Pit Bull Toys - Suggestions?

by Patricia
(Florida, USA)

I've bought many toys for my 11 month pit bull puppy, but most of them do not last. I have had luck with nylon bones, soup bones you can buy at the grocery store, tug ropes, and a plastic ball with a smaller plastic ball inside that he can't get to. Every other toy has died along the way.

Do any of you have any suggestions on toys that will last? All the toys say they are durable and will last forever, but we all know that isn't true.

Thank you for the help!

Gale's Reply:

Hi Patricia

What a great question! I hope others will share their favorite pit bull toys here too.

I'm really impressed with KONG Extreme Dog Toys for Strong Chewers. For anyone not familiar with what a "Kong" is, the original design is a 3 tiered bulb made of heavy duty rubber that can be stuffed with treats or spreadables like peanut butter. It's designed to keep your dog occupied for a time because he'll have to work to get the treat.

The original models were pretty durable--we have one that we've had for several years. But, since we got a puppy in February, we've ramped up to the Extreme version and it's holding up well.

This company also now makes other toys made out of the same super heavy gauge rubber. If your dog likes to play frisbee, and you're tired of replacing them after a few times, check out the Extreme KONG Flyer. The KONG Large Dental Stick for Dogs is a chew toy with ridges that help clean your pittie's teeth while he chews contentedly away.

You may also want to try The Unbreakoball. If your dog ever breaks it, they replace it.

Use our discount code and get $1.00 off your Unbreakoball order
Discount Code: tpp1

I'd love to hear what others have found. Anyone have more suggestions for toys that are pit bull tough? Add your comments below.

Comments for Pit Bull Toys - Suggestions?

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Aug 18, 2010
Toys for my pooches
by: Kelly

I've always given my rednose and my am staff/lab mix 2 litre pop bottles... they play with them for hours... my am staff/lab mix chewed through the Kong Extreme in 2 days...he had it down to the bottom bump in no time... and then finally chewed it in half on the second day... so I havent gotten my rednose anything like that....she chews tennis balls in 5 minutes and golf balls in an hour... lol...

Aug 18, 2010
Just keep trying
by: Robin

We too haven't had much luck with Kong, its just find what works for you. I have to avoid anything with a squeaker my staffy and boxer/lab both make it their duty to remove them asap.
We have had good luck with braided rope toys they seem to last the longest.

Aug 18, 2010
Thank you for your advice!
by: Patricia

Thanks for all of your comments. :) I have a kong for my dog and it is still around. He's not all that interested in it though, unless I put peanut butter inside or an ice cube. Ice cubes have become a popular treat for him recently.

I did not know kong made frisbees though, that's something I should try. He likes frisbees but they don't last past a day.

I look forward to seeing any other advice that's posted here. Thanks again.

Aug 18, 2010
We guaranty our product.
by: Unbreakoball

We are a family run company. We have owned and LOVED Pit bulls for more then 30 years. We currently have two. Chase is a mischievous 2 year old with a ton of energy. Bebe is the elder at 10 years old. Bebe keeps up with Chase as best as she can. Chase keeps Bebe young at heart.

Our dogs still go crazy for this ball. The one we have now has been around for 5 years and made it through 2 pitbulls.

You dogs will love this toy.

Free shipping anywhere in the US!

Aug 19, 2010
Dog toys for pitty pups
by: Stephanie

Hi, I agree the toys listed tug rops, nylon bones, and most of the KONG. Eventually the tug ropes get shredded-but to make a long run. The only KONG toy that did not last a day here was the flyer. He was biting it in the middle and it looked like he had big red lips, and then he did BIT HOLES in it, took about an hour.

I am excited about the Unbreakoball, I have faith in that one, and I know they are going to love it!

Aug 22, 2010
More Pit Bull Toys!
by: Gale

I put this question to the Facebook community and received 40 responses. You can see the results here.

But, I'll also try to summarize:

Kong products and ropes were mentioned more than anything else. But there were also some interesting "one of's" that were mentioned.

