Nervous About My Pit Bull Neighbor

by Sherri
(Florida, USA)

Nervous About My Pit Bull Neighbor!

Nervous About My Pit Bull Neighbor!

Is it safe to have a pit bull neighbor?

My neighbor had a cute little dog and they were not able to control it. He ran out into the street and was hit by a car.

A few weeks later they came home with a pit bull puppy.

I am now worried that this dog will be a menace to all the little kids in the neighborhood (as well as to me!)

It has already escaped and run around in my yard with the owner chasing it. I did not react very well to the situation and now the owner is no longer speaking to me.

Gale's Reply:

Hi Sherri:

I think your concern is well founded. Not that it's a problem to have a pit bull neighbor, but your neighbor doesn't seem to realize the importance of teaching a dog to come when called and keeping the dog confined to his or her property when not on a leash.

Should you be afraid of the dog because it's a pit bull? No. But, it's a good idea to exercise the same caution you would around any dog that you don't know very well.

Unless they have the misfortune to be owned by someone who wants a mean dog, pit bulls are typically people-friendly. They may, however, have a tendency to behave aggressively towards other dogs and domestic animals. So, if you have a pet and your neighbor allows his pit bull to roam, you will want to be extra vigilant to keep your pet out of harm's way.

Practically all communities have leash laws and statutes that prohibit allowing dogs to run at-large. Roaming dogs of any breed can be both a health and a safety hazard. So, if your neighbor refuses to be responsible, don't hesitate to report him. In most cases, you can do so anonymously.

Comments for Nervous About My Pit Bull Neighbor

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Jul 17, 2010
My Pit Bulls are nervous about their dog neighbors
by: Denise

Currently we have 2 pit bull sisters from a rescue. I adopted them at just about 6mo old, they turned 2 years in June 2010. We've worked hard with them to be dog friendly and they are unless a dog is aggressive towards them.

Our neighbors on the one side brought home a chow mix that is very aggressive a few years before our aged pit bulls died and we adopted the sisters. We made enough of an issue to the neighbors about their unruly kids and the dog in our yard they put up a 6 foot faux cast iron fence. Then they got a large female shepherd pup about the same time our other dogs died and we adopted the 2 sisters. Mine tried to be friends with the shepherd pup but the chow mix would rush the fence and was able to get his muzzle through the rails and he snapped at both my dogs continuously.

There is no training for the dogs next door, they are aggressive to anything that moves outside their fence line, people, other dogs, birds, squirrels.. they put their muzzles through the fence and snap at anything within range. They have nipped my one females twice now when she was squatting with her back to the fence and within reach of the shepherd.

The shepherd is more vicious than the older Chow mix now that she is a full adult over 2 years as well. The owners do nothing, the husband brags how vicious his dogs are and how macho he is for having them. Makes him sound like some gang banger but he's in his 50's and from one of the Eastern European countries.

Its become a sick game now.. those 2 dogs lie at their kitchen door waiting to see mine come out to do their business, play or just lay in the grass in the sun. Once they see mine they bark until someone lets them out.. they rush the fence on our side between us and they snap and bark at mine non stop.

We have lived here 21 years and raised our kids here, our doberman was the first dog, followed by our male and female pit bulls and now my two pit bull sisters. We have never had a problem with any neighbor or their dog(s) until these people moved in. There is no city law to punish them with fines or otherwise.

Moral of the Story... people like to blame pit bulls for everything and make them the terror dog of the planet but its not true. There are plenty of other breeds of dogs just as bad if not worse and it always comes back to the same catalyst for the problem(s).. THE OWNERS !

May 20, 2015
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