Potty Training a Puppy

by Carey

I have a pit bull that is about 2 1/2 months old and she's very lovable but she still pees and poops in the house. I take her out regularly and reward her when she uses the bathroom outside but something isn't working because she still uses the bathroom in the house. And I have messed up and swat her butt or mouth and yelled at her but this is so frustrating. I dont know what to do.

Gale's Reply:

Hi Carey:

Some dogs learn more quickly than others. But at 10 weeks, I would not expect a puppy to be potty trained. I don't know how long you've been working with her, but it typically takes months to have a reliably potty trained dog. At this point, you should be looking for progress, not perfection.

The training will go more quickly if you are able to keep accidents indoors to a minimum. But this relies on you being watchful and taking her outside if you see she is getting ready to relieve herself indoors. When you can't watch her, she should be crated or confined to a small space in a bathroom or laundry room since dogs prefer not to soil their immediate area.

Be sure you clean up any messes thoroughly so that your pup will not be attracted to re-visit the area. White vinegar works well. So does a product you can buy at the pet store called Nature's Miracle.

You've got the right idea about taking her out frequently and rewarding her when she does her business outside. And I can tell that you already know that you shouldn't swat or yell at your puppy. It will only cause her to be confused and less trusting of you.

While this article on House Breaking a Dog was written in reference to training a 1 year old, the principles are the same.

I think you basically have the right idea. But you need to have more patience and deal with your frustration in other ways. Don't take it out on your puppy.

Good luck. Feel free to write back and let us know how it's going.

Comments for Potty Training a Puppy

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Jan 14, 2012
My Pit bull took longer
by: Brankica

I got mine when she was 7 weeks old and she never messed up her crate nor did she poop in the house. Ever. But she did pee a few times although I took her out in the yard every time she woke up, played or ate. They are just puppies and although she didn't have many accidents since I was so consistent with taking her out, I think she still had an accident or two when she was like 4 months old.

Like I said, a handful of accidents but still some even months later.

Apr 10, 2013
12 week old Pit/black lab mix potty train
by: Robert

I got my puppy at 4 weeks and at first he would go anywhere. the training pad and spray that should help did nothing. I could not do what some say(rub there nose in it) but I started to put him in his kennel when he did and he would not mess his house! he also would not go where he slept at all(since he slept with us) he would be whineing in the morning and when we opened the back door he would go. and now at 12 weeks he goes on the floor when I forget to take him out which is my fault so I don't get mad at him. Patients is the best thing when potty training and knows age of the puppy make a big difference.

My puppy was cute when he was small but always scratched now I think its either food allergies or Mites. I feel bad for him and now me and my roommate are scratching as well so I thinks it will end up being Mites

Nov 28, 2013
might not be mites
by: jj

it could be fleas as well

Aug 26, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Sep 10, 2015
2 months of hell....please help NEW
by: Tammy T

I have had my 6 month old pit puppy sense she was 5 weeks old and she had stopped potting inside completely...2 months; no problems...until about 2 months ago; when I had to ask my roommate to move out...At 1st I thought she was acting out because of separation anxiety...but it's been 2, going on 3 month now and she seems to be getting worse...she has almost stopped going potty outside altogether...I am @ my wit's end with her...please if you have any ideas on what to do please contact me @ (936)648-8923...Thanks and God bless

Oct 21, 2015
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by: clark

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Jan 22, 2018
Potty Training NEW
by: Maria

I have a now 16 week old blue nose pit pup. I got her when she was 10 weeks young. I’m potty training her good in the am through pm, but she gets off the bed at night and goes both in the front room. I try to hear her get off the bed but unfortunately I don’t. She’s going to be big as her feet are huge and she weighs 27 pounds (not fat.) Her vet said she very healthy and long legs and thick neck as well lol. But just the issue of her getting off and back in the bed at night. HELP!!! Haha thnx so much. :)

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