attacked another dog that came under our barbed wire fence and the second time when a tree fell and bent the fence, they got out and got into a fight with a neighbor's dog who was not in his yard or fenced and had been aggravating ours along our property line.

I'm sorry to say that the other dog didn't make it, but mine had injuries too all around his body and neck. Had to take him to the Vet for treatment and stayed overnight. I hate that another dog died, but that dog wasn't being kept in his owner's yard and for 30 years that I have lived in the country. I always kept my dog or dogs where they were safe out of traffic, being stolen or shot as they can do in the country.

Not one of my other neighbors keep their dogs in their yard. They run all over and usually aggravate mine along the road/fence line.

I don't dare try a dog park or anything like that, but since they have over an acre of fenced yard, with lots of trees, soft grass to run and play in, mostly they are relentless over squirrels and possums and one armadillo. In other words, don't come in our yard or enter at your own risk.

At least they have a safe home with us and who knows what would have happened to them if I didn't take them in. They have never shown one ounce of mean or aggression towards humans. I can't help the other part of their personality. They were never fought or so the Vet told me that it didn't look like it since there were no scars or previous injuries, so that's good.

I don't think at their age now about 5 or 6 years old, I can expect them to accept other dogs in their yard or world.

I'd like to take in other dogs, but don't dare to or fear for the worst. At first the second dog Brandy didn't get along, but we worked with her and now Bruno and Brandy are bosom buddies, just don't come in their yard.

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Jan 30, 2012
They are lucky to have you!
by: Gale

Bruno and Brandy are lucky to have found their way into your life. Many pit bulls are not friendly to other dogs and have a high prey drive. But, sadly not everyone can understand that. It's wonderful that they've accepted each other and have a home with you. Thanks for rescuing two needy pit bulls.

Jan 30, 2012
by: kim pedrick

I have a 10 yr old pitbull Zoe...she is so sweet but again she is just out of control with other dogs...I have 4 dogs I must keep her from the other dogs and cats....I love her so much and she would never hurt is a struggle. I can't believe that yout neighbors don't control and contain their pets......hang in there. They are lucky to have you!!!

Jan 30, 2012
My Babies Bruno and Brandy
by: Sharon

When the situation happened with the other neighbor's dog, I felt so badly, but when I offered to pay the Vet bill for the owner, he was downright hateful and said "I hate Pit Bulls and I've called the Sheriff and if they don't do something about it, I will."

After he said that I called the Sheriff and told them come talk to me after they talked to him.
The Sheriff's deputy turned out to be a woman and I think she was Pit Bull friendly and told me he couldn't do a darn thing about it because his dog was wandering and wasn't contained on his property.

I vowed to keep a close eye on my dogs, and making sure the fence never was compromised by a tree or anything else. We're far enough away from that neighbor and it's been a few months, so I believe it's blown over, but believe me, I don't take any chances and watch Bruno and Brandy like a hawk.

Our next door neighbor stuck up for me with the sheriff and said "she never let her dogs out the entire 20 years I've lived next to her." That made me feel good. If dog owners can't keep their animals safe in their area or yard, then they are responsible if something happens and I'm not going to do away with my animals because of this. His dog daily ran our fence and aggravated our dogs. When they were confronted outside our property lines, that dog charged them and they defended themselves. My Vet wrote a statement on the bill that said my dogs were attacked because of the rear wounds so they defended themselves just like any other breed would do, but because they were Pits, they got the bad wrap.

The happiness they give me and their constant wagging tails and licks prove to me I made the right choice in saving these two misunderstood babies and they will be with me as long as they live. I have long living animals - my 17 year old Siamese passed in December, but we have had others make it to 19 and I have a 16 year old Pomeranian who has been on the brink of death twice, but saved because I took the chance with treatment when they said he only had a 25% chance.

I'd do the same for Bruno and Brandy and so far they are quite healthy and happy, it looks like to me. Thanks for all you guys out there who love their dogs and all dogs. God Bless you and all our fur babies.

Jan 31, 2012
by: Anonymousggmichele

Aw. Its really sad that man's dog was mauled to death because of his own brazen stupidity! Makes me very angry! Good for you in containing your dogs. I also went to great lengths to ensure my 6yr old not-very-dog-friendly pitbull STAYS contained while in the yard. His prey drive is so strong he jumps and tries to snatch birds out of the air! Too bad some other breed owners don't take the time to understand dog behavior, as much as pitbull owners seem to. He could've prevented this and saved a lot of heartache. Maybe he learned a very costly lesson.

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