Pit bull Frankie and her best bud, Great Dane, Dallas.

by Heather
(Bend, Oregon, USA)

Frankie and Dallas

Frankie and Dallas

Frankie is 7 years old though by looking at her you'd never know. She acts like a puppy at all times. A friend of mine brought her into the store I was working at when she was 8 weeks old and somehow I knew that she would be mine.

When she was 2 my friend asked me if I could take her because she had too many dogs at her house. I of course told her OK!! She loves to swim. You can't take her to a body of water without her wanting to jump in. When you think she's had enough and looks dead tired, you're wrong!! She is ALWAYS ready for more.

We were at a lake and my husband was at the end of the dock with her water toy. I was at the car still with Frankie but he shouted to her and acted like he was throwing her toy into the water. She took off like a speeding bullet down that dock but realized a bit to late that the dock ended. She came to a skidding halt just at the end but ended up going in headfirst at the last second. To this day you can still see where her nails dug into the end of the dock.

Frankie is my life. I work at an animal shelter and it breaks my heart how people view these great dogs! They would rather adopt the lab that is barking and being stupid and give the kennel with the pit bull, who is silently laying on its bed, an extra wide berth "just in case". I do my best to educate these people but there is only so much that you can tell them because some will go home with a new perspective while others will believe nothing of what you say.

I can truthfully say that I will NEVER own another breed. Frankie has changed the opinion of quite a few people, my own parents included. She is a wonderful breed ambassador(if she would just stop jumping up :})and I hope to have her with me for many years to come.

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