Pitbulls are as Dangerous or as Loveable as Any Other Dog

by Krystal Maestas
(Barstow, CA)

I've always thought pit bulls were gentle creatures portrayed as the villains of the canine world (along with rottweilers). That is simply NOT TRUE. Dogs are just like people in a sense that their personalities are created based on the environment and treatment given to them at an early age.

Because pit bulls were once used purely for fighting, from the beginning of their life they were met with cruelty. Thus, when they grew up, cruelty and fighting were the only thing they knew and what kept them alive.

Its the same as with people. If people are brought into an abusive life, their personalities will be warped and that's how many of the criminals are born into society. This is the case for any type of dog, but pit bulls are always the ones the media focuses on because of the breed's history in dog fights.

My Uncle and my neighbors own pit bulls and they are the sweetest and most loveable dogs I've seen (other then my own of course). The only fear you have from them is that they will lick you to death. And the reason they are so sweet and gentle is because they were brought up RIGHT! They were not abused but loved and treated as any dog should be treated, not just as a pet but as a member of the FAMILY.

The same uncle who has a pit bull has a puppy he cannot keep due to himself being in the hospital. She is a blue nose pit bull and her name is Luna and my father and I are going to take her in. She is a sweet a beautiful baby and I plan to prove with her that pit bulls are not the monsters everyone sees them as, but sweet little creatures that are as loveable as a lab.

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Nov 17, 2011
by: Norma Jean

I object to you stating that pit bulls were bred to be fighters . NO ! Way back in the older days, pit bulls were referred to as "nanny" dogs. They protectively watched over children. Teddy Roosevelt, Helen Keller (she was totally blind, deaf and mute) and MANY others had pit bulls for pets. Only in these latter years were they trained to be mean, fight, strength trained to be big, muscled threatening dogs.

Please research the background on the pit bulls. Wonderful, loving and caring dogs. But as you stated, it IS the owner that trains them to be good or MEAN !!

Nov 17, 2011
A Look at History
by: Gale

Norma Jean, It's actually true that the beginnings of the breed we know today as the pit bull terrier has its roots in a blood sport. It's hard to fathom, I know. But the pit bull's ancestors were bred for bull baiting and later dog fighting. It was after that, that they became known as "nanny dogs". Although they were at one time bred for aggression towards other animals, their love and loyalty to humans has always been a strong feature of the breed. The Dog Files cable tv show ran an excellent episode on the history of the pit bull called: Pit Proud. You can check it out here: Pit Proud - Episode 12.

Jul 05, 2013
the best dog I ever had
by: Barbie

I come from a family of animal lovers and rescuers My boyfriend took in a blue diamond pit that was a rescue i was little sceptical at first because of the breed it turns out this is the best dog ive ever known the most gentle obaying and willing to please dog she is good with kids dosnt have any pray drive to other amimals pitbulls are ment for companionship and to have lots of fun at parks.

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