Pitbull Adoption Checklist

Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a Pit Bull

Are you up to the challenge of pitbull adoption? Adopting any pet is a huge responsibility. You have become the guardian of a creature that needs food, shelter, love and protection--one that has no voice in a world ruled by humans.

While a child tends to become more self-reliant with each passing year, a dog will depend on you for its survival and well-being for the rest of its life. And, the average pet dog lives about 12 to 15 years.

If adopting a dog of any breed merits careful consideration, pitbull adoption calls for something akin to soul searching. Due to the controversy surrounding pit bulls, responsible ownership will require you to go "above and beyond" what's expected of the typical dog owner.

To be a good candidate for pitbull adoption, you should be able to answer "yes" to each of the following:

  • Are you looking for a companion that will live indoors as a family member?
  • Are you totally committed to training and socializing your new dog or puppy?
  • Are you able and willing to be "the boss"--providing firm boundaries and positive leadership?
  • Can you provide ample opportunity for an energetic dog to get enough exercise?
  • Can you accept the fact that owning a pit bull will place limitations on where you can live?
  • Is your life relatively settled with no forseeable changes planned that would affect your ability to keep your dog for the rest of its natural life?

    Why These Things Are Important For Pitbull Adoption

    Living Indoors: Pit bulls thrive on human contact. They were originally bred to be people-friendly. And, they require human companionship and direction to be at their best. Pit bulls that aren't integrated into family life often develop problem behaviors out of boredom and loneliness.

    Training: While the average dog owner may be satisfied with a dog that is merely house trained, pit bull owners need to ensure that their dog is under control and at ease in a variety of circumstances. Due to public perception, the consequences for a pit bull that misbehaves are often more extreme than for other dogs.

    Being the Leader: Pit bulls, as a group, are known to be strong-willed and even stubborn creatures. Frankly, it's part of their charm. But, left unchecked it can become a source of irritation. It takes genuine self-discipline to respond in a fair, consistent and positive manner. But, the results are well worth it.

    Exercise: You may have heard the saying: "A tired dog is a happy dog". It's true. What's also true is that a wound-up dog with no outlet for his energy will tend to make up his own outlet--and it may be a destructive one.

    Pit bulls tend to be high energy dogs. So, if your lifestyle is not an active one, you'll need to find creative ways to make sure your bully gets enough exercise. For more ideas, click this link on exercise for dogs.

    Limitations on Where You Live: Pitbull adoption can limit your choices about where to live. If you rent, it's hard enough to find a landlord who accepts pets. Finding one who will accept your pit bull can be a real challenge.

    On top of that, many cities and even entire countries have enacted breed specific legislation that makes it illegal to own a pit bull within their jurisdiction.

    Providing a Forever Home: Most shelters and rescues urge adopters to think long term when it comes to adopting a pet. The homeless animal population has reached epic proportions. There are simply not enough good homes for all the pets that need one. And, the situation is even bleaker when it comes to pit bulls.

    If you are ever in the position of needing to re-home your pit bull you will find that:

    1. Many shelters will not accept your dog and the ones that will have a high kill rate. In other words, the chances of your dog making it out alive are not very good.

    2. Breed rescues and no-kill shelters tend to stay full.

    3. The friends who promised to take your dog if the need ever arose are suddenly having second thoughts when they realize a pit bull isn't a low maintenance dog.

    So, when considering pitbull adoption, a stable living arrangement or a willingness to take your dog with you--no matter what--is of key importance.

    Are you ready? Check out these wonderful pit bulls for adoption.

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