For playing frisbee, the Jawz Disc by Hyperflite

The Everlasting Fun Ball is a treat dispenser to keep your pittie occupied.

Chew Toys - Nylabone products were on the list--specifically: Nylabone Galileo Bone and Nylabone Rhino Super Tuff Bone Dog Toy

Tuffy's Toys are soft toys that are constructed to last. BUT, they are to be used as play toys--not chew toys. So, if you give an aggressive chewer free access to one without supervision, you know what's probably gonna happen. ;)
Tuffy's Mega Ring

Other ideas that were listed: Lacrosse ball, soccer ball, tire, pvc pipe stuffed with treats and of course, bones from the butcher.

Thanks to all who contributed to this list. More ideas are always welcome.

Aug 22, 2010
Great thanks!
by: Patricia

Thanks so much for all the advice. :) I appreciate it.

Aug 22, 2010
they dont last
by: Anonymous

Kong or not,, nothing escapes devourering the teeth of my rednose, she will chew it up n a matter of an hour, worst of all, she will try n eat it as well if i dont see it in time, it always comes out in the bms.. eewwwww...

Aug 22, 2010
Found another one
by: Gale

I found this by accident while looking for something else. And, I'm definitely going to try these--natural deer antlers. They claim to last much longer than most chews. They help keep your dog's teeth clean. And, they are made from antlers that were naturally shed. (So, no deer were harmed.)

Aug 22, 2010
Things I've tried to make toys last
by: Patricia

If a toy doesn't last I try to give the toy to my dog in small doses so that it will. OR if the toy is made of cloth and lasts all of 5 minutes I will restuff the toy, sew it back together and give it back to him. That way it'll last a little while longer.

We've given up on stuffed toys now, but when we get them from friends when they are unstuffed we will put a bone inside instead and sew it up. That way there isn't as much mess and yet there is still something inside for my puppy to find.

The only thing that has literally lasted forever for me are the soup bones. They love the cartilage but if they are still young you have to limit how much they eat to 15 minutes or else they get sick.

Once the cartilage is gone the dog may lose a bit of interest. All you have to do is take the bone and dip it in leftover cooking you may have. For example, any meat I cook I'll take the bone and dip it into the fat. After it dries I give it to my dog and it's a great toy again.

I hope this helps.

Sep 01, 2010
West Paw Design!
by: Michelle

I have recently found this great company, after a big search for pit tough toys. My blue gets through a kong in no time. The Kong frisbee? Eaten in about 2 mins. I have 2 pitbulls and they love to tug - of course! That frisbee didn't stand a chance. Then I found West Paw Design toys and I'm sold. Some of them stand up better than others. The 2 best IMO are the "Tux" and "Huck" models. They also have a frisbee that is above and beyond Kongs by miles, as long as you just don't let them sit n chew away on it....but my 2 play tug with that thing everyday and its lasted a couple months. It will get teeth tears in it and it'll still stay together. Whatever they make it out of - it's amazing! They will also replace it if your dog destroys it!

Sep 01, 2010
Gotti's New Toy
by: CC

I just got the UnbreakOBall for my 14 month old Pit Bull Gotti. Normally anything I buy doesn't last 4.2 seconds but we are officially on day 3! So far so good! And even if he destroys it..they replace it for free!!

Sep 01, 2010
by: Erica

I have 2 full gotti pits and between the 2 of them they'll destroy everything!!! They hate the Kong rubber toys but LOVE the football and other similar toys. The ones that last the longest are the souper nylabones though!!! I have thought about contacting the companies that advertise for strong chewers or will last x hours and offer my dogs as testers in return for free toys!!!!

Sep 01, 2010
pibble tough toys
by: Wanda

So far the only things my pibbles haven't destroyed in seconds are the nyla bones and Goughnuts. For some reason though they get bored with the Goughnut and it just lays in their toy basket.

