Parvo Awareness

by William kirschenman
(lake county, fl)

We just had to put down our six month old pit bull she was the greatest dog ever. Please always get shots for your dogs even when u buy them from a non breeder that claims they got them.

We put it off thinking she was okay. I never wanna see another dog go through that again it does not hurt to get the shots again sometimes four times in a lifetime for bigger breeds.

There needs to be more Parvo awareness. Parvo is equal to AIDS to a dog. Please remember this when you "wait to get shots". Layla was SIX months old. That is too short of a life for any animal.

Gale's Reply:

I'm so sorry for your loss. Hopefully, your reminder about the deadliness of Parvo will increase awareness and save other dogs and other families from the heartache that you have experienced. R.I.P. sweet Layla.

Comments for Parvo Awareness

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Dec 28, 2010
Another Parvo Reminder
by: Anonymous

If you have had a dog that developed Parvo, please please please vaccinate any other dog that visits your house or that you decide to bring home ASAP as Parvo can remain in the poo and soil for some time.

Sep 17, 2011
sorry for your sad loss
by: uk

Well firstly i would like to say again, i am soo sorry for your loss. Here in the uk all dogs have to have their jags, even at the charity vet, and recently because a young pup died of parvo, they now make sure your pet gets the booster evey year, which we do, we also have to worm them every 4 months, & its all on computer now, which means they can check up on your dog, hopefully this will have saved many a dogs life. no-one can imagine the pain animal lovers/owners go through when their pet loses their life, its a real pain, you just have to remember the love you & your dog shared, & that you gave it a great life, home and now your dog is known in the uk & around the world and saving dogs lifes by you & your dogs sad experience by you writing this and it is an honour, thank you.

Oct 05, 2011
by: LeEsco

After having a 3 month old American Pit Bull Terrier come down with Parvo we experienced first hand the stress it can cause. We have a small rescue and live on 2 acres and the dogs pretty much stay around here so we couldnt understand. We took her to the vet right away and he did a parasite test in which he sais was neg. and also a Parvo test which came back positive. He put her on antibiotics and something for her stomach and we did the SubQ fluids at home. My hubby is medically retired Army so he doesnt mind. After 5 days and it getting worse and calling the vet daily asking them if things were normal I got incredibly frustrated. Not to mention no sleep. We also had a pregnant female rescue and a pit/boxer and another rescue. None of which caught this, thank goodness. We isolated her and it wasnt getting better. Our whole family went into overload. We bleached the yard, the house and everytime we went to see her we disinfected EVERYTHING. After the 5th day and no results and tons of research I took her off all the chemical meds the vet had prescribed. I decided to go holistic. We ordered the Parvaid and the Vibactra but it wouldnt be here tilt eh next day and knew with her condition we didnt have that long. They guided me to a parasite tea and we made it. Within 3 hrs she was looking up. We did the enemas every 3 hrs but also the oral too. After 2 days she was completely back to normal. The vaccinations are NO guarantee as most of us would like to hear. Her immune system had already been wore down due to skin issues...none of our other dogs contracted it and the mama had her babies and all but one are healthy. So yes Parvo is HORRIBLE to say the least, it can be overcome.

Jan 27, 2014
9wk old puppy fighting for his life
by: Anonymous

Please keep this one in your prayers

Feb 14, 2015
Just in case- Parvo NEW
by: Lace

This isn't going to happen often, but it can happen. Our pit mix had all her shots and at around two she got very sick. Her vet was getting to some very scary diagnosis when my boyfriend said it smells like Parvo. This had always been her vet and is also a friend and former coworker. He knew he had given her all her shots. We'd been there to see them given. To his credit, he tested her anyway. she had Parvo. Later we found out the vaccines were bad and several dogs died. It doesn't hurt to double check. She recovered, not everyone was so lucky.

May 07, 2015
My pit bull got pravo too.! NEW
by: Audrey

Yesterday I just recieved my dog ashes, his name ? Was Brad one of the best dogs I could have ever asked for he was only 6months old. He loved to play and bark and just be a dog he would sometimes rip a couple things up. I loved him so much we picked up off the streets and my husband loved him, he said lets name him Brad and it fit him this might sound crazy but have you ever seen a person who is always so happy ? That's exactly how he was always happy one day I was sad and I said Brad give me a hug I'm really sad and he ran to me and wrapped his legs around mine and hugged me. Man I couldn't get over it, anytime I cried or was sad he knew he gave me so many hugs just to say he loved me. Then one day my husband noticed he was throwing up and we just thought maybe he ate something bad? Didn't think anything of it and finally Friday, April 25,2015 he wasn't doing good at all we took him to the hospital and they told us he had pravo, and it was going to be 1,000$ or more to keep him there for 2day and if we wanted to take him home 352 for a shot of fluids in him medicine and we would have to watch him everyday and we said okay we planned to take off of work even took a loan out I make sure he had what he needed on the way home in husband arms he kicked for the last time and then he stopped breathing. My heart stopped my baby boy was gone in a blink of an eye because of this stupid virus &&I because I was to busy always at work 8-7 that I didn't make time to take my dog to get his shots, I can't return the medicine even though I haven't used it state law. So I was left with a loan to pay off medicine I can't return and now I had to pay 200 to cremate him. I love my dogs like those are my kids and it's said I got consumed with life and my dog paid the price I've been trying to cope with his death but it's hard. I'm going to start a foundation to get people aware and show people it's a fatal virus if not caught right away, I don't want no dog to suffer like mine did he spent his last hours with us we didn't leave the hospital till 6am Please get your dogs their shots.

May 25, 2016
My sympathy NEW
by: Anonymous

My had a small dog I made the mistake about shorts she got arvo that one disease u don't want any dog to go through I have 3 dogs Australian shepherd american bully blue healer mix and recently a pit puppy I make sure they ha e shots and check about getting her tested for worms my condolence

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