Problem with Weaning Puppies

by Mary

I have 9 8-week old pit pups. I slowly started weaning them at 4 weeks. By 5 weeks they were eating solid foods 3 times a day & LOVING IT!! But they would still nurse.

I have tried to keep them separated from the mom & cut her food down to hopefully have her milk dry up. I have kept them separated for as long as 2 days when weather permits it. But her milk just won't dry up! When she does get to have contact with them again, they attack her in a crazy frenzy.

Being that there's nine of them fighting to get a hold of a nipple, it is hard for her to even hold her balance. As they are scrambling for the nipples she is struggling to hold her ground & not be knocked over. She looks so miserable!! You can see it in her face & eyes. Yet she still is willing to do it most of the time.

I feel so bad for her. I don't know what to do!! I try to cut them off and keep them separated, but they want her as much as she wants them! I need them weaned in order for them to be ready to go to new homes. The idea of completely separating them for 3-7 days knowing that they are leaving soon is KILLING ME!!

It hurts my Heart to even think about keeping them separated knowing that they don't have many days left together
as it is. When I do separate them she is MAD about it, she knows they're there & I am keeping her from them!


I forgot to also include that I have put her in clothes, altered them so they were tightly fastened (with layers as well) & the little Beasts still manage to get to her nipples!

Gale's Reply:

Hi Mary

The only solutions I'm aware of are things you've already tried--cutting back on mom's food, separating her from the litter, using a weaning bra or t-shirt to protect the nipples.

Since you've already tried the usual remedies, I would suggest this:

1. There is no law that says pups have to go out the door at 8 weeks. Give yourself some flexibility here. If you have prospective owners waiting to take them, explain that for the pups' own good, they need to stay with you a little longer. To my mind, anyone who doesn't understand that disqualifies themselves responsible owner anyway.

2. Once you've removed the pressure of having a deadline for them to be ready to go to new homes, talk with your vet about structuring a plan for weaning them over the next few weeks. Let him or her guide you on what is best for the pups and mom.

Good luck. Please feel free to write back and let us know how things work out.

Comments for Problem with Weaning Puppies

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Dec 20, 2011
My solution...
by: Anonymous

spay/neuter and quit adding to the problem. Millions of pitties DIE in shelters every year because of overbreeding like this. Why continue to be the cause of more deaths? Be a part of the solution!

Dec 20, 2011
Sad that so many are willing to give up LIFE
by: Mary

Bahahahaaa im sorry you dont have anything else better to do then be rude & try to blame good hearted people for the cruel things sicko's do. Instead of pointing fingers & running your mouth about it,why not do something GOOD! GOOD meaning go out & help the Animals or PEOPLE. I am against ANY form of Birth Control! GOD put everything on this earth to serve him, to live & enjoy LIFE & to PRO CREATE. WHO AM I TO SAY? "UMMM KNOW I DONT THINK THATS SUCH A GOOD IDEA" Who are we to make that call??
So while your running around trying to PLAY GOD, I will be here LOVING the Bundles of joy that THE ONE TRUE GOD has Blessed me with!
May the LORD have Mercy on your Soul!!

Dec 20, 2011
by: Karen

Well the mom knows when is a good time to wean the puppies. If you wean them too soon you run the rik of the puppies being aggressive later because they haven't learned that their teeth hurt and mom teaches them that. I know that when my dog had puppies and she was ready to wean we used a tshirt and we mixed wet and dry puppy food for them. Also there's no rule that says you have to have them sold at 8 weeks if you can wait a little bit then may be best.

Dec 20, 2011
Ya she got crazy mean with them for a while
by: Mary

Ya she went through the whole getting angry with them for hurting her thing at about 4-5 weeks. For awhile there my husband & I both thought she was weaning them because of how vicious she would get with them & how hard she was trying to avoid nursing them at all costs. Thats when we put them on solids. The nursing got cut down to about 2 maybe 3 times a day,that would include the night nursing. At that point mom just didnt seem to mind anymore. After a while she seemed to want to nurse them more, as if she missed it or something. The vet told me they should be weaned completely by 6 weeks if they were already eating solid foods since 4 weeks. They said the longer I let them nurse the harder it is on mommas body.That I am only hurting her buy allowing them to continue to nurse. Now Mom is unhappy when I dont allow her to go nurse them.I dont like keeping them seperated but her milk needs to dry up & everytime I do let her go to them thats the first thing they do.Then its like were starting right back at square one again because her body kicks back into making milk mode :( When she is done nursing them she will stay maybe 5mins then want out & nothing else to do with them.LMBO well I think I just figured it out right there!! So I guess I am the problem :( because when she is stressing trying to get in I think its because she misses them, I try to hold out as long as I can but my Heart is feeling Awful because I think she misses them. BUT if she goes in nurses & wants back out 5mins after their done then I guess its pretty clear that she only wanted to nurse them! I dont know why it took me having to try to explain to someone else about whats been happening for me to see that! Hahahaha funny how things work like that sometimes. I guess the only question I really have now is why she still wants to nurse them if she doesnt even really want to hang out with them.
Anyways LOL I thank you guys for your responses & help :)

Dec 20, 2011
Sorry it took me so long!
by: Mary

sorry it took me so long to respond to you. I must have missed the little add your comment here link when I first read your comment.
I Thank you for responding. I know there isnt a law saying that they must leave at 8weeks. I just know the older they get the harder it is to find them all homes. Everyone always wants a baby LOL. The vet also told me that I am only hurting Momma by allowing them to continue to nurse for so long,they said its bad for her health & if they have been on solids since 4weeks then they should have been completely done nursing at 6 weeks. When I told them they were still nursing they said just completely cut them off.
After trying to explain things in another comment I realized I WAS THE PROBLEM. I would feel so bad when she would throw a fit wanting to see them. I was thinking she missed them & I was being cruel keeping them apart. But no more then 5mins after shes done nursing she wants out & wants nothing else to do with them. So I guess I just got to stick to my guns & keep them separated until her milk drys up.
I just cant see why she still wants to nurse but doesnt want anything else to do with them really . . LOL

Jan 23, 2014
Being part of the good
by: A pibble rescuer

I know this is an old thread, but I have to say that encouraging spay & neuter of such an at risk breed *IS* being part of something good. Hundreds of thousands (some estimate up to a million) of pitties get euthanized every single year, not because there's anything wrong with them, or they've been subjected to "evil people"... well, other than the ones responsible for breeding them, but simply because there aren't nearly enough responsible homes. It doesn't matter how cute your dog is, or how carefully you check out the people buying the puppies... odds are against (at 600:1) that dog having a loving, forever home. Don't believe in any kind of birth control? Fine, practice puppy abstinence and stop contributing to the mass execution of perfectly good pits!

Jan 03, 2015
I'm having the same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a papillon however. And it's 7 weeks and they still want to nurse. She wants to nurse them too. I've kept them separated too and the tee-shirt. But all she wants to do is feed them and they eat. I feed them plenty hoping that a full belly will discourage it but still they do it. It's really stressful. What did you end up doing? How did you do it ? They cry a lot at night too because they want to eat. But I don't want them eating during the night because of poop and pee. Their sleeping area is just for sleeping with a couple of pee pee pads just in case. But they still cry, and when they cry the mom starts whinning and crying because she wants to go feed them. I've tried not letting them take a nap for 5 hours before bedtime. But it doesn't help. They still get up.

Oct 08, 2015
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