I've also found the Red Barn filled bones (http://www.redbarninc.com/c-12-filled-bones.aspx) and they absolutely love these. They'll chew on these for hours and hours and carry them around all day. These things last and last and last and when they've eaten all the filling out of them, you can refill them with peanut butter or that Kong stuff in a can.

Sep 01, 2010
The best toys on the planet
by: Anonymous

You have to check out theruralhound.com They sell dog toys from Planet Dog that are virtually indestructible.. They each have a chomp meter and if you get the 5 out of 5 chompers you will not be disappointed...They are awesome toys! My pitties love em and cant destroy them....And they are inexpensive compared to having to keep buying more toys....

Sep 01, 2010
pit-bull toys
by: Mary

My pit's favorite toy is a soccer ball and he absolutely loves it. They are strong and last a long time.

Sep 01, 2010
two years and still going! :)
by: FBR Megan

So I have gone through numerous amounts of toys and have even contemplated just giving my pittie, Yoshi, and mastiff/staffie mix boy, Moose, my wallet! lol finally success though, they have yet to destroy this one squeeker toy! I have had only one foster dog able to destroy similarly made toys, but none yet to tear apart the "Ruffkins Squid" squeeker. For some reason the other animals and shapes they make have not lasted long in my household, but this squid has lasted near two years now! :)

I also highly recommend "Boomer Ball" it's a rescue friendly company and they are the company that provides the toys to zoos for the tigers, bears, etc. The dogs at the rescue I help with love chasing them around and chewing away at it and let me tell you, they may look extremely dirty, but they are still in great condition through months of rescue pitties playing away with them! :)

Sep 01, 2010
to make go nuts interesting
by: Anonymous

GONUTS last a long time, but are uninteresting... I make bacon crumbles for a salad with my clean hands and then rub to GONUT and THEN it is loved for a few hours!

Sep 02, 2010
Glad someone else uses 2 liter soda bottles
by: Ashlee

I also use the soda/pop bottles and they last forever. My pit never breaks them or hasn't yet but they do become flat and he loves the sound they make. Hes shredded the rope toys,killed all the sutffed toys, broke the frisbee, hes very hard on the toys.

Sep 04, 2010
Pit Toy
by: Bob

Have had about the same success with all the toys mentioned. Found the one "toy" my pit can not destroy...at least for a long time...is a Hockey Puck. Can spend hours with it.

Sep 04, 2010
Pitt Toys
by: Anonymous

My 2 yr old pitt love the nylonbone... we've had it since christmas of '09 and he still chews on it all the time. The kongs he does not seem interested in at all and any rope he just pulls apart... he does seem to like this big stuffed ball, he will seriously lay down n chew on it non-stop almost as if he was teething. i am continuously trying to find other things that will last past a few days and am up for any suggestions.

Dec 04, 2010
Great Toy
by: Corin

We have a 2 year red nose who can take just about anything apart in a matter of minutes. The only toy that has lasted is the Kong Ball. It is great and he loves it!! You can find it at Petco or Petsmart, it's red and very durable!

Dec 05, 2010
Great ideas!
by: Patricia

Thanks again for all the great ideas and websites. I will definitely be looking into buying some of these toys for my pit. :)

Dec 05, 2010
Gracie suggests
by: Trish

I have a year old blue pit weimy mix and just like the rest of you, toys just don't last. Now she's not much into ripping apart stuffed toys, but as soon as one does get a hole she has fun ripping the stuffing out! She has a puppy Kong and she never has chewed it up. I stuff it with natural peanut butter and kibble, or canned dog food then freeze it. She'll also play with it empty but she's never chewed it up. What she does love to destroy is BALLS!!! Not one ball has lasted in this house till we got the Unbreakoball. She's had that for about 4 months and plays with it every day. It truly is indestructable she cannot chew through it or break it. I also found that tennis balls for dogs are JUNK!! I buy tennis balls in the sporting good section and those ones she won't destroy. I also like the Kong tennis balls, their bigger and they squeak! But her all time favorite is the Chuckit flying squirrel. She LOVES that thing!!! My husband took her to Gander Mountain and she literally pulled it off the shelf! That is her favorite toy and she has not been able to destroy it. I will let her chew on it for a while but mostly we just throw it like a frisbee. Those rubber tires also last, you can find them at most pet stores. Maybe I don't have an agressive chewer like the rest of you but give Gracie a basketball, soccar ball, exercise ball, and watch the clock, within minutes it's as flat as a pancake!!!

