Punish the DEED..Not the BREED....!!!!

by Corinna
(Killeen, TX)

People need to start realizing, if it has teeth, it can bite. And if it does, the fault is on the other end of the leash 99% of the time.

My Pit is one lazy, kind, loving, snoring fur ball. She loves EVERYONE, doesn't matter if it's people, kids, dogs or cats.

When she got attacked by 2 of my other dogs, she did not even fight back even though her thigh got torn up. She just screamed and was scared. The other ones aren't Pit Bulls. It was a Shar-Pei mix and a Shepard mix. Shows you how "dangerous" Pitties are.

One night she was at my friends house, and someone tried to break in, Sasha, as "dangerous" as she is, was asleep on the couch, all fours up, snoring. They could have carried the couch out with her for all she cared..lol..

It's thanks to the media that Pit Bulls have such a bad reputation and it's about time that the story gets set straight. EVERY dog is potentially dangerous, no matter the breed. It is ALWAYS on the owner how a dog turns out to be.

If it doesn't get socialized, if gets abused for fighting..Who is there to blame? Most definitely NOT the dog. Just my 2 cents....

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Aug 06, 2010
Laughin' my butt off
by: Scott L

Flash Gordon, My boy, loves his couch time. He would get a little testy if someone touched HIS Couch, my/ HIS bed or my daughter/ HIS bed without HIS permission. Yep, he'll lick ya to death...

The Media, misinformed government officials and generally ignorant people have hyped the negativity towards our Loved Pit bulls. All we can do is socialize our puppies and educate our neighbors.

Press ON every day! Hug your dog and continue the education process especially when you hear about attacks, bring up the good things like the Pittie that work up her mistress to tell her that the house was on fire, Popsicle the DEA pit bull and, I love this one >>>> Weela who saved her boy from a Rattlesnake and for an encore; a few years later, Weela saved the lives of 30 people, 29 Dogs, 13 horses and 1 cat after a dam burst. Weela waded the river with Food and supplies across an engorged river.

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