Senior pitties with hip or joint problems

by darlene scott

Do pits have issues with their hips? I have two pits and they are 11 and 12 years old and they limp and walk like they are in pain and my male (11) seems to freeze up in the cold like he doesnt want to walk anymore and i have to tug and pull so we can make it back to the front door.

It's breaking my heart. I do give the male an Aleve every 3 days or so in the winter season, that is ok right?

Gale's Reply:

Hi Darlene:

Hip problems--including arthritis and hip dysplasia--are not that unusual in pit bulls.

It's not advisable to give Aleve to your dog unless it's under the supervision of a veterinarian. The reason is that the therapeutic dose for a dog is very close to the lethal dose. It doesn't sound like it's helping much and it could be harmful. Naproxen (Aleve) has been associated with causing gastric ulcers and kidney damage in dogs and cats.

For hip and joint issues, many owners supplement their dog's diet with a Glucosamine and Chondroitin blend. However, it sounds like your dogs may need something to help with pain, at least initially.

Be sure to take your pair to the vet to get examined so that proper diagnosis can be made and treatment can be prescribed for them.

Feel free to post back here if you have more questions.

Comments for Senior pitties with hip or joint problems

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Jan 07, 2011
by: Leah

Definitely don't give over the counter medications unless told by your vet. Your vet should examine your dogs and perform range of motion exams to isolate whether it is discomfort in the hips, knees, etc. They may recommend radiographs as well. As far as supplements go...glucosamine has been recommended for a long time but there are no actual studies to show that it is effective. The only study that has been published regarding supplement was with fatty acids/ fish oils.... the Hills Science Diet "J/D" was the. Only suppemental diet that was proven effective. Also recommended are Adequan injections that can be administered by your vet.

But first of course it all begins with a physical exam by your vet.

Good luck!

Jan 07, 2011
hip and joint pain
by: teggy


Jan 07, 2011
Joint problems
by: Katherine

My 8 yr old pit bull Sunny I rescued 7 years ago has severe elbow and hip dysphasia. He has been on Metacam and Tramadol for pain. I also give him Cosequin DS from Smart Pak, 3 daily and all this together helps but he still is stiff in the morning, and slower moving. The best thing, but it's not a permanent fix and I go every other week is accupuncture. He comes home, sleeps so sound he shores, and when he wakes he moves like a puppy, feeling great. I highly recommend accupuncture.

Jan 07, 2011
joint pain
by: Maria

I'm sorry to hear that your Pit is hurting so. Has he been evaluated by a vet? They are able to do amazing work on joints now, if that turns out to be the problem. At the very least they could set you up with a prescription of meds to help with pain and inflamation.
Keeping dogs warm is tough in winter. My girl loves her Cozy Cushion. It's a bed that is made with a material that reflects her body heat back to keep her warm.
I hope that you're able to find what works for yours.

Jan 07, 2011
Ceylon Cinnamon
by: Darlene

Read this article! It is awesome and very informative for elder dogs of all breeds. Let me know if you can't open it. I will try to copy and paste the important parts for you too.

Jan 07, 2011
Hip dysplasia
by: Kathie

If you talk to a vet they will tell you that glucosamine/chondroitin although has some success, it is quite limited and will not help something as advanced as severe arthritis and/or hip dysplasia. Aleve or any type of aspirin will not only cause stomach lining problems but also will only help mild cases. Rimadyl and Metacam are the two most widely prescribed drugs. Some dogs have had serious side effects, although it is a small percentage. I do rescue and have had at least 30 dogs on it over the last 25 years and have not personally seen any side effects, although they do exist. I had a great deal of success with acupuncture. I had a dog formerly owned by drug addicts who was afraid of everything. He also had bone on bone hip dysplasia. Within 5 minutes of her inserting the needles he was so relaxed he fell asleep sitting up and this was a dog scared to death of anyone but my sons or I. I did it for 9 weeks and did not have to do it again for about 7 months. It was pricey but worth it. I haven't been able to afford that since so I have the dogs on Rimadyl and they have a very happy demeanor and do not seem depressed like they do when they are hurting. Quality of life is what it's all about.

Jan 08, 2011
Hip Dysplasia
by: Anonymous

So far I've been lucky with my pits (3 rescues). I have one that has weak hips. The vet figures she was used as a breeder bitch and so many litters of pups caused her weakness. Her range of motion is good and she doesn't seem to have any pain though she does have a hard time balancing her rear. Especially when she wags her butt too hard. :) So I just watch closely and have her checked regularly. I used to have Rotties, the loves of my life before my pit girls. After having two of the best dogs in the world (both Rotties and rescues) put down with hip dysplasia I just couldn't take the heartache anymore, so no more Rotts for me. Both were treated with OTC glucosamine/chondrotin (with the vet's approval) until more was needed. Then we started Rimadyl which is awesome medicine. Max was only 5 when I had him put down. Beaudreaux was almost 12. Max wasn't overweight at 105 lbs but just couldn't do the normal doggy functions anymore and started showing his pain. Beaudreaux went on a diet and lost from a chubby 164 when I got him to a tad thin 140. He was huge! They both were my boys. Occasional injections helped Max but they didn't last very long. Rimadyl was my saving grace for both of them until it was time for their journey to Rainbow Bridge.

Jan 08, 2011
joint & hip pain
by: Jay

I've got a lab/mix (13 yrs. old) who has trouble with her hips/legs in the rear, has trouble getting up & of course, her muscles have been shrinking down to not much there due to inactivity, which, is mostly my fault, due to all my pain, she has not gotten proper walks, which makes me feel so guilty. Anyway, i have been buying a product called DGP (Dog Gone Pain by American BioSciences) and i do believe it helps some. She falls down in the rear quite frequently but she gets up on her own. Her only real major problem is she can't jump into the car anymore w/o something to boost her closer to it, so i have a makeshift thing i concocted to have her jump on & most times it helps, but there's times she still has to be lifted, which, being a 70+ lb. dog isn't easy. I'd like to give her more of it than it says, but i can't afford it, so maybe a higher dose would help. It's a combination of herbs for inflammation so it is helpful for arthritic conditions. I, myself, have used some of them for my condition. I would recommend this product to anyone to at least try, plus, i give her a multivitamin with glucosomine in it. But be careful with glucosomine; it can cause stomach upset or pain, when i gave her 2 of the vitamin with it, she would groan at night, 1 a day seems to be okay. There's so many natural products to try. Also, my vet did try Tramadol for her but i was trying to avoid medications like that, but may do it yet, as i know at her age, it prob isn't going to matter & i should make her comfortable as possible. Just some suggestions; i hope this helps someone.

Jan 08, 2011
Tips For Pitties with Hip Issues
by: Janie K.

My recommendations for any dog with hip issues would be to try a natural product such as "Dog Gone Pain" first. It's a great product that I've used for many of my older dogs. My second recommendation would be a prescription drug called "Tramadol" which is safer than most NSAID's.

Always follow up with a liquid glucosamine for any hip issues.

Oct 20, 2015
Senior pitties NEW
by: Anonymous

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