Dec 06, 2010
cheaper toys
by: Anonymous

I have a 5yr old red nose pitty and she love the stuffed toys but they do make a mess and are usually so expensive. I have found that footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs last a while and if you do want the stuffed toys (we give her ones on special ocasions) I go to the thrift stores and get the stuffed animals from there. Soup bones are the best bones by far, and I stuff them with peanut butter and freeze it when she starts to lose interest.

Dec 07, 2010
Economical and tuff
by: godzencharge

I have 4 rescue dogs: 2 rednose pitties, a staffie, and a pit/corso mix. I buy these purple toys at Tractor Supply in the 5-10 dollar range. They seem to be called "Busy Buddy's"...that's the only marking I can find. My dogs favorite is a stuffable dumbell looking toy. It has a squeaker in the dense center of the toy, that is activated by motion and impact. I bought this toy 5-6 months ago and so far it's held up beautifully...it still squeaks! I also bought a doggie frisbee from TSC. It is heavier than a regular fb, & I had to re-learn how to throw it. Hope this helps somebody. I plan on ordering the unbreakoball ASAP!

Dec 12, 2010
toys for pibbles
by: shirlane

my staffie goes thru every and anything. He is not thrilled with balls, I have gotten him, i think they were called jolla Balls, indestructible,he broke them as a pup, i tried twice. I bought him a deer antler, he hated it, he hates nyla bones..he will eat marrow bones, tho i can't seem to find any big enough to keep him busy for more than 5 minutes. The tug toys are good, but he kills me when i play with him..he cracks me up.. He also loves bully sticks, which don't take him very long to go thru. I have found a toy called monster mouth, by jolla. it looks like a big clam shell, you stuff the treats into the "mouth", and max throws it around and chases it, it can amuse him for quite a while. I mostly stuff it with kibble, and a few treats. it's absolutely wonderful. i just wish i could get him interested in something he can chew w/o breaking..whoever comes up with that will be a millionaire..i love all the suggestions..( i bring most of max's rejections,including chews to the shelter, not broken ones, just ones he looks at like you're kidding right??)

Dec 16, 2010
by: dankers6898@hotmail.com

I disagree about giving your pit a kong! Ours almost died because of this awful toy! When we first got the pit everyone we knew told us this is the toy to have for such a tough breed! So ran right out and bought one.. He chewed it up and swallowed a huge piece and it obstructed his intestine, Thank GOD for the small hole in the top or we would have lost him for sure! He had to be rushed into the vet and have emergency surgery. Lots of $$$$ and when I contacted the company to tell them about this mishap, never received so much as a "Sorry". Have no use for the company or the toy! Just sayin!!! But our pit does have a nyla bone and it has worked great for us!

Dec 16, 2010
Hiding Squirrels

I just found this toy in my local (not corp) pet shop..it's a stuffed tree trunk with a holeon top and two holes on either side, there are 3 squirrel squeakies in it..first, you show the squirrels,then you stuff them in the trunk, with head or tail sticking out of each hole,,he loves finding things, so he gets each squirrel out, 1 at a time..and i stuff them back in..adding treats in the trunk makes it more fun..also, since he like to find things, i put his toys(or what's left of them under an old blanket, and he will play searching for his toys and recovers them..one last thing, is hiding treats, (small treats, like charlie bears) around the house, or in the yard and watch him search for them,,he gets so excited when he finds one..sometimes he'll even find a few the next day..my first bull loved liter bottles, max used to like the 24 oz, he can twist the cap off in a second..but he's bored with them now..I do buy him cheap stuffed animals, unstuffing is one of his favorite things..and we play while i clean up..tho his most fave toy ever is a stuffed hedgie, he has had from a baby, and it's still perfect..he still plays with it..
i discovered he loves to play with the rake when i rake,,of course, one cannot rake seriously, or you'd never get anything done..

