Pit Bull Acting Out?

by Esmerelda . Mc

Is my 3 year old pit bull acting out? He is not listening, not following commands and pulling on walks. He used to stop at the side walk so we could check for on-coming traffic. Now he just jumps in the middle of the road ! I need help I don't want to lose him,I want my happy boy back :( please help

Gale's Reply:

Hi Esmerelda:

So, your pit bull is a 3 year old male. He used to mind you. Now he doesn't. Seems like a mystery.

The first question that comes to my mind: Is he neutered?

Next question: Have there been any changes in the household that would affect the amount of attention or exercise that he's getting? Any dietary changes?

Here are the steps I would take:

1. Get him neutered if he's not already. And talk to your vet about any other behavioral changes you've noticed in addition to the ones you've mentioned here. Your vet may want to examine him for sake of thoroughness to rule out anything physical.

2. Refresh his obedience skills. Start with the basics and work your way back to his previous level. If you trained him at home, go to a class this time.

3. If you were previously walking him off-lead, put him back on a leash for safety's sake.

If you think of anything else that might be going on with him or you have additional questions, feel free to post back here.

Good luck. You're welcome to let us know how things are going too.

For more information on obedience training, visit our Pit Bull Training page.

For help with behavioral problems, check out our Dog Behavior Training page.

Comments for Pit Bull Acting Out?

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Mar 04, 2011
3 year old pit bull acting out...
by: Miss M

I agree...first step should be a neuter if you havent done that already. I would definitely try the "Ruff Love" approach. I've had to do this with my VERY strong willed female. I took away ALL her privileges..i.e. off leash time - gone. Allowed on couches and bed - No more. These are privileges that need to be earned. Crates are a great tool too - NOT ever to be used for punishment of any kind. A crate should be their "safe" spot where they feel comfy. I would also suggest lots of obedience work. For example, my dogs have to sit and be calm before going outside or on a walk. They don't move until I say "ok". Get him looking to you for direction! You can also teach him "on your mat" I use this for when people are coming over - so they are not overwhelmed at the door! To sum it up - be a strong confident leader...so your dog doesnt feel he has to be! :)

Mar 06, 2011
same question
by: Denise Cool

My 3 year old nuetered male seems to be doing the same thing. I changed jobs and for the sake of the drive to and from an already distant vet and groomer I tried a groomer near my home yesterday. The groomer called me and asked me to pick him up because he was growling at her when she tried to get him out of the crate to bathe him. This is totally out of his normal character.
Pulling on leash when we walk.......I am concerned that is has to do with what may become normal for him.
Thanks for the info and other posts

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