Sweet Pit Bull Puppy - Tate

by Destiny
(Mt Pleasant, MI)

The Biggest University of Michigan Fan!!!<br> (That is where he got his name ;))

The Biggest University of Michigan Fan!!!
(That is where he got his name ;))

Tate is the sweetest little guy. He is just over 3 months old and full of energy. He will play like crazy for about 15 minutes and then zonk out for a couple hours.

He has to sleep with us every night and he seems to only cuddle to me with his head buried into my neck or he will end up laying on top of my head. He is starting to like laying at our feet a little bit more, but still ends up by my face every night.

My boyfriend bought Tate from a lady that was selling pups on the corner. He knew it wasn't the best place to get a puppy, but my boyfriend looked anyways. They were all white, which wasn't really what he was looking for. Then out of nowhere Tate walked out.

The lady told him she was going to keep him unless he made an offer. Needless to say, he made a offer that she liked. He brought Tate home to me, which was a HUGE surprise... I was instantly in love with him.

He was only 5 weeks old when she sold him to us, which at the time we had no idea that was way too young. We had to use a syringe at first to get him to drink, but he quickly caught on.

The cutest thing about Tate is his eyes; it looks like he has glasses on. One thing we go crazy over is when Tate yawns. He makes the goofiest noise when he yawns really big. Tate loves his toys, especially his stuffed turtle (yertle the turtle from dr. suess). He will be cuddling with him one minutes and carrying him around the next.

Tate loves his treats and will do just about anything to get one. Unfortunately, sometimes just his looks are enough to get me. Tate also loves to run through fields of dandelions, especially when they turn white and fuzzy-he has a blast.

We take Tate almost everywhere, besides work and school. He is a familiar face at the softball tournaments and loves children. He is a big licker and his tail goes crazy when a kid walks by. I am very glad that we got Tate and hope to have many great years with him! :)

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