by Brittany
(Spencer, IN USA)

Perseus in the back seat of my car.

Perseus in the back seat of my car.

Perseus is 2 yrs old and now weighs 110 pounds. I was at a festival in my town and saw a couple walking a beautiful male Pit around, he wasn't even paying attention to the other dogs around him.

I walked up to comment on how well behaved he was (I was also looking for a good Pit). Then I saw the puppy in the guys arms, so I asked if he had others. He said he did and that they were 6 weeks old and ready to go to GOOD homes.

He met me later that day with all of his puppies and I fell in love with the puppy that looked identical to his father (the one I noticed first). This puppy was the second largest of the litter and had the biggest paws and head. I knew he would be a very large dog. So I paid $500 for him.

I never had a dog that was actually MINE before. I trained him myself and within 4 weeks he was house trained, could sit on command, knew not to chew on shoes (or anything that wasn't his toys), played tug-o-war, and rolled over. I had him checked by the vet and got all of his shots.

Now he is a very well behaved dog. Even family members comment on how good he his. When I play with him he knows that when I say "ow" it means he nipped my hand and he will let go of his toy and lick my hand. Perseus LOVES to play.

Occasionally when I throw his toys in the kitchen he will slid into the wall and even though I shouldn't laugh I do because it is pretty funny. He'll look at me like "it's not funny mom."

He is really good with kids. I don't have any of my own (he is my kid) but when my nieces come over he'll lay down and let them get on his back and he'll walk around and let them ride on his back like a horse.

Perseus loves to go "bye bye" If you tell him he gets to go and don't take him he will hold it against you. He is an amazing dog.

I will own a Pit Bull for as long as I live. I can't stand the rep that these dogs have. One of my goals in life is to own a Pit Bull resuce where I can rehabilitate "fight" dogs and adopt them out to GOOD homes.

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