Apr 03, 2011
Toys for Extreme Chewers
by: Vanessa

Truth of the matter is that most owners do not supervise toy time. Most toys, including stuffed animals, should survive playtime with ANY dog. I have 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and my female is a professional chewer - the best I've seen with the ability to dismember items in record time, however, I am now a student of Dog Psychology via Cesar Millan and having learned the proper way to nurture my dogs and their animal/species/breed needs, I have learned to allow toy time on MY terms and under my supervision so that I can dictate and control the level of play intensity taking place. Since having made the commitment to live by Cesar's teachings, I am now able to take toys away without a battle for dominance game of tug-o-war, and my female is able to successfully enjoy playing with her favorite stuffed lamb. I am able to buy toys of all kinds, and my dogs are happier and more balanced as a result. When I do allow time for stronger and more focused chewing, I like to provide my dogs with either a Bully Stick (they LOVE these), Nylabone, Antler, or uncooked beef rib bone (cooked bones splinter and are unsafe to feed ANY dog).

Jul 18, 2011
Pitt Toys
by: Kya Rabehl

I recently bought a pitt/huskey/lab/cocker spaniel mix (wierd mix right?) i have found giving her a kong will last for a while. she has had it for about 4 weeks and hasn't eaten it...yet :) i also bought her chuck-it rubber balls and she absolutly LOVES them! hope this helps!

Jan 22, 2012
pitbull toys
by: Tilly

My 7month old pitbull puppy chews up/eats everything. any hard rubber chew toys work great! also, she LOVES the everlasting ball. i hide treats in it and it keeps her entertained for a couple hours. she rips up the braided rope toys, anything with a squeaker, and the dogzilla toys. She loves cow hooves too and they last longer than a day. My pittie is hard to find toys for because she is a strong chewer. its been a bit of a hit and miss with toys and bones. ive heard the deer antlers work great and last a long time as well as the unbreakaball.

Feb 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, my Pittie has found a way to put a hole in the "unbreakable"
Although lasting the longest than any other toy... in 3 short days, she had put a 3 in hole in it. I contacted the company, and as they warrentied, they replaced it. But not without the comment that they had "handwritten" on my receipt stating.... "Just remember, this is NOT a chew toy" I'm pretty sure that everyone that purchases toys for their dogs DOES NOT monitor every min that the dog has the toy. She did not have it very long to have been able to do this kind of damage. Therefore, I believe that you should have stated that "this was not a CHEW TOY" considering that's what PITS are known for. NOT PITBULL DURABLE!!!!!!

Jan 26, 2013
Toys for Pibbles
by: Anonymous

My staffy and my pitbull love rubber raquet balls.They are cheap,they bounce real high,and they have lasted at least 6 months!!!Thank you Walmart!

Nov 07, 2014
See the destruction for yourself! NEW
by: Emily

My dog destroys toys are supposed to be durable so I have started a blog to review those toys. You can see for yourself how much destruction was done in short time periods. There are also some toys that have survived. www.toytails.wordpress.com

Nov 08, 2014
2010 follow up comment on pit bull toys NEW
by: Stephanie

The Unbreakoball, so Far has been the best. I was impressed and confident after it lasted more then 24 hours, I was stoked with the lifetime warrenty. Still impressed, but sad, that the Unbreakoball finally surrender to my dog this year, 2014. It was brought to pieces and trashed. So it did not live a dog's lifetime, but only it's own-much longer then any other dog toy brought to this home. Now some of the new extreme Kong toys have made it more then 3 days here, at least they made it over 24 hours-too expensive for a 3 day life. Deer Antlers still work and good old fashion cow bones are still hanging in there.

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