Squeaky toys for pit bulls

I would love to find a squeak toy for my pit that he can't destroy in 5 mins. Does anyone know a good brand of squeak toy that i can try? Thanks:)

Gale's Reply:

I'm hoping some other folks will chime in on this. I've never found a pit-proof squeaky toy--though I have found squeaky toys that my pits love for however long they may last.

One caution about squeakies--they do represent a choking hazard. So, even if you manage to find one that is pretty tough, you'll still need to supervise. For that reason, my feeling about toys with squeakers in them is that they are meant to be used to play with your dog--not to entertain him or her when you're not around. And, when used in that way they are also more likely to hold up longer.

So, what toy did my gang absolutely love? As far as my dogs are concerned, this plush hedgehog toy is "the bomb". Blanca, my female, decided it was her baby and carried it with her everywhere. She even wanted to sleep with it.

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Jan 06, 2011
The Cuz
by: Chel

My pittie mix LOVES his Cuz! It squeaks and so far he has not destroyed it which usually he does after 5 minutes. :)

Jan 06, 2011
I got lucky
by: Maria

I guess that I got lucky. My Lexi has learned to have a soft mouth so well that her "dollies" (wooly squeaky toys) last for months. And when a small hole does start she brings it to me to be replaced.

Jan 06, 2011
by: surginurse

i have to agree with others posting comments, never found a pitty dog toy they can't tear up, but scooter, who looks like blanca amazing, does manage to keep his until the eventually fall apart, he loves that squeaker, so gotta watch and make sure he doesn't tear it out, swallow it. he has some like semi-soft plastic he likes those better than cloth, i've even bought one's look they are made out of parachute material, they're not indestructable either...lol...good luck guys, i just let him have them till he tears them up and replace them, but our staple toy is the rope...

Jan 06, 2011
Actually found one!
by: Kimberly

It took a very long time but I finally found a squeaky toy that has lasted several months for my pibble! It's the round "doughnut" rated a #10 at mydogtoy.com Check it out!!

Jan 06, 2011
Squeaky Toys
by: Kelly

I have had pretty good luck with Kong brand LARGE squeaky toys with the tennis ball covering. My boy tears through just about all squeaky toys and he hasn't managed to destroy either of his Kongs yet.

Jan 06, 2011
Air Kong...
by: Kendra

My Cooper doesn't really care for the stuffed squeaky toy... He is crazy about his Air Kong Football, and my God does it squeak!! I must admit that I do have to hide it occassionally because the incessant squeaking drives me insane! It's never ending and aside from direct attention from myself or my daughter, it's his most favorite thing. The only thing he "destroys" is the lime green, tennis ball fuzz. He peeled it completely off within the first week. I was worried at first that he was eating it, until I found all the little bits left in the corner of my living room!! So, thus far, indestructable... toy and squeaker.

Jan 06, 2011
Squeaky toys
by: Fawn's mom

The fuzzy "man" style toy is Fawn's favorite and the Bamboo brand of toys hold up well. HOWEVER, the object of a squeaky toy is to puncture the squeak, right? HAHA

Jan 06, 2011
JW Pet Ruffians Octopus
by: Kristine

This toy lasted Violet for a year of tugging and chewing!

Jan 06, 2011
dog toys
by: lou

the best toy we found for our 2 dogs ( Skylar a 10 yr old Dalmation and Bo a 4 yr old Pit Bull) i found at the dollar tree. it's a rope that is tied in must be 100 knots, in the shape of a large tennis ball. Sky knows how to untie knots, lol but these last for months. everything else is lucky to survive 15 seconds, even it says indestructible it isn't, least wise not in our house. the really hard rubber ones that kind of look like an ice cream cone that you can put treats in work pretty good too.

Jan 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

My Baby loves her "boy", a man shaped wooly squeaky, but she's on her 2nd in about a month. She chewed a hole in the 1st one, but still carries him around (the squeaker has been removed). She will play for the longest time just lying on her back squeaking away! She does not seem to like toys which have been deemed indestructible!

Jan 06, 2011
Kong Sqeaker Large
by: Anonymous

large or medium Kong Squeaker...its red rubber and squeaks, very durable, took a couple months to kill. :)

Jan 07, 2011
by: Zeus' Mom

Talking Soft Dog Toy Parrot


My pittle LOVES LOVES LOVES this toy. It sounds like a bird and he carries it around all day and sleeps with his head on it at night like he's protecting it. And he DOES NOT try and tear it up.

Feb 21, 2011
Squeaky toys for pit bulls
by: Carol

For some reason my puppy loves his squeaky toys from our local dollar tree. my husband tries to buy puppy nice but costly toys from the pet stores and our dog shreds them in one day so when I seen the toys at the dollar tree I bought him 4 different ones (apple, orange, newspaper shape and bar bells) he loves them and some he has done something to make them stop squeaking but still plays catch with them, its now been months and he still has all 4 of his toys..

Apr 19, 2011
JW pet company squeak toy!
by: Sophia

The JW pet company makes an excellent squeak toy that my pit really loves! They claim that they have a one of a kind squeaker designed not to fall out... My pit has been trying to take that squeaker out for over a year now lol. I bought him Dexter the elephant. He loves that little pink elephant so mush that as soon as I get home from work and let him out his crate he runs to grab Dexter and he takes him outside to do his business. In short he takes that thing everywhere! Oh and the squeak is really loud, which he loves!
Oh and I know my post is really late in comparison to the original post date, but I hope this helps someone else!

Oct 11, 2012
by: Mariaaa

My 11 week old pitbull loves her squeaky toy , I bought one from the dollar tree it didnt last a day . Walmart sells good ones shes had hers for a week now and it still in hood shape :) xo

May 28, 2013
non destructable toys
by: Anonymous

They are very hard to find now but they were at walmart lagged squeeze toys less then a dollar my males had one almost 4 years and he is destructive but that toy has stood the test of time I give them 5 stars

Jan 02, 2015
Toys for pits NEW
by: Anonymous

We have 2 pit dogs and they both will be 1 in a few weeks. We have gone through NUMEROUS amounts of toys from different brands for them to try. We thought KONG was going to hold up well. We have the rubber kong ball where you put treats in it-it is too hard so they do not like playing with it. We have gotten the KONG ball (size of a softball almost but the material of a tennis ball) and it squeaks. Our dogs LOVE them but destroy them in about 15 minutes. Nylabones are a good brand for a chewing toy but they don't have mud fun with them like they do a ball.
I am about to order a wiggle wag giggle ball online and see hoe those work for my pups!

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